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The Population Biology of Isle Royale Wolves and Moose: An Overview | The Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale 1. Five decades of wolf-moose dynamics The wolves and moose of Isle Royale have been studied for more than five decades. The most important events in the chronology have been essentially unpredictable. 2. Each symbol on this graph represents the density of moose (read from the horizontal axis) and the density of wolves (read from the vertical axis) for a particular year. Wolf and moose densities are the total number of wolves and moose on Isle Royale, divided by the size of Isle Royale, 544km2. This graph tells a great deal about how wolf and moose populations are interconnected. By contrast, if moose abundance was determined primarily by wolf predation, and if wolf abundance was a good indication of predation pressure, then wolf and moose abundance would be negatively related. This graph shows that wolf and moose abundances are neither positively nor negatively related. 3. The most remarkable observation is just how variable kill rate is. 4. 5. 6. So how is it on Isle Royale? 7. 8. 9.

Minecraft A Tale in the Desert VI - Life in Egypt As I fly over Egypt--The (Long) Story of One Egyptian I sat in my compound, by the Nile. The stars were raising in the sky, a soft wind blowing, all in silence. The camels and sheep fed, the bunnies and chicken taken care of. All the daily chores done and it was time to have some rest and relaxation. I opened a bottle of my newest wine. Opening the bottle, I got a glimpse of the wine's aroma. Pouring a glass and now drinking it, I also restarted at the hookah. I saw beautiful things. And suddenly the sky turned dark! I saw some elders of a guild plotting its reorganization, leaving other elders out of the process, preparing to demote them and betray them. It suddenly felt like as if I was being pulled down back to earth. It happens everyday in big and small deeds alike. What have you done today to make it "Perfect"? Written by dnloreto, Winner of the "My Tale" contest.

KILL 'EM ALL They buzz. They bite. And they have killed more people than cancer, war, or heart disease. Ever since there have been humans, mosquitoes have been biting us, and we’ve been trying to kill them. Oh, and we visit a mosquito factory in eastern Brazil. And after listening, read this, from Radiolab producer Andy Mills: what if we don't kill 'em all? Special thanks to reporter David Baker Animal Jam La via della seta: un gioco didattico La via della seta ha ricoperto un'importanza enorme nella storia, poiché è stato il collegamento tra l'Europa e l'Oriente almeno fino alla scoperta di nuove rotte (la circumnavigazione dell'Africa da parte dei Portoghesi e la circumnavigazione del globo di Magellano). Per Marco Polo fu un tragitto pieno di meraviglie, colori, stupori che raccontò ne "Il Milione". Ancora prima fu la rotta seguita dagli Unni, al termine della quale ci fu la spinta ai popoli germanici assestati lungo il limes. Ma già dal I secolo A.C. era il percorso delle merci dalla Cina al Mediterraneo: la seta, appunto, era così popolare nell'Impero Romano che persino le donne più povere non vi rinunciavano. Il gioco proposto, a cui rimanda il link in fondo al post, è uno strumento divertente per esplorare questa via: basta cliccare su "partenza" e lanciarsi in questa avventura. Il gioco è adatto a studenti della scuola primaria e secondaria di I grado.

Biomes of the World - Biome Map Click on a biome on the above graph for more information, informative videos, and links to scientist profiles, travel information, lesson plans and species profiles for each region. We'd like to know where you're coming from. If you've used this site for a class project or browsing for fun, add yourself to our map and communicate with other "ecogeeks"

View forum - Role Play - Chicken Smoothie Daily tips / announcements Before you start roleplaying, please read the rules and make sure you follow them! Rules for all Human/Humanoid RoleplaysRules for all Animal/Fantasy Creature Roleplays One particular image rule to take note of - you are now only allowed to post one reference picture per character - UNLESS YOUR CHARACTER IS A SHAPE-SHIFTER and then you can list one picture per species e.g. one of the human form, one of the animal form. It's become very hard to view some topics because of the excessive image usage, and we hope this new rule will tidy everything up. By the way, you can use photos from our official photo gallery as character references if you like! Human/Humanoid Roleplays (Fantasy) For roleplays featuring human or human-like characters which have inhuman abilities or live in an (original) fantasy world. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 1 guest

Game Based Learning: Zondle Il ruolo del gioco nella progettazione di percorsi formativi ha sempre avuto un peso molto rilevante. Paradossalmente, il ricorso al gioco con strumenti digitali non è ancora così diffuso, per il timore che la componente ludica prenda il sopravvento sui contenuti che vogliamo promuovere. In realtà il segreto del Game Based Learning sta proprio nel riconoscimento della potenzialità fortemente interattiva del videogioco come supporto e stimolo per l’apprendimento. Nasce da qui l’idea di utilizzare lo strumento videogame, per la sua popolarità e rilevanza nel vissuto degli studenti, in vari contesti educativi e di formazione per motivare gli alunni, attirare la loro attenzione e aiutarli a costruire strutture di apprendimento significative e permanenti. Un esempio di piattaforma per introdurre il GBL in classe è Zondle, progettata per costruire giochi didattici e supportare gli insegnanti nel monitoraggio dei progressi degli studenti in ambienti di apprendimento personalizzati.

Using the Carbon Cycle Interactive Game in the Classroom - Windows to the Universe Have students read the Windows to the Universe page entitled The Carbon Cycle. Introduction: Ask students to (based of the reading) list the places where carbon is found on Earth. As a class, brainstorm why carbon is important and why carbon is sometimes hazardous. Tell students that for this online interactive game, they are all playing the role of carbon atoms. They will travel through the carbon cycle. Students write a paragraph about their trip through the carbon cycle. Carbon is the 12th element in the periodic table. The carbon cycle is one of the biogeochemical cycles. The six locations along the online game board "map" (atmosphere, plants, soils, shallow ocean, deep ocean, and marine life) are called carbon reservoirs or carbon pools. In this interactive game, students assume the identify of carbon atoms that are released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe – Game Info Devour trees, obstacles, and huge chunks of stages with Kirby’s Hypernova ability and inhale enemies to copy epic new moves like Archer. It’s a grand new Kirby™ adventure PLUS a new multiplayer battle mode, Kirby Fighters!* When a mysterious being kidnaps King Dedede atop a giant Dreamstalk, only Kirby can save the day! Jump from the foreground to the background in dynamic 3D side-scrolling environments while using new and returning copy abilities to defeat enemies. To enjoy the 3D effect of Nintendo 3DS software, you must experience it from the system itself.

Ez egy tanítójellegű játék, ami abban segíti a gyerekeket és felnőtteket, hogy kicsit közelebről is megismerkedjenek a farkasokkal és azok viselkedésével, életével a Yellowstone National Park-ban. A játék kiválóan működik, több díjat is nyert már 2007 óta. by gnadori Apr 18