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10 reasons I love using Edmodo in my iPad classroom…

10 reasons I love using Edmodo in my iPad classroom…
I can not describe how much easier Edmodo has made my teaching! At the beginning of this academic year, and in my capacity as an eLearning leader, I was involved in a whole-school effort to rollout Edmodo. The eLearning leaders at school gathered all teachers and showed them a few videos highlighting the benefits of Edmodo, then we divided all staff between us and went on to smaller workshops to help them set up their own accounts and classes. It caught like wildfire! I had staff approaching me everyday wanting to learn more and find out ways to use it better. In my school, we have three year levels using the iPads (years 6, 7 and 8), and two year levels using laptops (years 9 and 10). It is now very easy to share a worksheet or handout with my students on Edmodo. I would seriously recommend Edmodo to any teacher out there. Like this: Like Loading...

On Computing Education - The Windows Movie Maker Problem - Ross Penman - Ross Penman Computing education is not working. This has been pointed out time and time again by people in all corners of the many computing-related industries, and yet nothing is changing. I noticed that most of the perspectives from this seemed to be coming from people who had either left the education system, or were at the other end as teachers. I want to share my perspective as a 14-year-old school pupil.

Assessing Student Progress Using Blog-Based Porfolios Editor’s note: Kathy Cassidy is the author of a new book from Powerful Learning Press, Connected from the Start: Global Learning in the Primary Grades. During a recent webinar (free archive here), Kathy shared many ideas from Chapter 5 of the book, “Using Blogs as Digital Portfolios.” The webinar was rich in content and full of great discussion — so much so that there simply wasn’t time for Kathy to share her thoughts, in depth, about where formative and summative assessments might fit into this digital blog/portfolio model. So we’ve asked her to write this article. Much as she does in her eBook, she’s included short videos, useful downloads, and links to other valuable resources. ~ John Norton A Great Tool to Continuously Assess Progress

Coggle - A Simple Mind-Mapping Tool Last week I shared a presentation about mind maps, timelines, and collaborative brainstorming. Shortly after sharing that presentation I learned about Coggle. Coggle is a new, collaborative mind-mapping service that is very easy to use. To create a Coggle mind map just sign-in with your Google account and click the "+" icon to start your mind map. After entering the main idea of your mind map you can add branches by clicking the "+" icons that appear next to everything you type. To re-arrange elements just click on them and drag them around your screen.

iPad training for your school! Mr. P ICT Specialist LATE AVAILABILITY FOR INSET TRAINING Monday 26th and Friday 30th MayFriday 18th JulyBOOKINGS NOW BEING TAKING FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2014/2015 These can be booked as whole school INSET or Cluster Bookings (Cost shared between schools) Please Email for details. Read recent feedback from INSET training. 7 Habits Of Highly-Effective Teachers Who Effectively Use Technology 7 Characteristics Of Teachers Who Effectively Use Technology by TeachThought Staff Ed note: This post has been updated with an updated visual from Sylvia Duckworth, who took our graphic from (now getalma) post and created the above visual.

New BBC Bitesize for National 4 & 5 BBC Learning have launched new BBC Bitesize content to support learners taking new National 4/5 qualifications this year. Packed with quizzes, videos and infographics, these guides are available on mobile, tablet and desktop and will help you get to grips with the new qualifications. The new material comprises nearly 5000 pages, more than 7000 infographics, 2000 photos and over 500 new quizzes, presented alongside thousands of educational video clips, mapped to the curriculum. The launch of the National 4 and 5 content is the latest step in the new BBC Knowledge and Learning online product, which when complete will bring together factual and learning content from over 100 existing BBC websites, from Bitesize and Food to Science and History. It’s a great free resource so check it out!

How To Be A Terrible iPad Teacher I published this off my site: about a month ago. I hope you enjoy the read. Please leave any comments that may be useful. The following is a list, written in the first-person, of ideologies or stances from a Terrible iPad Teacher: 1. I own an iPad and I use it in class. Ten Terrific Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools Today, I am running a workshop about using mind mapping and brainstorming tools to help students meet some of the Common Core standards in English Language Arts. Below are some of the tools that we will be using today. On a related note, if you're interested in having me come to your school or facilitate a virtual workshop, please click here for more information.

26 iPad Apps For A Paperless Classroom 26 iPad Apps For A Paperless Classroom by TeachThought Staff The paperless classroom is a compelling concept for what it symbolizes as much as anything else. While it sounds sleek and futuristic and easy to organize and environmentally friendly, the reality is that paperless classrooms aren’t that simple. The “environmentally-friendly” part, for example, is wildly subjective: the costs of manufacturing–and eventually recycling and disposing of–tablets versus the loss of “renewable” trees and the subsequent waste that is environmentally-friendly.

Audioboo for Education Schools and universities around the world are embracing Audioboo as the easiest, most effective way to give teachers and students a voice. Audio enriches the curriculum, engages the learner, and creates conversations that build community. Take a look at some amazing ways that Audioboo is reinventing the classroom experience.