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jQuery Grid Plugin

jQuery Grid Plugin
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jqPlot Charts and Graphs for jQuery 8 Beta 1: See What’s Coming (and Going!) Hello fellow jQuery users! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, but we haven’t been asleep. The jQuery Core Team has been heads-down working on jQuery 1.8, and our first beta release is now available! You can get the code from the jQuery CDN: Give it a try on your current jQuery code and let us know how it works for you. There will be even more exciting jQuery news at the jQuery Conference in San Francisco later this month, with blog posts to follow. jQuery is now powering about one-half of all the major web sites on the Internet; that’s a great success, but we’re not standing still. Part of that evolution is not just knowing what to add, but what to take away. jQuery’s plugin architecture makes it easy for developers to extend the functionality that jQuery Core offers when it makes sense for their own needs. Modularity The modules you can currently exclude are ajax, css, dimensions, effects, and offset. Vendor-Prefixed CSS Properties Ajax Core

jquery - how to check the state of the row in jqGrid Home Spectrum - The No Hassle jQuery Colorpicker Why A Colorpicker? I wasn't satisfied with the solutions available for colorpicking. Many of them included a ton of images, were hard to skin or customize, or were very large plugins. Here are the goals I had when making a new one: Just include the needed CSS and JavaScript files, and you are ready to go! We don't need no stinkin' images! Nobody wants to add a bunch of code into their project. Polyfill I wanted an option for the most basic use case, a polyfill for the input[type=color] HTML5 control. If you don't want this behavior to happen, but still want to use spectrum elsewhere on the page, you can set $.fn.spectrum.load = false; right after loading the script file. Customizable Just because you don't have to change anything to get it to work, doesn't mean you can't! Mobile Support Along with desktop browser support, I wanted a mobile colorpicker that was touch friendly, worked in iOS and Android, and used standards that maximize future mobile support. Devtools Modes input[type=color] Custom

jquery - How to read userData in jqgrid jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library ColorBox - a jQuery lightbox A lightweight customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery View Demos Released under the MIT License, source on Github (changelog) Download Install via NPM npm install jquery-colorbox Compatible with: jQuery 1.3.2+ in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer 7+ Supports photos, grouping, slideshow, ajax, inline, and iframed content.Lightweight: 10KB of JavaScript (less than 5KBs gzipped).Appearance is controlled through CSS so it can be restyled.Can be extended with callbacks & event-hooks without altering the source files.Completely unobtrusive, options are set in the JS and require no changes to existing HTML.Preloads upcoming images in a photo group.Currently in use on a million-plus websites. Instructions & Help The FAQ has instructions on asking for help, solutions to common problems, and how-to examples. Usage Colorbox accepts settings from an object of key/value pairs, and can be assigned to any HTML element. Settings Public Methods Event Hooks Hey,

Flexigrid » Collection of jquery plugins and javascript libraries. start jqGrid is an Ajax-enabled JavaScript control that provides solutions for representing and manipulating tabular data on the web. Since the grid is a client-side solution loading data dynamically through Ajax callbacks, it can be integrated with any server-side technology, including PHP, ASP, Java Servlets, JSP, ColdFusion, and Perl. jqGrid uses a jQuery Java Script Library and is written as plugin for that package. For more information on jQuery, please refer to the jQuery web site. jqGrid's Home page can be found here. Working examples of jqGrid, with explanations, can be found here. The last development version can be obtained from GitHub JqGrid was developed by Tony Tomov at Trirand Inc., a software development firm based in Sofia. Tony got the idea for jqGrid when he needed an easy way to represent database information in a project. Tony developed jqGrid and made it available for free as a way of making a contribution to the open-source community.

WOW Slider : Diaporama jQuery & Galerie D'Image jQuery Things You Might Not Know About jQuery jQuery provides an alternative to the traditional DOM createElement. You get to just write straight up HTML. $("<li/>"); If you wish to modify the element or bind events to it, just use jQuery methods. $("<li/>") .click(function(){}) .attr("id", "test") .addClass("clickable"); In jQuery 1.4 we provided a new way to create an element and then modify it. $("<li><a></a></li>") // li .find("a") // a .attr("href", " // a .html("John Resig") // a .end() // li .appendTo("ul"); Every traversal method creates a new jQuery set and builds a stack. $("<li><a></a></li>"); It can be expensive converting that HTML into DOM nodes. var div = document.createElement("div"); div.innerHTML = "<li><a></a></li>"; var fragment = document.createDocumentFragment(); while ( div.firstChild ) { fragment.appendChild( div.firstChild ); } A document fragment is just a lightweight container that can hold some DOM nodes. someDiv.appendChild( fragment ); // one operation! Item 1Item 2 Item 1Item 2