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The AWL Highlighter

The AWL Highlighter

Term Extraction General parameters When making HTTP requests, you can pass the following parameters (either in a GET request or POST request). Required parameters: either text, url, or text_or_url must be supplied. Filtering The parameters below can be used to filter out certain terms Yahoo compatibility One aim of our this web application is to allow users to switch from Yahoo's Term Extraction service to one under their own control. If you are switching over from Yahoo's service, make sure you enable Yahoo mode either by using the 'yahoo' parameter below, or simply calling yahoo.php instead of extract.php. For example, let's say we want to extract terms from the following piece of text (the example used by Yahoo): "Italian sculptors and painters of the renaissance favored the Virgin Mary for inspiration." Here's what the request might look like for Yahoo:

Define multiple words quickly Spelling Bee Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee Your Score: - - - Round 1: 5 words left Word #1: Guess the Spelling: Your Guesses: Nope! Correct! Definitions: Nouns: something regarded as a _______ative example Adjectives: conforming with or constituting a _______ or standard or level or type or social _______; not ab_______in accordance with scientific lawsbeing approximately average or within certain limits in e.g. intelligence and developmentforming a right angle VOCABPROFILE ENGLISH Home > VocabProfilers > English Input method A Type or paste short to medium size text (200,000 characters/35,000 words max = 60 secs) into window and click Submit_window. Non-Lexical Proper Nouns: Recategorize these words as 1k. [Type, paste, or dbl-click textarea items]. None * AND/OR* all Capped non-initials Input method B

Online Etymology Dictionary text analyzer - tag cloud generator A concordancer takes a text and identifies the frequency of individual words. This concordancer also offers the ability to produce a list of sentences that use a selected word in context. You can list the frequency of words as a list or a word cloud (in the vein of As an aspect of research I am doing into the Web, classification and meaning extraction the concordancer will also list key phrases in the document (using a Yahoo service) and eventually offer a UDC classification for the page as well as extracting the references and quotes on the page (mainly for academic texts). I am also working on allowing the system to let you save the results with a unique identifier. A somewhat understated aspect of the options here is the way you can extract a random selection of sentences that show you how a word or phrase might be used in context (the _real_ purpose of concordancers). U Penn's online library is a good source for links to new online books in a useful format.

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