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45 Incredible Futuristic Scifi 3D City Illustrations

45 Incredible Futuristic Scifi 3D City Illustrations
Futuristic cities have always fascinated me, as a fan of SciFi TV shows, movies, and digital art, futuristic city designs always bring me inspiration. Everyone can find quite a lot of stunning illustrations on sites like deviantArt. Many artists have become so skilled at Photoshop and 3D software that they create almost photographic illustrations of whole cities with incredible detail and precision. I have been inspired by these illustrations and it makes me work harder at everything I do; I hope you will feel the same. Metropolis 2106 by thmc This one is really realistic, I expect someone to build this within a few decades. Cloud City by aksu I've always wanted to live in a city like that. Atmosphere Emitters by sittingducky This one has an eerie feel to it, makes me think of a futuristic civilization that Steven Hawkins described in his documentary show. Star Wars 1 by JJasso This one was created for the Star Wars The Old Republic cinematic. Phoenix Rising by tigaer 3001 by sanfranguy

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40 Awesome Futuristic City Illustrations Cities have always been a place where people share ideas and knowledge. I think this one of the reasons why cities have been inspiring artists to create many futuristic cityscapes illustrations. I collected here some of these awesome sci-fi city illustrations. It would be very cool if you could suggest more great illustrations and artists to our list. Stay up to date with Zeemp news, simply follow @zeemp. John Alvin – James Paick – Robert Brown – Rob Sullivan – Hideyoshi Ruwwe – Nikita Buyanov – Portfolio Felicity Moore – Portfolio Nguyen Manh Hung – Portfolio Ioan Dumitrescu – Portfolio Eduardo Peña – Portfolio Peter Ang – Portfolio Christian Hecker – Tiberius Viris – Alex Popescu – Andree Wallin – Dylan Cole – Seung Jin Woo – Portfolio Marek Okon – Portfolio Dmitry Zaviyalov – Portfolio Saul Espinosa – Related Posts

Lilypad floating city concept - Image 1 of 10 The Lilypad floating city concept is designed to house climate change refugees Image Gallery (10 images) With global sea levels predicted to rise significantly over the next century due to climate change, a lot of people living in low lying areas are expected to be displaced from their homes. Architect Vincent Callebaut has come up with a possible relocation destination for these climate change refugees in the form of the “Lilypad” concept – a completely self-sufficient floating city that would accommodate up to 50,000. View all With a shape inspired by the highly ribbed leaf of Victoria water lilies, the double skin of the floating “ecopolis” would be made of polyester fibers covered by a layer of titanium dioxide (TiO2), which would react with ultraviolet rays and absorb atmospheric pollution via a photocatalytic effect in the same way as the air-purifying concrete and paving stones we looked at last year. Via freshome. About the Author Post a CommentRelated Articles

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