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Sensibilities - Myths and Legends of Russia: the Illustrations

Sensibilities - Myths and Legends of Russia: the Illustrations
Let us have more pictures, shall we? Several of us are experiencing December blues and quite unable to rouse ourselves to the spirit of the season. I hope these may provide a few moments' entertainment at the very least. I never did manage to post these illustrations here. I did post a link to my dA gallery instead a few months ago, but links are no fun. Besides, there are fewer illustrations there. Cross-posted at told_tales and storybookland I feel so silly and awkward sometimes, posting these things in communities; especially having to sign off with my name as the illustrator. 'She waved her right hand, and lakes and woods appeared; she waved her left hand, and various birds began to fly about'Illustration for The Frog Princess. 'I'm Rumbling Thunder! 'Ivashko too walked and walked, and met the three-headed dragon'Illustration for The Three Kingdoms. ‘The fox is carrying me away … Cat Cotonaevich, rescue me!’ This is one of two of the earliest illustrations which I completed.

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Gustave Doré Art Images Enigma, Gustave Doré Gustave Doré was a world famous 19th century illustrator. Although he illustrated over 200 books, some with more than 400 plates, he is primarily known for his illustrations to The Divine Comedy, particularly The Inferno, his illustrations to Don Quixote, and Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. These art images include Doré's illustrations to The Divine Comedy, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Perrault's Fairy Tales, Don Quixote, Paradise Lost, Contes Drolatiques, Fables de La Fontaine, Tennyson's Elaine, and others. The Trees that Draws (5 Photos) Posted by rd on Sunday, May 29, 2011 · At first glance I thought, these were sketches of trees. True, except the trees are the ones drawing. That’s something you don’t see everyday. Wonder how a tree draws? Take this Weeping Willow for example: 100 pens are attached to the branches of a Weeping Willow tree draw onto a circular disc 5.1 metres in diameter and made up of 10 segments.

The Definitive Hyper Realistic Pokemon Collection Not too long ago, I saw a post of several pictures in which Pokemon were depicated in a “hyper realistic” manner. This is nothing new, but I couldn’t help but want more. I had to, as I do with many things, take it to the extreme. I needed a comprehensive, definitive page to always look back on; and what better place than our very own Triggerplug. Nightmare Inducing: Cartoon Characters As Crazy Killers Artist Dan LuVisi brings us this series of cartoon characters as evil, murderous, terrifying baddies. It’s cool Dan, I didn’t want to sleep ever again, anyway. I’ll sleep when I’m dead! Just… hopefully I won’t be dead at the hands of a psychotic Cookie Monster.

John Bauer Art: Trolls, Fairy Tales and Folk Tales - Swedish (18 Welcome to the John Bauer page with images from Sagovarld (Great Swedish Fairy Tales, Swedish Folk Tales), Our Fathers' Godsaga. The Swansuit, Lapp Folk will appear here as I add them so check back. Latest: and . About Art Passions: Art Passions began a tribute to artists whose work I grew up, and whose work has meaning for me personally. The list of artists on, including recent additions to the site, as well as other information are available on the . The Awesome Environments Of Zhichao Cai Art director Zhichao Cai (aka Trylea) uses no tricks or photocomping in his amazing, ridiculously vertical compositions, featuring incredibly pushes perspectives, impossible architecture and a plethora of detail to scour for in his incredible digital painted illustrations. As an art director at the Hangzhou, China based Gamecox, his emphasis is on creating striking worlds via his knack for environment painting, which he's really damn good at. Zhichao uses personal narratives to give thematic direction to his pieces, including crafting lore including projects like his personal set of paintings titled Legend Of Yunzhong, featuring five kingdoms based off of 5 elemental powers (All after the break).

Jo's Playground Looking forward to seeing all of you wacky folks at SDCC 2011 in a few weeks. I have a couple of events scheduled including ta-da! "Spotlight on Jo Chen" hosted by non other than my Dark Horse editor, Scott Allie. Kohei Nawa Kohei Nawa <-- Sculptor, Assistant Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design; Nawa was born in Osaka in 1975. In 2003, he completed the doctoral program in sculpture at the Kyoto City University of Arts, Graduate School, Fine Arts Research. He has developed a diverse array of artwork using a variety of materials that include beads, prisms, silicon oil, expanded polyurethane, and glue, centered on a concept called PixCell=Pixel + Cell, that is based on an awareness of the surface of things. He is currently in the midst of a number of projects, having launched SANDWICH in Kyoto as a platform for the production and creation side of things. In 2007, Nawa was awarded the Kyoto Prefecture Culture Prize.

The Fantastic Imagination of Illustrator Simón Prades Simón Prades, born in 1985 into a german/spanish family, is living in Saarbrücken, Germany. Since finishing University with a diploma in Graphic Design, he is working as a freelance illustrator for clients in Editorial, Advertising and Film while teaching drawing and illustration at the university of applied siences in Trier, Germany. More stuff you’ll like

Year In Review: The 11 Best Short Films of 2011 Over the course of the year, curating the Short Film of the Day feature has given me a deep and affecting appreciation of the art form. Before, I hadn’t given much thought to the little bastards, but the truth is that they are incredibly versatile and representative of the boundaries that film can break. They can be jokes told well or human dramas driven home. They can be a perfect bite or demand to be expanded into a full meal. They can feel classic or break out into the long, strange realm of experimentation.