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BIOSHOCK INFINITE: Songbird Approaches in This Cool Art Homage You might know Alex Garner from his covers for DC Comics (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, etc) or by some of his other work that has made the rounds, but his latest spotlights the two main protagonists of the much anticipated Bioshock Infinite. Alex is a huge JC Leyendecker fan, and so made this as a sort of homage to some of JC's famous work. The piece itself features Booker and Elizabeth preparing for the inevitable onslaught of the Songbird, with the city of Columbia in the background. The level of detail is amazing, including the golden hued city and even the fading frame that surrounds the picture. I'm a sucker for anything set in this time period, so aesthetically alone this is a home run, but even without that style it's well done.

Quint's Chum Bucket **Contains spoilers** Have you ever had to give a presentation in school or at work, on the heels of someone who had just crushed theirs? How do you follow it up? How do you make yourself standout against the person that the audience is clearly still thinking about or, even worse, comparing you to? People used to say that because of his on stage persona and memorable performances, Jerry Lee Lewis “killed” the audience for any act who tried to follow him.

Alaska Robotics - Comics Index Alaska Robotics Read Alaska Robotics Read Guilty Pleasures Read Geek Fetish Creative Commons License Do you really need Photoshop? 3D World is the best-selling international magazine for CG artists, covering the fields of animation, VFX, games, illustration and architecture. Our team of CG artists and professionals provide analysis of latest trends in the market, artistic and technical advice, impartial product reviews, and exclusive behind-the-scenes articles on the making of key projects in this fast-paced industry. 3D World’s unique Advisory Board, which includes ILM’s Tim Alexander, Pixar’s Andrew Gordon and Ubisoft’s Pascal Blanche are on hand every issue to help with CG advice and career support.

Awesome HARRY POTTER Book Sculpture and More! Here's an awesome collection of classic story themed book sculptures for Harry Potter, Knight and Dragon, Tom Sawyer, The Kingdom Within, Star Wars Millennium Falcon, James Bond, Treasure Island and many more. The sculptures were created by Deviant Art artist wetcanvas, and they all turned out really cool! The Difference Between a Geek and a Nerd Who are ‘Nerds’ and ‘Geeks’? How are they different from the common mass? How are they different from each other? Are they at all different from each other? This article will answer all of your questions! Who is a Nerd?

Knowledge is Power – Here’s 200 sites that give you power. IBM is offering wide range of certifications for their professionls in which 000-025 exam is helpful for storage manager and implementation while 000-076 is for system sales and 000-081 is for system technical principles professionals. Social Media brings us within arms reach of everything. The most valuable thing out there is simple… Knowledge. In print: ILM's artistry and the design of Star Wars We take a look at two books, the soon to be released Industrial Light & Magic: The Art of Innovation which showcases the incredible visual effects contributions made by ILM, and the limited edition Star Wars: The Blueprints featuring a behind the scenes look at the production design for each of the six Star Wars films. Industrial Light & Magic: The Art of Innovation The cover contains images from ILM's long film list.

Abandoned Suitcases Reveal Private Lives of Insane Asylum Patients If you were committed to a psychiatric institution, unsure if you’d ever return to the life you knew before, what would you take with you? That sobering question hovers like an apparition over each of the Willard Asylum suitcases. From the 1910s through the 1960s, many patients at the Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane left suitcases behind when they passed away, with nobody to claim them. Upon the center’s closure in 1995, employees found hundreds of these time capsules stored in a locked attic. Working with the New York State Museum, former Willard staffers were able to preserve the hidden cache of luggage as part of the museum’s permanent collection. “There were many patients in these asylums who were probably not unlike friends you and I have now.”

The 4 Main Differences Between Geeks and Nerds Think you're a geek? Then you'd probably be offended if someone called you a nerd. Got nerd-pride? Then you probably look at geek culture as nothing more than glorified hipsterism. 100-Year Anniversary : Vijay Kumar Let’s create a world that will facilitate health and happiness in the future. Most importantly, let us behave more responsibly today so that our dreams of tomorrow can be realized. Empathy, Knowledge, Choices What will the world be like in 100 years? Much speculation exists about the future in terms of technology. But as technology evolves, so does human behavior.

Cyberpunk derivatives American author Bruce Bethke first coined the term "cyberpunk" in his 1980 short story of the same name, proposing it as a label for a new generation of punk teenagers inspired by the perceptions inherent to the Information Age.[1] The term was quickly appropriated as a label to be applied to the works of William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, John Shirley, Rudy Rucker, Michael Swanwick, Pat Cadigan, Lewis Shiner, Richard Kadrey, and others. Science fiction author Lawrence Person, in defining postcyberpunk, summarized the characteristics of cyberpunk thus: Classic cyberpunk characters were marginalized, alienated loners who lived on the edge of society in generally dystopic futures where daily life was impacted by rapid technological change, an ubiquitous datasphere of computerized information, and invasive modification of the human body.[2] Postcyberpunk[edit] Cyberprep[edit] Cyberprep is a term with a very similar meaning to postcyberpunk.

Art of Composition in Photography- Tips and Examples Guest Article By : Siddharthan Raman The difference between a Snapshot and Greatshot is a composition. The way the photographer view the subject is very different. Siddharth talking about Art of Composition in Photography. Please check the below points with examples. You may interested in the following related posts : Alan Friedman’s Astonishing HD Photographs of the Sun Shot from his Own Backyard Alan Friedman is a fascinating guy. By day he’s a maker of greeting cards and a lover of hats, but in his spare time he’s a self-proclaimed space cowboy who points a telescope skyward from his backyard in downtown Buffalo, directly into the light of the sun. Using special filters attached to his camera Friedman captures some of the most lovely details of the Sun’s roiling surface. The raw images are colorless and often blurry requiring numerous hours of coloring, adjusting and finessing to tease out the finest details, the results of which hardly resemble what I imagine the 5,500 degree (Celsius) surface of Sun might look like. Instead Friedman’s photos appear almost calm and serene, perhaps an entire planet of fluffy clouds or cotton candy.

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