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Super Silo Home LUCILLE CLERC • GRAPHIC DESIGN I'm a French London based Illustrator. I've set up my studio in East London after graduating from Central Saint Martins with an MA in Communication Design in 2008 and from ENSAAMA in Paris with a DSAA in Visual Communication in 2006. I work mainly within the field of editorial design and illustration, occasionally also realising interior and exhibition spaces. My personal work is mainly based on the endlessly inspiring architecture of my neighbourhood in London. EXHIBITIONS ......................... 2013 The London Illustration Fair, London 2013 South Ken Kids Festival, London 2013 Hackney Wicked, London 2013 ELCAF (East London Comics and Art Festival) 2013 Members Show, Print Club, London 2012 Blisters - The Directors Cut, Print Club, London 2012 The Poundshop Summer Tour, London 2011 Hello, Goodbye! 2011 Dazed Festival, Part of the exhibition on London self publications , London 2011 Live printing with Print Club at Somerset House as part of the Pick Me Up festival, London

Oasis : des fruits, de l'eau de source, du fun ! Stop Oasis Be Fruit - #BeTropical 554070 vues Retrouvez-nous sur facebook Oasis be fruit Oasis Be Fruit Suivez-nous sur Twitter Oasis be fruit Vidéoasis sur Youtube Oasis be fruit Et aussi : Valeurs nutritionnelles Service Conso Orangina Schweppes France Mentions légales Mentions Sanitaires Conditions d'utilisation Works - Huang Cheng This project is created by super. the meaning of this project is to record the most important things happened in the past of the world,for someone who was born in this day or dead,super will draw a head portrait on that day and use an easy way to presented,so this is the basic reason she want to creat this project for one year and collect whole 365 celebrities.

Jessie Douglas Illustration blindSALIDA Interviews de jeunes créateurs en arts appliqués Élise Morbidelli inaugure une nouvelle série d'interviews au Canada. Elle vient juste de terminer ses études en Design Graphique à l'UQAM en remportant au passage une bourse pour son travail d'illustration. Avant de venir s'exiler au Canada, Élise a fait une Manaa au lycée des Arènes à Toulouse, une formation d'un an à l'école du Louvre et a également obtenu un BTS de communication visuelle à l'école Estienne. Nous abordons dans notre discussion la place de l'illustration dans son travail, les particularités de l'enseignement Canadien, sa nécessité de pratiquer le design et enfin, son engagement pour un graphisme utile et durable. Vous pourrez retrouver une plus grande sélection de ses travaux sur son site internet. L'interview est disponible dans la "radio" sur la droite. Petit lexique de l'interview à l'attention des non-initiés : - Paul Turgeon : professeur d'illustration à l'UQAM et illustrateur - Pigiste : Free-lance >>Identité visuelle >>> Lire et voir la suite

Jacques Dutronc | Site officiel shotopop Illustration of Rich Kelly | Designerscouch #thecritiquenetwork Design | Illustration | The Norik sophie toulouse: nation of angela: illustrations SPUNK v1 : Daniel Koh Dan · There's always room for improvement, so I guess that basically sums up my attitude towards the work I do. Max · And I think that’s a great way to see it as well. Tell me about some of the projects you are working on and which ones are you most excited about? Dan · I've recently completed a visual identity and branding for ANTlabs, a wireless solutions company and an inaugural publication for the Ministry of Education. In general, these two projects are supposed to break the mould of the typically 'corporate'-based mindset audience, which gave me an opportunity to work on two different industry sectors but at the same time. Max · What’s is Ant Labs? Dan · Advanced Network Technology Laboratories (ANTlabs) innovates and develops zero-configuration connectivity, secure access control, and roaming technologies, enabling seamless connectivity for wired and wireless networks in private and public domains. Our brief was to re-brand Antlabs to reflect their vision and personality.

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