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10 Insights on Social Media and Blogging Influence: New Research

Blogging started as personal online diaries, Twitter popped up first as an internal podcasting platform and Facebook was born out of a frustrated date. The journey of online publishing and social networks was never a grand plan but it is the evolution of humans playing on a web canvas that continues to surprise us with its speed, reach and role in influencing buying decisions, building trust and marketing personal and business brands. A decade later the internet landscape is unrecognizable. We are all still learning about what works and what doesn’t. A recent report on “Digital Influence” by Technorati Media provides some insights into the fast evolving landscape that provides some metrics on the digital landscape. It was created from information gleaned from over 6,000 influencers, 1,200 consumers and 150 top brand marketers. Technorati Media has a reach of of approximately 130 million US unique visitors per month and has published reports in the past on the state of the blogsosphere. 1.

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Since the TED Talk: The Guardian’s Paul Lewis talks citizen journalism With more and more regular Joes snapping photos in the street, live tweeting breaking news from the ground, and acting as free sources of political, economic and cultural analysis, not everyone is confident about the future of professional journalism. But according to TED speaker Paul Lewis, who shared two dramatic examples of citizen journalism at work at TEDxThessaloniki in 2011, the pros aren’t going anywhere. As he says this week in an interview with the TED Blog, “there are far more benefits from a collaborative approach working in an engaged way with citizens than there are disadvantages. So I think it’s actually quite a good new news story.” Now the Washington correspondent at The Guardian, Lewis is still an advocate of citizen journalism, describing a hybrid world in which professionals can take advantage of all that the crowd has to offer.

The Line Blurs Between Bloggers and Celebrities inShare64 The coolest thing has been happening lately, and it’s making me feel really special. Suddenly I know people who are in ads. And not just any ad – major, national brands. I feel like I’m brushing with celebrity – and yet, these people aren’t traditional celebrities, they’re bloggers. And they happen to be friends of mine. Crucial Tweets for Twitter Marketing Twitter provides you with a great opportunity for marketing and promoting your brand. If you aren’t using twitter to promote your brand, you should be. This guide will show you some very simple steps you can take to make twitter benefit your brand and your customer. These are great for getting more people to follow your brands and to increase engagement when they do. Here are a few crucial tweet types you should be making to get the most out of twitter. 1.

The Anatomy of an Effective Google Plus Image You’ve just written this awesome article on your blog and you set out to promote it to your followers on Google Plus. It’s important to understand the keys to promotion on this platform because it can mean the difference between a ton of traffic and people passing you by. Most people would tell you that when you post to Google Plus, and you’re going to post with a link, then you need to use the “Link” option on Google Plus. Top UK Online Marketing Bloggers in 2013 For the past 2 years we’ve been publishing a list of the top UK focused internet marketing blogs in advance of speaking at events. This year I’ll be presenting on Creative Content Marketing at SES London February 19th. Since bloggers do more than just write posts, I’ve shifted the focus of this list from blogs to individuals.

Vlogging YouTube stars guide & UK vloggers ones to watch Zoella Afrie Deyes There's a new form of celebrity in town and they want you to be part of their lives, chat with you, help you get ready for a night out and tell you their problems. They'll answer your questions when you ask them stuff and they'll give you advice on what to wear in tricky situations like dates, weddings and office parties. Some will give you beauty tips, others will suggest books to read, others just want to make you laugh. The common dominator is that they all want to entertain you in whichever area they have expertise in, be it comedy, fashion, beauty or fitness.

How to Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool In most social media predictions, was told that the role of Twitter which will play in the landscape of online communication will increase both in terms of paid tweets and related to the involvement of the social networks in complex promoting actions. Before we talk about how can Twitter be used in communication campaigns for improving your business should be noted that it is important to first check if your target use the network or not. Only if the answer is positive, it is recommended to integrate Twitter into your communication strategy. 5 Social Media Statistics to Shape Your Apartment Marketing Strategy If you’re managing social media for your company or considering a social media strategy, it might be useful to know some of the most valuable stats we’ve found. Here are five that might make you reconsider the way you’re approaching social media for apartment marketing. 1. 93% of marketers use social media for business

7 insights into social strategy at The Economist The Economist's Mark Johnson encourages others to experiment beyond the main social media platforms Credit: By Horia Varlan on Flickr. Some rights reserved. The Economist is celebrating 170 years since its first edition hit the presses in September 1843. And while the newspaper remains committed to its founding mantra "to take part in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress", its efforts to do so are of course no longer limited to print. The Economist website recently recorded "around 1.6 million" monthly unique US visitors, according to a Mashable report which cited ComScore statistics, while its continental Europe digital edition secured the highest circulation for a magazine digital edition in the first half of 2013, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

Top 50 UK Blogs Updated 30/09/2015. 1. Guido Fawkes Blog Love him or fear him, Paul Staines is a powerful political blogger who strikes fear into Westminster and in his own words, ‘whips journalists into shape.’ Is Snapchat right for your brand? Snapchat, the equally popular and controversial photo-sharing site, has edged out Facebook in being the most frequently used platform to upload photos. Out of 809m daily photo uploads in November 2013 so far, Snapchat has a 49% share (accounting for approximately 400m daily uploads), with Facebook now at 43%. This 400m figure has grown from the reported 350m in September 2013 and a previous figure of 200m in June 2013.

Changes That Affect Social Media Marketing On Twitter As an investor or financial analyst, you may talk about a lot of things on the recent $18 billion Twitter IPO. If not, you most likely are a regular user or a social media marketer. Let’s focus on the latter. Social media marketers do not rely much on the financial standing of the social media platform they are in, at least compared to the effort they apply on content marketing. With a fast-paced online industry, content marketers consider social networking sites as tools to gain valuable insights – the new medium for exchange – and Twitter does help deliver clear, deep perceptions of a situation that are not readily accessible somewhere else.

Creating Good Posts on Social Media Get more social media fans and create engagement! Follow these 17 guidelines when you post on social networks. Is there any such thing as a perfect social media post? Each social network has a specific set of expectations, limitations — and pros and cons. And each one is constantly evolving in terms of potential. A one-size-fits-all strategy just isn’t feasible. Zoella and the Top 10 UK YouTube vloggers If you were watching this week's episode of The Great Comic Relief Bake Off chances are you've had your introduction to Zoella. The YouTube superstar - who we've profiled so you don't have to - is quite the businesswoman, running a mini empire from her bedroom with the aid of little more than a camera and her own creativity. She's only one of a network of UK 'vloggers' - that's video bloggers to you and I - making money online though. These masterfully managed young'uns are in many cases worth more to companies and advertisers than some TV slots - and they're certainly making the most of it.