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10 Insights on Social Media and Blogging Influence: New Research

Blogging started as personal online diaries, Twitter popped up first as an internal podcasting platform and Facebook was born out of a frustrated date. The journey of online publishing and social networks was never a grand plan but it is the evolution of humans playing on a web canvas that continues to surprise us with its speed, reach and role in influencing buying decisions, building trust and marketing personal and business brands. A decade later the internet landscape is unrecognizable. We are all still learning about what works and what doesn’t. A recent report on “Digital Influence” by Technorati Media provides some insights into the fast evolving landscape that provides some metrics on the digital landscape. Technorati Media has a reach of of approximately 130 million US unique visitors per month and has published reports in the past on the state of the blogsosphere. Social media is a small part of digital advertising 1. 2. 3. The top 3 include: 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Conclusions

8 Great Twitter Tools That Will Get You Tweeting Like A Pro The reasons to join Twitter are plentiful. In fact, Jeff recently wrote a wonderful post on why it is often misunderstood and people aren’t jumping onto it earlier. The experiences I have had with Twitter were amazing and it was by far the most valuable Social Network for me to use. What I like best about Twitter is it’s open structure, not only for users, but also for developers. It has grown to an ecosystem of over 1.5 million Apps and continues to register a new Tool every second. With this massive amount of Apps it can often be quite overwhelming to know which Tools to use. Here are the tools I use daily to make me more efficient and get you Tweeting like a Pro: 1. Whenever I am reading an article, I wasn’t quite sure, whether Tweeting it right now was a good idea. Pro Tip: What helps me a great deal is that Buffer provides me with analytics for each Tweet that I post. 2. As a matter of fact, a Tweet’s life is only very limited. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Over to you now. More Reading:

The Anatomy of an Effective Google Plus Image You’ve just written this awesome article on your blog and you set out to promote it to your followers on Google Plus. It’s important to understand the keys to promotion on this platform because it can mean the difference between a ton of traffic and people passing you by. Most people would tell you that when you post to Google Plus, and you’re going to post with a link, then you need to use the “Link” option on Google Plus. Let me clarify. If you will notice, the link option, when it’s posted, only shows a small image in your update with the post title to the right. This is what I want to discuss today. If you’ve been in the business for too long, you’ve probably already heard the term “call to action”. You’ve all seen those updates on Google Plus where they write call to actions in their updates, and they prompt people to visit their site, pin the image, and ask to become part of their blog notification circles. The image is the very first thing that people see on Google Plus. Text

Cómo usar foursquare para hacer Marketing mar27 74inShare Foursquare es actualmente una de las plataformas con más posibilidades para pequeños comercios locales, especialmente para restaurantes, bares, clubs, discotecas, hoteles, tiendas y retail y similares. Esto no quiere decir que esta plataforma social de geo-localización no sea válida para PYMES, agencias y marcas, por supuesto que sí, lo único que necesitaremos aquí es un poco más de creatividad, trabajo e intento. Particularmente usamos mucho Foursquare en diferentes proyectos y clientes con los que trabajamos directa, e indirectamente también en mis funciones como consejero y analista. El amplio abanico de posibilidades que ofrece Foursquare – mitad herramienta, mitad plataforma – hace que sea un aliado al que prestar atención en nuestros esfuerzos de alcance, captación, fidelización y promoción. A continuación hablo sobre algunas prácticas que podrían darte ideas para usar Foursquare en tu negocio o marca: Photo credit: teamstickergiant. Author: Isra García

5 Social Media Statistics to Shape Your Apartment Marketing Strategy | Property Management Insider If you’re managing social media for your company or considering a social media strategy, it might be useful to know some of the most valuable stats we’ve found. Here are five that might make you reconsider the way you’re approaching social media for apartment marketing. 1. 93% of marketers use social media for business For businesses, the plus side of social media is not just customer engagement but cutting overall marketing budgets. (Source: Erik Qualman, 2013 [Author of Socialnomics]) 2. Get it out of your head that social media is just for Gen-Y. (Source: Jeff Bullas, 2013 [Ranked #11 on Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers List]) 3. 25% of consumers using social media expect complaint responses within 1 hour The good news is if consumers are taking the time to complain about your product, they’re giving you the opportunity to win them back. (Source: American Express, 2012) 4. 52% of shared content comes from Facebook Your residents are your best brand ambassadors—leverage them as fans. At work or play, social media is how we stay connected to our larger personal and professional communities throughout the day. We use social media for PR and marketing, for news and sports updates, for recruitment, for team-building and much more. Now companies, too, are using social media. From campaign launches to senior executive videos, from positive product news to greater transparency about industry issues, social media is changing how companies approach all facets of business. More and more, it's all in the name of better, more transparent customer service. Social media tools offer far greater customer insight than we could've imagined even five years ago. In short, social media is quickly changing what's expected in today's customer service world. Generally, small-to-midsize businesses are open to using social media for customer service engagement processes. Socially Shy Companies Also see... What About Your Business? Are you battling similar sensitivities?

Changes That Affect Social Media Marketing On Twitter As an investor or financial analyst, you may talk about a lot of things on the recent $18 billion Twitter IPO. If not, you most likely are a regular user or a social media marketer. Let’s focus on the latter. Social media marketers do not rely much on the financial standing of the social media platform they are in, at least compared to the effort they apply on content marketing. With a fast-paced online industry, content marketers consider social networking sites as tools to gain valuable insights – the new medium for exchange – and Twitter does help deliver clear, deep perceptions of a situation that are not readily accessible somewhere else. For Twitter users, the micro-blogging platform has turned from a mere communications channel to a social discovery tool. Changes That Affect Social Media Marketing On Twitter Twitter has made giant leaps since its inception, and it has become more than just a social network. (Flickr / thethreesisters) 2.Twitter is the leading source of breaking news.

11 Rules of Twitter Etiquette You Need to Know Twitter sometimes feels like a spectator sport. You sit on the sidelines and watch the passing parade with bemusement, interest and often amazement. The torrent of tweets and interactions vary from hard sell, links to valuable content and humor all the way to inspirational quotes. It is nothing more than a snapshot of humanity in 140 characters. It is the good, the bad and the ugly. Despite its simplicity it has nuanced customs that people new to Twitter need to understand. Twitter and dating When on a date, one should have proper etiquette! So how does one have awesome Twitiquette? Follow these simple rules and you will get more followers and better engagement. Rule #1 Don’t start a tweet with a hashtag. Rule #2 Please, please don’t use more than 3 hashtags in a tweet. Rule #3 This rule is going to go against what most “tweeps” believe! Rule #4 Some people just don’t follow back. Rule #5 Even though you have a maximum of 140 characters, you don’t have to use all 140 characters. Rule #6 Rule #7

Everything You Need to Know about Twitter and Tweeting Posted on 29. Aug, 2010 by hilzfuld in Web inShare114 UPDATED October 2013 By: Hillel Fuld This post is going to be a little different. I decided it was time to put all that Twitter material into one place, so if someone has a question or simply does not get it, I will be able to refer them to this post. The questions I have been asked and asked myself have been anything from “What is the point of Twitter?” I tried to make the titles of the posts clear and obvious enough so you know what to expect. The following is a list of Twitter articles (plus two bonus posts at the end) that should answer any question you have about the micro blogging service that has gone viral over the past few years: The Basics Following/Followers Advanced Tips/Updates Major No-No’s Apps Other Awesomeness Bonus Posts Are you measuring your social media efforts? Do you know what’s working? Over the years, there have been dozens of social media monitoring tools launched, but not all social media monitoring platforms are created equal. In this article I’ll show you five platforms that may work for your business. Social Media Monitoring 101 Before taking a closer look at these platforms, here are a few questions you’ll want to answer first. What Does Your Business Need to Measure? The most important thing to establish before selecting a monitoring tool is what you’re actually going to measure. It's important to determine what you want to measure. These measurable outcomes, or key performance indicators (KPIs), are agreed-upon metrics that will help you determine whether your social media marketing efforts are successful. Some of the more popular metrics are outlined below: Reach. What’s Your Budget? Do you have the internal resources to sort, monitor and manage all of that data? Ask More Key Questions Spredfast

Should Google+ Be a Digital Marketing Priority? In a recent study by Shareaholic, it was stated that traffic from Google+ is a fraction of that from Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Shareaholic is a social sharing widget, and the report was based on their sharing data from over 200,000 publishers between Sept., 2012 and Sept., 2013. Earlier this year, a similar report was issued from Gigya. Yet many publishers, myself included, would report that not only is Google+ driving significant amounts of traffic - it's often the top referral source for website traffic. And even more important, the author of the report states that, "there is a lot of conflicting data relating to Google+’s relevance as a social media platform. Let’s dig into why the data is saying that Google+ isn’t a good referral source, and then go over whether or not Google+ should even be a priority. Topics - What People Are Talking About on Google+ It's been said that Google+ is mostly for geeks and techies. But is there still a lot of truth here? Native Buttons 1. 1. 2. a.

Descubriendo el perfil y las tareas del Social Media Manager Como hay muchas empresas que confunden estos términos: Community Manager y Social Media Manager , voy a hacer primero una breve descripción de cada uno de ellos, pues son muy diferentes. El Social Media Manager es el encargado de crear, introducir y liderar la estrategia de una empresa en las redes sociales. Además de ser el estratega se encarga de diseñar la presencia en todos los medios sociales. Posee una visión global de todos los componentes de una estrategia y sabe cómo aplicarla. Por orden de jerarquía es el jefe del departamento de Social Media. El Community Manager es la figura de la empresa que se encarga de gestionar las redes sociales, sabe muchísimo sobre ellas y lo más importante interactúa y trata directamente con los usuarios (fans, clientes, seguidores) según los objetivos marcados por el Social Media Manager. Recientemente abordábamos estos aspectos desde la posición de Community Manager y para el cual destacábamos su increíble lista de tareas y objetivos diarios .

21 Social Media Tool and Technology Tips that will Make your Day It’s hard to argue that social media tools and technology is not an important part of your social media strategy. It’s one of many ingredients you need to be successful but not the only ingredient. Clint Eastwood was, and still is a very successful actor and one of the areas he is well known for is his action movies such as Dirty Harry. We would like you to take some action to-day!!! So here are 21 actionable tool and technology tips that we hope will make your day… #1. Glyder is a social media tool for your smartphone specifically designed for small businesses. We know that on social media visual works best. If you’re on the move more than you are at your desk, then check out Glyder. #2. Do you know the difference between your conversion rates on traffic you are getting from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.? Goals in Google Analytics allow you to track when something is accomplished. You can now see the conversion rates across a range of sites. #3. #4. #5. #6. #7. #8. #9. #10. #11. #12.

Using Social Media For B2B Brands More often than any other, the social media misconception I hear the most from new clients and even from other social media professionals is that Facebook is a social media platform not appropriate, or effective, for B2B marketing. Eric Qualmann’s newest video in the series Social Media Revolution shows stats compiled from his book Socialnomics, and underscores how pervasive social media has become in the lives of humans, in North America and around the world. Social Media Revolution 2013 Every age group, race, demographic and psychographic group is strongly represented in social media, especially Facebook. And while it is true that many people are not active on any social media platform, marketers have a responsibility to generate awareness for their organization’s products, services and career opportunities to the people who are active on social media. Your B2B brand can communicate and engage with traditional media brands on social media (i.e.

Social Media Marketers Must Treat Twitter As A Social Discovery Tool Twitter started as a personal channel to publish our thoughts and comments in short messages about various topics, but it has become a vital platform for us to find and discover digital content from other websites, such as breaking news, upcoming events, and other updates. The micro-blogging, social networking platform now works similarly to online search engines but with a more definite purpose. For example, if you want to read thoughts or opinions about the rock concert you watched last night or to know deeper insights into each episode of your favorite science-fiction TV show, Twitter content is readily accessible for your consumption from any smartphone or tablet. Twitter’s effect has influenced more than just personal use. (Flickr / mkhmarketing) Twitter As A Social Discovery Tool For that reason, Internet marketers, especially those focusing on social media marketing, have to treat Twitter as a social discovery tool by doing the following things. 1. 2. 3.