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Make A Solar Power Generator For Under $300

Make A Solar Power Generator For Under $300
Whether you live off grid or just want backup power for emergencies, having a small solar generator at home can definitely come in handy. While most store-bought solar generators can be pretty pricey, you can actually create your own with parts easily acquired through the internet or at local stores for $200 to $300 – and you don’t have to be an engineer to do it. An online tutorial created by Phil Heiple features easy-to-follow instructions with amusing illustrations that guide you through each of the eight steps. Once you obtain the parts, which include a small solar panel, a battery, a DC input and an AC inverter, assembly takes about an hour to complete. When you're done assembling your new DIY solar power generator, place the solar panel in the sun for five to eight hours to charge the battery the first time. The finished product is small enough to tote on camping trips, on the boat, out in the field or while traveling in the third world. Related:  SS DIY Energy

Mason Jar Solar Lights Don't you just love all of the things you can do with a Mason jar? My favorite is the old aqua jars with the zinc lids. They look so pretty sitting in a window sill with the sunlight coming through them. Did you know that first Mason jar was invented in 1858? I am also amazed at the popularity of the Mason jar, if you get on Pinterest or most home decorating/craft blogs you are more than likely to see an image of a Mason jar. Well, I have been wanting to make Mason jar solar lights since I saw them in a catalog three years ago. Dollar Tree Solar Lights (Or any solar light) Painter's Tape (If you decide to spray paint) First Step: Screw off the top of the light Prep your lids and the lights for spray paint. Spray paint the lids and lights. Since, the lights are smaller than what the size of the hole is for the jar I needed a way to keep the light in place. I then wrapped the tape around the light after the spray paint had dried. I then placed the light inside of the jar. I am linking to:

My amazing DIY solar generator I remember the inspiration for building my solar generator clearly. It was close to 20 years ago and we were camping at the dunes in Oregon. Our campground neighbor, in a huge RV, ran his generator for about two hours one evening. It was annoying beyond compare — we go camping for peace and quiet. We later found out from overheard conversations that the RV people were using the gas generator to charge their camcorder. More modern needs Twenty years ago I did not have a camcorder or a digital camera. My solar generator is made up of a single 12 volt, 10 watt solar panel that feeds a sealed 12 volt gel battery. Portable and silent A couple years ago we did a big tour of four states here in the west. One of our best camps was in Zion, where we spent four full days and nights. Emergency power, too Back here at home we have used the solar generator to power our computer’s DSL modem during power outages. Related solar power stories on MNN:

How to reuse water bottles We all know the three “R”s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Reducing can be accomplished by purchasing an eco-friendly bottle, and keeping it with you to refill from the tap or water cooler. As for recycling, almost every municipality has some type of either curbside recycling, or a local place you can take your used plastics. Ideas for reuse range from décor to function to gardening. If you aren’t feeling crafty, simply filling the bottles with water and freezing them comes in handy for first aid, or keeping people and pets cool. Whatever the project, water or plastic bottles can be configured to meet your needs. More recycling stories on MNN:

DIY wind turbine beats solar on price You may have heard of William Kamkwamba, the Malawian teenager who built a wind turbine out of spare bicycle parts and scrap metal and wood. His turbine provided electricity in his home for the first time and allowed them to replace smelly, expensive kerosene lamps In 2001 his family couldn't afford the cost to send him to school, but he didn't let that stop him from teaching himself the basics of electrical engineering out of an old school book and building a wind turbine that powered four lights, two radios, and a cell phone charger. He built his own homemade light switches and circuit breakers and has dabbled in radio transmitters. Mr. Though 22 year old Oklahoman Kevin Harris might not have come from as humble roots as Mr. Here's one of his turbine in action. Swing over to his site and check it out- everything on the list is available at your local big box home improvement store, you just have to provide the funds, elbow grease, and a spare weekend.

solar Solar cells What to look for, what to look out for When it comes down to buying solar cells, most of your decisions will come down to trading off a number of factors -- primarily: Price Oftentimes, you get what you pay for ; sometimes, you get more; other times you get less. You really need to do your math before you decide that a higher-priced cell is too expensive (given its performance), or that a cheap cell is a good buy. I've pulled together comparison data in large part to help the BEAM community decide what is and isn't a good deal. Availability You can often find really good deals on solar cells from surplus houses -- but when their supply is gone, it's gone. To start with, I tabulated advertised data on solar cells sold by all the small-cell vendors I could find (including some surplus houses). In order to compare cells of various voltages, sizes, and costs, I had to construct some performance metrics. What can we deduce from this?

DIY Solar Lamp: Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Sun Jars The principle is simple and seductively clever: solar lights that store energy during the day and release light at night. These can be purchased ready-made in a variety of colors (yellow, blue and red) but they can also be built at home. A simple, less-technical approach involves buying a conventional solar-powered yard lamp and then essentially harvesting it for key pieces to put in a jar. A more electronically-savvy individual can take the more complex route and built a solar lamp from the ground up using small solar panels – though the aesthetic result may not be as impressive. Whatever route you choose to go, these are fun and sustainable gadgets that make it easy to go green, automate the process of turning on lights at night and can add some color to your porch, patio, garden or windowsill. Fruit Batteries - Use Fruit to Generate Electricity for a Light Bulb If you have fruit, a couple of nails, and wire then you can generate electricity to turn on a light bulb. Learn how to make a fruit battery. It's fun, safe, and easy. Here's What You Need citrus fruit (e.g., lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit) copper nail, screw or wire (about 2" or 5 cm long) zinc nail or screw or galvanized nail (about 2" or 5 cm long) holiday light with 2" or 5 cm leads (enough wire to connect it to the nails) Make a Fruit BatterySet the fruit on a table and gently roll it around to soften it up. How to Make Inexpensive DIY Home-Built Solar Panels with Damaged Solar Cells from Ebay Mike Davis is an astronomer. To practice his hobby away from the light pollution of cities, he bought some land in a remote part of Arizona. But there was a problem: No electricity. But he's a resourceful fellow. He built some solar panels using inexpensive blemished and damaged solar cells from eBay! Read on for more photos and some technical details to give you an idea of how he did it. I bought a couple of bricks of 3 X 6 mono-crystalline solar cells. A solar panel is really just a shallow box. Next I cut two pieces of masonite pegboard to fit inside the wells. I laid out the cells on that grid pattern upside-down so I could solder them together. I used a low-wattage soldering iron and fine rosen-core solder. Here's what the solar panel looks like from the front. Here I am testing first half panel outside in the sun. I drilled a hole in the back of the panel near the top for the wires to exit. [...] Here is the finished product, producing 18.8 volts and 3.05 amps in the sun.

Solar Cooking Wiki (Lots Of Free Plans) Make a Wind Generator Make: Projects With a motor and some piping, it’s easy to enjoy free energy forever. There are no limits to what you can do with wind power. It’s abundant, clean, cheap, and easy to harness. We designed this Chispito Wind Generator (that’s Spanish for “little spark”) for fast and easy construction. Most of the tools and materials you need to build it can be found in your local hardware shop or junk pile. We believe that anyone can be in control of where his or her electricity comes from, and there is nothing more rewarding and empowering than making a wind-powered generator from scrap materials.

Solar Water Heaters | Solar Water Heater | Solar Heating Kits Free-Energy Devices, zero-point energy, and water as HHO fuel Hack Your Solar Garden Lights Solar garden lights.... How on earth do they manage to sell something with a solar panel, rechargeable battery, step-up converter, LED and the plastic and metal casing for a dollar/pound. You can't even buy the bare components for anywhere near that, in fact the solar panel alone would probably cost you five times the cost of the whole light! This project is about hacking your solar lights to make them different colours and potentially increasing the battery life too.Solar lights are great to hack. Here's the test subject for this project. Inside is a small NiMh cell and a PCB with the LED, a small inductor, a switch and a COB (Chip On Board) which is basically a bare integrated circuit which is stuck to the board, connected and then covered with a blob of black resin. If the LED pads have solder left across the holes then it can be removed with a bit of desoldering braid, which is a fine braided copper wire soaked in resin. And test by turning the light on and covering the solar cell.

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