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Learn Japanese language online

Learn Japanese language online

Learn Japanese Language Free and Easy Learn Japanese online. With our podcast, learning Japanese is easy. | Learn Japanese, learn katakana and the o-koto Welcome to Genki Learn Japanese, in a fun, genki way. Japanese is a cool language to learn, and I'll show you how to make it easy! Some Basics... My Learn Japanese Download Pack Learn Japanese cool, useful words and phrases. Tips I used to get fluent in Japanese. Learn how to read Japanese katakana and hiragana + Other Japanese symbols. Learn how to do a Self Introduction.+ cell phone ringtones Japan Jobs: How to get a job in Japan Learn Japanese with Songs: WARNING: One listen and these songs will stick in your head all day. Latest Learn Japanese FAQs Learn Japanese with Games The best way to learn. If you're a teacher in Japan, your students might like the original versions of these games. Japanese Food Videos Cool Japan Videos Some videos of some of the more unusual, but cool, things you see as you travel round Japan! My Favorite Japanese Materials Reviews Here are my reviews of some of the better materials out there for learning Japanese. Traditional Japan This month in Japan

Learn Japanese Learning Japanese is easy with a little help from Manga University! If you're a fan of manga and anime, you probably have had this thought at least once: "I wonder if I can learn Japanese?" And why wouldn't you? So you pick up a textbook at your favorite store but quickly lose interest; while the book seems to be informative, it's certainly no fun compared with a good manga. Where do I begin? Kana de Manga sample Click to enlarge Kanji de Manga is an award-winning Manga University series created to make learning how to read and write Japanese as fun and easy as picking up your favorite comic. 100% authentic Japanese manga at your fingertips Kanji de Manga sample After you've mastered kana you're ready to take on the meat of the Japanese writing system: kanji. But wait, there's more! Sound FX sample Manga University has worked hard to craft both Kana de Manga and Kanji de Manga to teach you the same material you would learn in a traditional Japanese-language classroom.

Real Japanese | Resources Here you can find the best resources for how to learn Japanese! This is a specially compiled page of links with an emphasis on unique learning materials, websites and applications, the majority of which are entirely free. Use them together with Gakuu’s material to enhance your learning experience. Have suggestions or notice any broken links? .:: Contents ::. Icon Level Guide: Green = Beginner. Amber = Intermediate. Red = Advanced. Dictionaries – A cleaner version of Jim Breen’s JDIC. Jim Breen’s JDIC – Great for text glossing large chunks of information. Yamasa Kanji Dictionary – Search for kanji online. Yahoo Dictionary – Can search Daijisen and Daijirin dictionaries (requires Yahoo! RNN News Current Events Dictionary – Useful expressions from hot topics in the news. Onomatopoeic/Mimetic Word Dictionary – Lookup difficult onomatopoeic expressions. ‘Mihongo’ Visual Dictionary – Search for tricky words and learn their meaning by pictures! Kotowaza – Search for proverbs and sayings. Grammar

Free Japanese Lessons - Hiragana - The Japanese Alphabet (Hiragana Chart) - Learn to speak the Japanese language online for free! Want audio on this lesson? Register for our Members Area and get audio for Hiragana - The Japanese Alphabet. It's FREE! The first step to learning the Japanese language is to learn the alphabet. Or, at least, to learn the sounds that exist in the language. There are absolutely no "tones" in Japanese like in many other asian languages and there are only 2 exceptions within the alphabet which will be explained later. There are 5 vowels in Japanese. Here is a Printable Hiragana Chart (PDF - get Adobe Acrobat Reader). Exceptions: 1. Click here if you'd like to know why these two exceptions exist. Note: You probably noticed in the chart above that there are 2 characters pronounced "zu" and 2 characters pronounced "ji". Some people wonder why "yi", "ye", "wi", "wu", and "we" are missing. For more help on the subject of Kana (Hiragana and Katakana)...

Learn to Speak Japanese By Namiko Abe Updated September 16, 2015. So you want to learn how to speak Japanese, but don't know where to start? This page will direct you to where you should begin. Below you will find lessons for beginners, writing lessons, information on pronunciation and comprehension, where to find dictionaries and translation services, information for travelers to Japan, audio lessons, culture lessons and articles about the culture of Japan. Take your time and review all the material available. It is also very important to work on your listening practice. continue reading below our video Therefore I recommend familiarizing yourself with the sounds and rhythms of the language. I think a great way to start your journey is with some basic Japanese phrases. Try not to be overwhelmed by all the material available on my site. So, with all that in mind, let's begin to learn the language. Introduction to Japanese - Are you new to Japanese? How to contact

Learning Languages - Learning Japanese This brings a list of online resources for learning Japanese, including grammar lessons, Kanji, vocabulary, useful expressions, listening practice, and video lessons to teach how to speak Japanese. And it also includes some links to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), which can help learners test their Japanese proficiency. It is designed to help learners easily find these resources to learn Japanese in one place. Online Dictionary Denshi Jisho provides an ease-to-use online Japanese-English dictionary that allows users to find words, kanji and example sentences by searching in many ways. provides free online Japanese-English dictionary service with over 25,000 Japanese words, each of which is accompanied by the English translation and the pronunciation (Romanization) of the Japanese word. RomajiDesu is a free online bi-directional Japanese-English dictionary, a Kanji dictionary, and Romaji to Hiragana/Katakana Converters for Japanese learners. JLPT Exam

Lesson 2 | Japanese Lessons at NHK WORLD Cuong's supervisor, Miss Yamada, gives him some essential items he will need for his work. What are they? Play audio opening a new window Ko-so-a-do kotoba consist of words with the initial letters of the demonstrative pronouns kore, sore and are, and the interrogative pronoun dore, which means "which".