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Learn Japanese in a breeze

Learn Japanese in a breeze

s Japanese Language Resources Guide It’s been about a month since we launched our “Japanese Resources Page” – on it we say things like “blah-didy-blah japanese resource this that etc” but we thought it would be fun for you guys if we just put our money where our mouths are. Not all the resources on the Japanese Resources page are free (some of them are, though, and they’re awesome), so we thought we’d give you some of the paid ones using cash from our very own Scrooge McDuck gold coin swimming pools (that way you don’t have to). We have a lot of cool resources to give away, too. How To Win (It’s Suspiciously Easy) On our Japanese Resources page, we have “recommend” buttons. They look like this: The cool thing about these is that they’re linked to Facebook, meaning only real people can “recommend” something. We’re greedy fugus over here, though, so we want to bribe you to give some recommendations on this page (if you haven’t already). Make sure you have a Facebook account (big sorries if you don’t!) Prizes [divider] [hr] Rules

Learn Japanese with Free Japanese Lessons - Learn to speak the Japanese language online for free! Trouver un correspondant japonais ou échanger en japonais - Shinmanga : blog sur le manga et le japon noter cet article : jeudi 18 juin 2009, par Shinmanga Après avoir passé des milliers d’heures sur vos kanjis ainsi qu’à tenter de maitriser la grammaire japonaise et du vocabulaire ; Après avoir emmagasiné des milliers d’heures d’anime en portant une attention particulière au vocable employé, arrive le moment sans doute le plus frustrant en japonais : parler japonais. A moins d’avoir la chance de partir au Japon (un prochain article évoquera ce sujet), vous vous retrouverez peut être à « maîtriser » une langue que vous ne serez pas nécessairement amené à utiliser (mis à part en regardant des animes en japonais, en lisant des mangas ou des journaux japonais). Bref, vous ne pouvez vous résoudre à perdre ce que vous avez douloureusement acquis après des mois de labeur. La vieille méthode du correspondant japonais… Souvenez vous de votre petit correspondant anglais avec qui vous avez tout au plus partagé une semaine de votre vie et échangé quelques lettres écrites dans un anglais déplorable.

Successful English — Clear explanations and practical suggestions for better English. Rikaichan Review Rikaichan is a Chrome (search Rikaikun for Chrome), Firefox and Thunderbird extension that instantly translates Japanese text as you mouse over it into one of four languages — English, German, French, and Russian. You install Rikaichan as an extension and choose which of the four languages you want to use. Once installed, Rikaichan provides the definition of Japanese words, and even provides information for kanji such as on’yomi and kun’yomi, stroke number, and radical. Visit the Rikaichan homepage → Pros Completely free! Cons Only works with Firefox and Chrome (sorry, Internet Explorer and Safari users).Being able to look up words this easily can put a hamper on your studying. Rikaichan definitely won’t teach you Japanese, but it’s a fantastic supplemental resource for those who like to visit Japanese websites or read emails in Japanese and need a little help doing so. Even if you prefer Chrome over Firefox, you’re covered. Final Word Pictures Rikaichan in action on the Asahi Shinbun site.

Nihongo o Narau - Learn Japanese Apprenez le japonais avec ! 本 Livre : みんなの日本語 (MiNNa No NiHonGo) | A la découverte du Japon 今日は Kon Nichi Ha Beaucoup de gens essaient, à un moment dans leur vie, d’appendre le japonais (enfin le beaucoup est très relatif..). Le premier problème qui se pose c’est : comment ? Il existe plusieurs solutions : cours (fac, écoles de langues), internet, et livres. Cette année j’ai voulu aller plus loin que ce qui nous était proposé par l’association, et j’ai donc du avancer par moi même. Je me suis donc tourné vers la méthode みんなの日本語 (MiNNa No NiHonGo) et c’est là que va s'arrêter la partie “biographie” de l’article みんなの日本語 みんなの日本語 est une méthode de référence pour l'apprentissage du Japonais, souvent utilisée dans les cours en faculté par exemple. みんなの日本語 est une méthode issue de la méthode Shin Nihongo no Kiso, méthode de référence mais orientée pour les stagiaires techniques. みんなの日本語 est en fait composée de plusieurs livres, dont deux sont essentiels, les autres optionnels. Le Honsatsu et les Traductions et notes grammaticales. Alors, comment utilise-t-on ces deux livres ?

Dictionnaire des kanji japonais - Accueil Anki - friendly, intelligent flashcards Hiragana Master Drill | Characters | Learn Hiragana fast and easy! Free online self-study program for learning how to read, write andtype the Japanese Hiragana alphabet Course Outline Free online study program produced by an experienced native Japanese language teacher. Suitable for the very first step of learning the Japanese language. Goal This course will assist you to gain the following abilities; Also, more than 500 commonly used words and phrases are introduced through the course. Structure The course consists of 10 lessons. Each lesson takes 45-90 minutes. Lesson Contents Each lesson consists of three sections - Reading, Writing and Typing. Reading Correct shape and sound are introduced through video contents. Full of voice recordings narrated by Japanese voice actors. Writing Detailed handwriting instructions. Specially developed original font is used to show the standard shape of letters. Printable writing practice sheets (PDF) are provided. Typing Detailed instructions on how to input Hiragana letters on personal computers. Quiz

AJATT: All Japanese All The Time Les fiches d'apprentissage que j'utilise [en anglais] After 2 months of planning and composition (okay, so I did procrastinate quite a bit), I now understand how Moses felt when he descended Mount Sinai with the holy tablets. Behold, Nihonshock’s newly revised and much improved Japanese cheat sheet! This is a “cheat sheet” for the Japanese language. It is an attempt to condense and organize as many of the basic elements of the language onto one sheet of paper as possible. How do I use it? The intended use of this document is for you to download it, print it on two sides of one sheet of paper and keep it wherever you need it (in your Japanese textbook, on your desk, in your pocket, etc). It’s possible to keep the cheat sheet on your computer, but it won’t be anywhere near as handy or portable as a printed version, and you’ll need to do quite a bit of scrolling and zooming because of the small font size. What information is inside? Page 1 Page 2 Who is this for? This document will be most useful for beginner to intermediate Japanese learners.