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Focus as an artist on pure creativity Enter Sculptris, a fun and engaging way to start off your digital sculpting journey! If you're new to the world of digital sculpting, Sculptris is the ideal ground on which to get started. If on the other hand you're experienced in CG, we offer you ZBrush. With our award-winning software, ZBrush, released more than a decade ago, Pixologic, makers of ZBrush and Sculptris, has become recognized for bringing ground-breaking innovations into the world of digital art. Sculptris Artist: Taron Baysal Sculptris Artist: Barry Croucher Sculptris provides an excellent gateway into the exciting world of 3D. Take your art to the next level ZBrush is the most widely-used digital sculpting application in today's market and is the industry Standard. When you're ready to take art to the next level, the skills that you've learned in Sculptris easily translate to ZBrush. Explore the World of Sculptris

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DAZ Studio Think of DAZ Studio as a complete virtual photo and film studio. Real-world photo or film projects pose challenges. These begin with scouting for places to shoot, and end when you have all of the images or footage you need. Photoshop plug-in for SL “Fake Bake” with RGB Theta plugin « Random Ramblings, Tip & Tricks In February of 2010 the official Second Life Forums flicked a switch and moved over to a new fomat. I have edited the links to point to the archives, hopefully you can still follow along. :) Somewhere deep down in the official forum archives you can find this absolute GEM of a filter for Photoshop. BUT- to save you the effort of finding that post (it’s not the easiest thing to find), I’m just going to post the jist of it here. The original thread for this dates back to December of 2006 O.o … WHY this wasn’t stickied I have no idea! So… what the heck is “RGB Theta”, and what can you do with it?

Roadkill UV Tool Quality of Life Enhancement Device for Computer Artists Roadkill If a good proportion of your life is spent texture mapping polygon meshes, then you should probably install Roadkill. The latest version is a standalone application that can be called from Maya, 3DS Max and now Softimage XSI (link is currently dead). Have a look at the first Roadkill example movie to get a good idea of it's usage. If you find this software useful please tell us and provide links to example images. KiCadLib: Device and Footprint Library for KiCad This is a collection of electronic device symbols and footprints for KiCad which is used by other projects on Please leave a comment, if you find this library useful! Download The library can be downloaded from github at

Second Life » Sculpt Blender In this tutorial, you will learn how to add an alpha channel to your sculpt map to protect it from theft by screenshot and how to add a watermark to the alpha channel to let people easily tell that you made it. Many people don’t like to include modify permissions on their merchandise to protect themselves against theft, however, there is a way to protect your sculpties from theft and STILL include modify permissions. The easiest way to steal an object’s sculpt map is the screenshot method. The thief opens up the edit window, clicks on the sculpt map, and then takes a screenshot. He’s then free to crop the sculpt map from the screenshot and re-upload it into Second Life. However, there’s a cure.

Softimage Mod Tool We regret to inform you that the upcoming 2015 release will be the last one for Softimage® software. This final version is expected to ship on or around April 14, 2014. Autodesk will continue to offer product support until April 30, 2016. KiCad EDA Software Suite - Kicad EDA - KiCad EDA KiCad is an EDA software suite for the creation of professional schematics and printed circuit boards up to 32 copper layers with additional technical layers. KiCad runs on Windows, Linux and Apple OS X and is released under the open-source GNU GPL v2 free of charge. If you like KiCad or are making a good living using KiCad in your toolset, you should consider donating funds used for development. CERN has put up a place to collect donations which will be used directly to support a developer. With KiCad you can create schematic diagrams and printed circuit board up to 32 copper layers.

Avatar Size vs Hip Height, Leg Length (Poser animations) heyas; what is the "trick" for doing proper height animations for different sized avatars? i have created a 'tiny' avatar, and to test that it is the proper size, i created several versions of the T pose, lowering the character into the ground at the knees, waist, palms, and eyes. the regular t pose stood on the ground fine, but then the following poses sank lower and lower further from the mark. aha, i thought, perhaps the hip has to stay the same height as the default, and i move the ground up to the shorter avatar's feet?

Studio Basic netfabb Basic is available to anybody, it is free just like in free beer, and runs on Windows, Linux or Mac. netfabb Basic is not just a viewer, it provides mesh edit, repair and analysis capabilities to everyone already being or aspiring to become part of this fantastic, growing, creative, high-tech industry called Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping or 3D Printing. netfabb Basic is available and is just one click away. Its compact size of only a few megabytes allows a quick download, an easy installation and the handling of STL and slice files within seconds. Due to its highly modular design, netfabb Basic includes a variety of useful features while staying the fast and effective viewing application it is meant to be. netfabb Basic features the same user interface as netfabb Professional and the *.fabbproject file standard of netfabb Studio is identical in both Basic and Professional.

Understanding the sculpt map format Understanding the sculpt map format is one of the most important things a sculptie maker can know. This knowledge makes choosing the basic sculpt type easier and also allows many advanced techniques to be used in the modelling process. It will also help you to understand what the Primstar scripts are doing to make things quicker for you. Don't worry if you don't understand all of this the first time you read it. I'll be mentioning the concepts here in different contexts throughout the manual. Come back and read it again after finishing the manual and creating a few sculpties and it should be a lot easier to follow.

A free fully functional 3D sculpting application from the makers of Zbrush. by markbillson Jan 2