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How to Make Instagram X-PRO II Effect Using Photoshop After mastering this tutorial you don’t need an iPhone to apply Instagram X Pro II effect to your image. The only thing you need is Photoshop software.The following is the image used in this tutorial. It size is 1569 x 1569 pixels There are three layers to obtain the effect. The steps to create each layer are explained below. 1. 1) Click Elliptical Marquee Tool. 2) Set the feather to 200 px. 3) Create a Circle Selection. 4) Inverse the selection. 5) Create a level adjustment layer. 6) Drag the grey slider to the right until the value equal to 0.5. 2. 1) Create a curve adjustment layer. 2) Create several points in the red channel. Point 1. Point 2. 3) Create several points in the green channel. Point 2. 4) Create several points in the blue channel. Point 1. Point 2. 3. 1) Create New Layer. 2) Select All. 3) Smooth the corner of the selection. 4) Repeat step 3 two times. 5) Reduce the selection. 6) Inverse the selection. 7) Fill the selection with black. The final result is

User Guide: Intro Published: November 5, 2010 for Houdini 11 [Scroll down for Video] The creation of 3D animation and visual effects involves a number of stages which come together to create a complete artistic vision. Throughout this process, 3D artists like yourself explore and refine ideas in order to meet the creative needs of the project while hitting many tight deadlines. With Houdini, you have access to a node-based procedural workflow which makes it easier to manage and control the underlying flow of data which defines how your models, materials, animation and visual effects are working. As you work through these lessons, you will see how Houdini’s procedural approach has been designed from the ground up to support artists and technical directors working in production. What you will learn from this Guide... In this user guide, you will learn how to navigate Houdini’s user interface and work with its node-based workflow to create 3D animations and visual effects. Video Overview:

Steam Punk Gun by Gregory Fisher - 3D Warehouse - Waterfox 3D Warehouse Advanced Search Sign In Error Download Downloads .skp File Size Polygons Materials Uploaded Last Modified Share <> Embed Thumbnail3D Viewer Tags gun, pistol, ray, raygun, rifle, sci-fi, science fiction, steam punk, steampunk Add to Steam Punk Gun This fictional weapon is designed for the "Steampunk" genre of fiction. For more information, visit: Other Models You Might Like Collections Containing This Model ©2014 Trimble Navigation LimitedPrivacyTerms of Use

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SpeedTree® | Welcome Working Stargate by Glitch If you want to try this model I suggest doing some test prints. This is all theory based, I haven't confirmed it actually works. There are 31 files in total. = The Stargate = All the files for the stargate are in ''. == The chevrons - there are three options Which ever option you choose you will need 9 x A's and 9 x B's 'sg-top-1-(a/b).stl' - These top pieces don't have space for LED's. 'sg-top-2-(a/b).stl' - These top pieces have space for a centre LED only. 'sg-top-3-(a/b).stl' - These top pieces have space for three LED's. == The middle - there are two options If you want a complete stargate without the base then print 9 (18) x 'sg-middle-1-(a/b).stl'. If you want to connect to the base (or your own base) print 8 (16) x 'sg-middle-1-(a/b).stl' and 1 (2) x 'sg-middle-2-(a/b).stl'. == Lower ring == 9 x 'sg-inner.stl' == The back == No options here. The file is called bottom because the gate was designed laying down! == The ring == The ring is broken into 10 pieces for ease of printing.

Typeverything Consortium | Open Standards for Real-Time 3D Communication The German 3D software developer Bitmanagement Software GmbH who are in the board of directors of the Web3D Consortium in Mountain View, California, USA has released the new authoring tool "BS Content Studio", which enables a wide audience to create interactive and Internet ready 3D content. This tool will sustainable accelerate and simplify the work-flow and time necessary to compose, animate and optimize 3D models and interactive content for the web and standalone applications. Even "non 3D specialists” can be now in the position to generate 3D real-time applications easily. The "BS Content Studio" Tool addresses a horizontal market and has been developed around the Web3D ISO standard X3D with the goal to enable a broad range of application domains including CAD, GIS, games, process automation, 3D printing, virtual catalogs, 3D marketing banners, configurators, product visualization, automation, augmented reality, stereo TV content, social communication and many more.

Working Stargate with Arduino Control by Carasibana This is my Remix of Glitch's working Stargate. I remixed this with the following changes: I altered the Base extensively, so that it prints in one large piece on a 150mm ^ 3 print bed ( with separate sides and a top cap ) The base also has mounting for a NEMA 17 Stepper motor , and an Arduino UNO with a Motor Shield. The Gear was modified to snugly fit onto the stepper motor, and added a hole through which the Stepper motor could be tightened to its mount. I also have included the DialingSequence Arduino sketch that I wrote to control the project. Detailed instructions are now available, click on Instructions to view them Video of the final result: A HUGE thank you to Glitch for the original design of the working stargate! ** V 1.01 Update 15/12/2014 ** Altered the Base to add more material to the interior vertical pillar on the micro controller side for more support for printing without support material. Working Stargate with Arduino Control = File names Pieces Top

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A free fully functional 3D sculpting application from the makers of Zbrush. by markbillson Jan 2