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Make An Office Organizer From Cardboard

Make An Office Organizer From Cardboard
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DIY: Box Into A Cheap Smartphone Projector Smartphones and tablets are great for watching movies and videos while you're out, but at home, the screen is just too tiny. There are quite a few projectors on the market that work with mobile devices, but they can get pricey. The good news is that it's pretty simple to hack your own projector with items that you probably already have. This DIY projector made by the folks at Photojojo is made out of a cardboard shoebox, magnifying glass, a paperclip, and some electrical tape. Start by tracing the outline of your magnifying glass onto one end of the box. Next, use electrical tape to attach the magnifying glass to the box. Now, take your paperclip and bend it into a little stand for your phone. Your projector is now finished. On an iPhone, you can do this by going to Settings -> General -> Accessibility, then switch Assistive Touch to ON. For Android users, there isn't a way to force your screen to rotate without an app. Need a screen?

Can Calendar happy april! normally this would be an odd month to introduce a new calendar into your life, but this handy little guy is perpetual, which means “good anytime”, forever and always. we ran across something similar at a thrift store a while back and thought it would be an easy, and super customizable project that could be made using little more than an empty peanut can and some paper. we’ve provided some downloadable templates, but you could mix it up with all sorts of fun font and color combinations. In addition to the rotating strips for day of the week, month of the year, and date, we thought it would be fun to add an option for mood as well. this being april 1st and all…we had to go with “nutty”. have fun!derek & lauren CLICK HERE for the full project instructions after the jump! here’s what you’ll need: -empty can of nuts (the template is for a 6.5 oz can that is 3.5” tall and has a 3” diameter.) 1. clean your empty can thoroughly. 2. download and print both calendar pdf files.

Pintando los cuartos de estudio | Discovery Mujer Por: Color Fans No importa hace cuánto los niños iniciaron su curso lectivo, siempre es bueno adecuar y renovar el espacio destinado para que ellos una puedan realizar sus tareas y trabajos escolares. Si no tienes idea de cómo iniciar o cuáles colores elegir, acá te diremos algunos consejos para que tu pequeño (a) tenga el espacio ideal. Primero que todo, es importante tomar en cuenta la iluminación, ya que hay que mantener el equilibrio entre la luz natural, la artificial y el color de las paredes. Antes de que selecciones los colores que vas a utilizar debes considerar el número de personas que utilizarán el espacio y la personalidad de los mismos. Para estimular la capacidad mental, el intelecto, la creatividad y el estudio, utiliza los colores tierra como marones, cafés claros. Los tonos pastel también son una buena opción a la hora de pintar los cuartos de estudio. Los celestes, beige y marfil inspiran grandeza, paz y tranquilidad, que ideales para este tipo de espacios.

Make A Cardboard Lazy Kate Yarn Ply Tool Oh my. This Yarn Everyday challenge has totally revved up my interest in spinning. I usually go through each of my fiber-interests in phases. Knit a lot for awhile, design a few things, weave for weeks on end, etc. Well, I’ve been in a knitting phase recently, but having to spin a little everyday has allowed me to have my attention focused on more than one thing at once! I’ll do a big photo retrospective at the end of the month, but today, after spinning the same natural-colored alpaca for almost two weeks, I got three full bobbins and got ready to ply. How much do I have? 171 yards. How do I know? I just did the mini skein using the elbow method. If I had 16 ounces, or 1 pound, that would be 288 yards. From my 40 ounces I should end up with about 720 yards, which should be plenty for a nice big blanket! Like this: Like Loading... Permalink

DIY Designing Cardboard Furniture Check out books and catalogues for inspiration. The first cupboard I planned to make was a Chinese style black and gold one. In this instructable the same methods are used for every type of object you plan to make. I will show step by step techniques of how I made a craft cupboard to store my knicks knacks. Check out my other instructables for details on how to make your own door hinges - tips and tricks for cardboard furniture: So now you've figured out you basic construction. Look for clean cardboard thrown away in electronic superstores. You will need to work out the measurements for thicknesses for each layer ON PAPER. 6-10cm is ideal space between each LAYER. Thicker ply of cardboard is definitely going to make aa stronger cupboard or chair or table. When cutting the shapes of the cardboard use a simple craft knife. Sharpen your knife often.

How to - Cardboard Laptop Stand It might not look terribly impressive at first glance, but think for a second on how functional – and cheap – this simple laptop design is. It is highly portable, requires nothing you do not already own and costs next to nothing to construct. The essential steps are almost self-explanatory: collect a pair of scissors, a used cardboard box and print out the simple shapes you will need to overly on the cardboard in order to begin cutting out the three pieces to create the stand. The pieces require now glue or fasteners, which means they can come apart as easily as they go together for maximum portability and future reuse.

Hexagonal Stacking Boxes The inspiration for this week’s project comes from the Japanese stacking octagonal box kit shown above. We previously used a similar technique to demonstrate a business card box with traditional elegance. We now present a surreal modern makeover for Japanese papercraft boxes by using (recycling) paperboard packaging. We follow the same basic construction techniques, but simplify it by eliminating the paper coverings and decorations. They are great for storage, gift giving, and decorative use. The abstraction created from taking the package out of its context can be wonderfully fun. To get started, download the pattern here (18K pdf). This is an ideal project for a laser cutter, but can also be made by printing out the pattern and tracing or gluing it onto your material to cut with a hobby knife. Each of the pieces is perforated along the folds, which are drawn in blue in the pdf pattern. The interior box can be folded with the print facing either in or out.

Cómo decorar el cuarto de estudio de un colegial | Dormitorio - Decora Ilumina En estos tiempos, la moda es tener un cuarto de estudio en casa. En este caso, los niños que están en época de colegio requieren espacios de concentración, lejos del televisor o PlayStation, lo que es primoridal para cumplir con las obligaciones encomendadas. Muchos de los colegiales se distraen con los videojuegos, motivo por el cuál no terminan a tiempo con sus deberes escolares. Se puede adaptar un cuarto de estudio en la propia habitación o en otro ambiente. Poner el televisor o no en el cuarto de estudio será elección de los padres. Pero lo cierto es que para que el colegial no se distraiga, se le debe establecer un horario de estudio fijo en el que sólo hará sus tareas y sólo cuando termine, podrá entretenerse. Este cuarto debe tener una computadora de escritorio o una laptop con acceso a internet y una impresora debido a que hoy en día la mayoría de profesores piden trabajos más complicados y tipeados. Imágenes: OpenDeco, Perfecto Ambiente, Decoraciona, Interiores, Bebe Gadgets

DIY Collapsible Cardboard Pet Carrier Anyone who's ever tried to transport a sick or wounded animal in a small automobile can fully appreciate the usefulness of a pet carrier. However, because such a device is likely to be needed only infrequently, many folks are reluctant to acquire one (after all, the cages can be expensive to buy and bulky to store). Well, here's a solution to that problem! The carryall described below is a collapsible cardboard pet carrier — it can be disassembled and folded flat for easy storage, and is lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to build. The "pet case" is constructed from the sort of cardboard that has a single layer of corrugation between two face veneers. The carrier is held together by ten 1 1/4"-long, two-pronged brass paper fasteners, which are available at office supply stores. To begin, draw each of the pieces illustrated in my Pet Carrier Assembly Diagram on the cardboard, enlisting the aid of the ruler, triangle, and carpenter's square where necessary.

Nit Nightstand - Adrian Candela Nit Night Stand Year / 2012 The scenario is quite common: You move into a new apartment, which usually requires the familiar trip to IKEA (or a similar furnishing store). The final outcome is some new furniture and a large stack of corrugated cardboard. Utilizing the strengths of the corrugated cardboard, the design is comprised of only the necessary parts, which are either folded or slotted, so it is assembled without the need for any form of adhesives. Want to build your own?

Star Box I suppose it isn't exactly the right time of year for stars and lanterns, but I've got a paper folding fascination at the moment and so was drawn to a project I had wanted to do back in Autumn. During last lantern season I was looking everywhere for instructions to make these beautiful paper lanterns and couldn't find them anywhere. I ended up purchasing a lantern that was already made and since I've been struggling with some difficult folds and designs of other paper crafts, I decided to unfold the seemingly simple lantern I bought and figure the thing out for myself. Like all traditional origami, no glue or cutting (once the basic outside shape of the paper is made) are required. I feared that once I unfolded my lovely store-bought version I wouldn't be able to get it back together but thankfully it wasn't nearly as difficult as I assumed. Begin with a 12" square of paper to end up with a lantern that is about 7" across when complete. Cut off the four marked corners of the paper.

Diseño de cuartos de estudio para niños iStockphoto/Thinkstock Estudiar es una actividad que tiene que ser bien desarrollada desde que comienzan los primeros deberes en los niños. Propiciar un espacio donde ellos tengan de todo y además les sea agradable es incitarles a estudiar y además a disfrutar el estudio propiamente. Por ello, veremos algunos tips para la diseño de cuartos de estudio para niños. Decoración de cuartos de estudio Algunas cosas como leer con luz adecuada, mantener una postura correcta, tener todo lo que necesitan para estudiar a su alcance, poder guardar sus cosas y materiales además de personalizar su zona de trabajo o estudio, son aspectos importante a tener en cuenta a la horar de diseñar cuartos de estudio para niños. Los hábitos de estudio se crean haciendo responsables a los niños pero la decoración de áreas de estudio se encarga de que lo hagan con más gusto aún. Buena iluminación Espacio de trabajo El espacio de estudio tiene que estar muy acondicionado de modo que la organización nunca se pierda.

DIY Cardboard T-Shirt Folding Device: 7 steps Edit Article Edited by Dpereda, KnowItSome, Dave Crosby, Ben Rubenstein and 16 others Those who travel full time for a living know the worst thing about traveling is packing. Ad Steps Warnings Please make sure you don’t cut or ruin what is underneath the material you're cutting.