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The Archivist Desktop By Mix Online

The Archivist Desktop By Mix Online
Save Tweet Archivist Desktop polls Twitter as frequently as once every five minutes. Perfect for high volume Twitter traffic. Export Export your saved tweets to a tab delimited text file and view the information in Excel. From there, run charts, graphs, or other analysis on the tweets and discover trends. Visualize Tweet Archivist Desktop comes with visualizations to show you the Tweet volume over time, top users and a language breakdown.

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The Most Complete Twitter Application List Available - 2011 Edition I believe this is the best, most complete and accurate list of valuable Twitter applications available on the internet right now. To be fair, I absolutely have merged and plagiarized other older and outdated lists that I found (the larger ones are credited below). However, I spent a good deal of time to clean out the dead applications, delete the apps that were overly quirky or being developed, focus more on the apps that increase productivity, and add in many of the new great apps that have come out over the past six months - particularly in the productivity / business apps section where my primary interest lies. I have also tagged the tools that cost money / have a premium option ($) as well as if they have a valuable free option (F/$). Finally, while application selection can be a personal thing, I tagged my favorite app (*) in each category. Simple Web Based Clients and Twitter Viewing Tools

31 Free Tools for Brand Monitoring Brand monitoring is an essential task for any company. By tracking what people are saying about your brand, and how often they’re saying it, you can ensure the right message is getting out there. Here is a list of free tools for monitoring your brand. The list includes (a) search tools to help you find what is being said about your brand, (b) alert tools to let you know when people are talking about your brand, (c) aggregators to help you manage conversations about your brand.

The Twitter of Tomorrow This afternoon, Twitter announced that it had officially, and secretly, filed documents to the S.E.C. in advance of its I.P.O. The company is worth billions upon billions of dollars, and its founders will become extremely rich sometime in the next year. But Twitter, as we experience it, is also set for a radical redesign sometime soon. The company’s finances are set to change; but its looks may be changing just as much. Twitter has evolved, particularly over the past couple of years, from a simple, text-based service toward something richer and fuller: users can now embed everything from pictures to Vines to full-on mini-apps within their tweets.

Using Google Spreadsheets to extract Twitter data Posted November 20, 2009 in How-to, twitter | 24 Comments so far Last weekend I was looking for ways to extract Twitter search data in a structured, easily manageable format. The two APIs I was using (Twitter Search and Backtweets) were giving good results – but as a non-developer I couldn’t do much with the raw data they returned. Instead, I needed to get the data into a format like CSV or XLS. Some extensive googling led me to this extremely useful post on Labnol, where I learnt about how to use the ImportXML function in Google Spreadsheets. Topsy - Real-time search for the social web With iOS 9, Search lets you look for content from the web, your contacts, apps, nearby places, and more. Powered by Siri, Search offers suggestions and updates results as you type. There are two ways to use Search on your iOS device. Quick Search

Stop Spamming Twitter First off, I would like to note that I am not a fan of spamming on Twitter, however as a business or as an individual if you want to specifically tweet lots of users about a product or important bit of information then here is how you do it right. Here is a trick of the trade that won't have users yelling at you for having filled their feed with essentially the same tweet, also this is a great way to actually personalise the tweet to the intended user. If you want to tweet multiple users to notify them about your important information be sure to mention their Twitter handle first in the tweet and create individual tweets for each. Twitter then see this tweet as a reply/conversation between 2 accounts and therefor it won't show up in other Twitter users feeds unless a user follows each of the accounts.

Top 10 Websites to Back Up Your Tweets As a matter of fact, all your tweets will be stored on, but only those posted in about 10 days are available for search, and it is hard to track the old tweets, so that to back up your tweets will be useful, especially when you are going to review your old tweets. To back up your tweets, you can check out below 10 websites, all of which will let you do that for free. 1. Google Reader Just subscribe to your Twitter RSS Feed with your Google Reader, then you can back up your tweets automatically and you can also search them easily. Go to Google Reader

Twitter Tests A New Signup Process Aimed At Getting New Users To Stick Around Longer Wired reports that Twitter is testing a new, smarter signup process that has been designed with the intention to get new users to stick around longer. It’s no secret that Twitter struggles with attracting and retaining new users, as this has been documented by recent studies showing a slow-growing base of active users and reports like this one showing that a significant amount of new users never tweet at all. Wired reports that with this new signup process Twitter is trying to overhaul the experience it delivers to new users, and steer them towards the people and topics they’re most interested in. There are reportedly two new signup processes being tested that will guide new users in the direction of people and things they care about. The first of the new signup processes is just for Android users, which uses Google account information to help populate a list of Twitter accounts to follow based on the user’s contacts.

TweetPsych TweetPsych lists creates a psychological profile of any public Twitter account and compares it to the thousands already in the database. This identifies those traits that are used more or less frequently by the user analyzed. TweetPsych Report for @dutchital: Hover over the bars to read which criteria they represent. Tweet this report. This user Tweets about learning and education 129% more than the average user.