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Awesome design freebies

Awesome design freebies

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ChineseSkill-Learn Chinese (Mandarin) language for free Features: a game-based and structured curriculum optimized for English-speaking beginners; compartmentalized contents designed for studying in fragmented times; an innovative way of breaking Chinese characters down for new learners; multiple test modes that strengthen memorization and personalize learning; a gentle voice with native pronunciation at two speeds covering all contents; the option to learn simplified, traditional characters or both on demand; synchronization of learning progress across devices. Why is Chinese language so difficult? Numerous Chinese characters, tones, measure words, elaborate writing system, function words, syntax and grammar… Yes, Chinese does deserve its reputation for heartbreaking difficulty.

Business Card Design: 50 Awesome Examples to Inspire You Imagine this: You just left an important meeting with some industry big shots. They really dug the ideas you brought to the table and you’re thinking a promotion could be in order. What do you do? Fumble with your phone to take down their contact information? Ask them to fumble with their phone to take down yours? No. GIMP Magazine – Issue 4 The GIMP Magazine team is pleased to present Issue #4. Help Support GIMP Magazine by contributing any amount. This money goes towards covering our ongoing costs of running a free magazine. I will be giving away a free copy of the new Desktop Publishing Course. Here is how it works: I will randomly draw from the list of people who have made a donation (min. $5.00) to GIMP Magazine since we started accepting donations.

Honda The World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot: ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) Was Developed Out of Honda's Desire to Create a Robot that Could Help in Human Society. This Urge Resulted in Path-breaking Features in ASIMO like Walking, Running, Charting a Route, Recognising Moving Objects, Faces & Gestures, Distinguishing & Responding to Sounds, Reaching for & Grasping Objects. 10 Amazing Device Mockups for Fitness Apps Sometimes it can be hard to find the best mockup for a fitness app. There are some amazing health and fitness tracking apps out there and they deserve a brilliant photorealistic mockup to really stand out. For the apps whose audience includes gym rats and health enthusiasts we bring you these 10 amazing device mockups for fitness apps. Weight Training Number one on our list is a gold iPhone 6 on a gray gym floor. While this sounds bland, the iPhone’s gold edge is a perfect contrast with the dark gray surface.

40 CSS Apps, Tools, and Resources for Web Developers The task of coding a new website is often repetitive and time-consuming. It takes effort and hard work to build an HTML/CSS layout fitted properly in all browsers. Alternatively the design process is much more fluid to allow for new ideas and thought patterns. If you feel the web development cycle takes a bit too long then check out this fantastic gallery of CSS tools and resources. I’ve compiled a number of desktop applications, webapps, open source libraries and resources to help speed up CSS development. 15 Beautifully Imperfect Free Brush Fonts Distorted and irregular, yet beautifully imperfect. Every individual character unique and painstakingly handmade. Vintage in style yet seamlessly blends in with the modern. Brush-style typography has been forgotten for quite a long time, but as happens with all design trends, is currently enjoying a revival in popularity. In this collection, we have 15 free brush fonts you can use in your designs. You’ll love them!

25+ Best Free Landing Page PSD Templates Last modified: July 3, 2014 A showcase of 25+ Best Free Landing Page PSD Templates fully editable PSD format so that you can easily change colors, text, fonts and styles according to your needs. You may be interested: Umbrella – App Landing Page PSD Template Umbrella is a clean and multipurpose landing page PSD template for your App showcase page or serviceDownload Free Modern Resume Templates & PSD Mockups Professionally designed Free Resume Templates and PSD mockups available in Photoshop PSD format, instant download. These CV / Resume templates are very helpful to make your online CV/Resume. All template are perfect for photographers, designers, and developers with easy to customize fully Photoshop layered PSD files. Remember your first impression starts with your Resume / CV, make it look the best you can with these templates.

Ecommerce by Yuliya Petrova Toggle navigation Module UI Kit Sample | Ecommerce by Yuliya Petrova for Great Simple on Feb 10, 2016 65+ Free & Premium Photoshop PSD Website Templates Web designing have always been a challenging task for designers. Web designing needs professional skills and creativity to put great ideas of web design in front of the world. It is useful to go through few resources to make the designing job easier. Why Sketch is More Powerful with a Prototyping Buddy - Speckyboy Design Magazine Prototyping, more than ever, is playing an increasingly vital role in the design and development process, and has become an essential part of the workflow for a modern-day designer, and developer. There is still the debate running through the design, and development community of “Have we hit a saturation point? When is enough?”. I personally think there is no problem with having all this choice.

Epic List of 41 Web Design Tools That Will Help You Build Websites Faster This list of 41 web design tools has been consolidated over years of creating websites, striving to do things faster & more efficient. Most everything here is free or at least has a fully functional free version. Enjoy! Updated on 12/19/14 Don’t forget to sign up for our emails: How To Improve Your Content Marketing With Canva Images are an integral part of content marketing, they are required not just for blog posts, slides or infographics but for posts to social media itself. One of the challenges for content marketers is producing professional images quickly and efficiently. Your new best friend is Canva, an image tool designed for content marketers. Images Matter in Content Marketing At BuzzSumo we love data and the data on the importance of images is unequivocal. 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook are images. According to Neil Patel blog posts with images get up to 9 times more views than posts without images.