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No homework in Finland.

No homework in Finland.
See this hat? Tis' my cat. SCORE 135 the creation of the internet SCORE 148 I'm not even mad... That was amazing. "exotic" SCORE 200 A reader lives a thousand lives... Hey dude can you pass me a beer? I hope she said "yes"... Love at first fight. Related:  Politica&educación (Politics&Education)WiseNovelty

10 oportunidades para viajar gratis Twitter2087 2087facebook66.7K 66.7Kpinterest49 49google plus290Share290linked in12 12email16 16stumbleupon6766Share6766meneame59Share59 Existen muchas buenas razones para viajar: conocer, aprender, relajarse, aventurarse o provocar algún reencuentro; viajar es una de las mejores experiencias, pues los recuerdos acompañarán al viajero durante el resto de su vida, quizá, por esta razón, viajar es un gusto universal. La experiencia de conocer todo aquello que está fuera de nuestro contexto social y aprender la forma de vida en otros países, resulta muy interesante para algunos. Costear un viaje no siempre es fácil, pero para los más aventureros existen programas que invitan a viajar alrededor del mundo y a vivir experiencias diferentes mientras se ayuda a comunidades rurales o proyectos sociales. El único requisito es tener disposición, energía y buena actitud para unirte como parte de voluntariado. World Wide, Oportunidades en Granjas Orgánicas (WWOOF) Peace Corps, alrededor del mundo

Kierkegaard on Our Greatest Source of Unhappiness by Maria Popova Hope, memory, and how our chronic compulsion to flee from our own lives robs us of living. “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives,” Annie Dillard memorably wrote in reflecting on why presence matters more than productivity. “On how one orients himself to the moment depends the failure or fruitfulness of it,” Henry Miller asserted in his beautiful meditation on the art of living. In a chapter of the altogether indispensable 1843 treatise Either/Or: A Fragment of Life (public library), the influential Danish thinker Søren Kierkegaard (May 5, 1813–November 11, 1855), considered the first true existentialist philosopher, explores precisely that — how our constant escapism from our own lives is our greatest source of unhappiness. Kierkegaard, who was only thirty at the time, begins with an observation all the timelier today, amidst our culture of busy-as-a-badge-of-honor: The unhappy one is absent. Consider first the hoping individual. Donating = Loving

The Psychology of Color [Infographic] | Louisville Painters Download the infographic as a PDF Embed this image on your site: Colored Vintage Paper: Texture Pack This free set of 20 vintage/aged paper textures contains textures that are each 3600x3600px in size, high-resolution, and in JPG format. I use textures a lot in my illustrations and in my tutorials, so I made a variety of colors so that I would have a library to choose from. Now, I’m sharing them with you. Preview Colored Vintage Paper Texture 01 (Aqua) Download Colored Vintage Paper Texture 02 (Blue) Download Colored Vintage Paper Texture 03 (Brown) Download Colored Vintage Paper Texture 04 (Dark Blue) Download Colored Vintage Paper Texture 05 (Deep Blue) Download Colored Vintage Paper Texture 06 (Deep Green) Download Colored Vintage Paper Texture 07 (Deep Orange) Download Colored Vintage Paper Texture 08 (Deep Red) Download Colored Vintage Paper Texture 09 (Grey) Download Colored Vintage Paper Texture 10 (Light Yellow) Download Colored Vintage Paper Texture 11 (Lime) Download Colored Vintage Paper Texture 12 (Magenta) Download Colored Vintage Paper Texture 13 (Midnight Black) Download Download Download Download

22 Tricks You Must Master To Become A Keyboard Ninja Meaning Is Healthier Than Happiness - Emily Esfahani Smith Health People who are happy but have little-to-no sense of meaning in their lives have the same gene expression patterns as people who are enduring chronic adversity. Please consider disabling it for our site, or supporting our work in one of these ways Subscribe Now > For at least the last decade, the happiness craze has been building. In the last three months alone, over 1,000 books on happiness were released on Amazon, including Happy Money, Happy-People-Pills For All, and, for those just starting out, Happiness for Beginners. One of the consistent claims of books like these is that happiness is associated with all sorts of good life outcomes, including — most promisingly — good health. But a new study, just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) challenges the rosy picture. Of course, it’s important to first define happiness. It seems strange that there would be a difference at all. Happiness was defined, as in the earlier study, by feeling good.

Oddity Archive Some Bizzare and Odd things around us… Beauty of the nature lies in viewer’s eyes. A photograph is just a way to show or represent that beauty. Here is a bunch of some wonderful pictures which are not only the example of beautiful photography but are also a photograph of some miracles happening in the world. You can also call it the creativity and innovation of photographer’s mind. I think it was at the peak while taking these pictures. Some are really very cute and heart touching. I am simply in love with these photographs and I am sure you will too. Gibraltar Airport is one of the most extraordinary airports around the world. Morning Glory – kind of clouds observed in the Gulf of Carpentaria in northern Australia. The river above the river: Magdeburg Water Bridge, Germany. Heavy fog in Sydney, which enveloped the whole city. Skyscraper-Crescent Crescent Moon Tower (Dubai). Photo of storm in Montana, USA, 2010. Lighthouse guard in Mare, France must be one of the most courageous people on the planet! In northwestern Montana, USA.

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Chief Seattle's Speech The son of the white chief says his father sends us greetings of friendship and good will. This is kind, for we know he has little need of our friendship in return, because his people are many. They are like the grass that covers the vast prairies, while my people are few, and resemble the scattering trees of a storm-swept plain. There was a time when our people covered the whole land, as the waves of a wind-ruffled sea cover its shell-paved floor. But that time has long since passed away with the greatness of tribes now almost forgotten. Our great father in Washington sends us word that he will protect us. But can this ever be? Your god seems to us to be partial. Your religion was written on tables of stone by the iron finger of an angry god, lest you might forget it. Your dead cease to love you and the homes of their nativity as soon as they pass the portals of the tomb. We will ponder your proposition, and when we have decided we will tell you.

Caricature Map of Europe 1914 The Clanker Powers: Germany is a massive military machine with weapons aimed outwards to all surrounding countries. It points threateningly at Britain, not so much as a sign of direct aggression, but more as an indicator that it was now Germany’s turn to start a grand global Empire to challenge the world’s current one. Austria Hungary is an aggressive armoured giant, teetering on shoddy foundations. It is also the primary aggressor in a land grab against Serbia, with two bayonets piercing the border. The Ottoman empire is a teetering automaton, collapsing under the weight of a paranoid and ungainly spying network that gazes at Europe through many lenses and spy glasses. The Swiss watch ticks away the time, comfortable to wait it all out. The Darwinist Powers: Britain is an militaristic lion with a Roman Imperial italic-type helmet. Russia is a huge imperialist bear, rotting and filled with maggots. Portugal is a parrot for the Entente trying to goad a slumbering Spain into the war.

beatlab let's get started making music... 1draw on the grid with your mouse to make a beatshow me2 save your track and share it with friends. show me3 out of ideas? roll the dice and start remixing. show me4 explore the beatlab community show me For more tips, tutorials vidoes, and FAQs, check out our community wiki. You can use the following keyboard shortcuts while composing a track. spacebar Press to start or stop playback. commandcontrol key Hold down the commandcontrol key while drawing notes to create "loud" notes. optionalt key Hold down the optionalt key while drawing notes to create "soft" notes. shift Hold down the shift key to select a region of notes. Playback starting point By default, playback always starts from the beginning of a track. You can change where playback begins by setting the playback start marker. Clicking on the arrow icon again will remove it. show me Column volume There is a speaker icon to the left of each row on the grid.