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The Knife - A Tooth For An Eye - Official video

The Knife - A Tooth For An Eye - Official video
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L'Imagination, reine des facultés chez Baudelaire (1) Réalisation : Christine Robert Lecture des textes : Anne Brissier Elle est l’analyse, elle est la synthèse ; et cependant des hommes habiles dans l’analyse et suffisamment aptes à faire un résumé peuvent être privés d’imagination. Elle est cela, et elle n’est pas tout à fait cela. Elle est la sensibilité, et pourtant il y a des personnes très sensibles, trop sensibles peut-être, qui en sont privées. 1. Ce contenu n'est plus disponible au téléchargement. Extraits musicaux : – Hildur Gudnadottir, « Erupting light » – Hildur Gudnadottir, « Circular » – Léo Ferré, « A une passante » – Debussy, « Passante n°1 » – La Tordue, « A une mendiante rousse » Pour aller plus loin : les cours de philosophie générales et de philosophie esthétique de Jacques Darriulat. Et aussi : Le Journal des Nouveaux chemins, avec Patrice Maniglier, professeur de philosophie à l’Université d’Essex, pour La Perspective du diable.

The Kills - Dreams 5 Doctor Strange Comics to Read Before You See the Movie Doctor Strange has never been a conventional superhero. You could even make a strong argument that he isn’t one — though he wears a cape (more of a cloak, really) and fights evil, his mystic abilities and demonic foes place him more in the traditions of horror and fantasy. Nevertheless, he’s tightly woven into the tapestry of the Marvel universe, right alongside Spider-Man, Captain America, and other spandex-wearers. Doctor Strange Omnibus, Vol. 1 “The first story is nothing great, but perhaps we can make something of him.” In this omnibus edition, you can see Strange’s earliest adventures, in which the exotically dressed Master of the Dark Arts confronts extradimensional foes and protects the innocent. Doctor Strange Epic Collection: A Separate Reality Though Ditko abandoned his creation when he left Marvel over disputes with Lee, the doctor was put in good hands. Doctor Strange: Way of the Weird Never let it be said that Marvel doesn’t understand brand synergy.

The Weepies - Same Changes Films & Architecture: "Inception" This time we want to share a very contemporary film. An amazing story stunningly described by Christopher Nolan, in which dreams within dreams can be manipulated by “architects” who can construct an imaginary reality. Imagine: being able, as architects, to create whole environments, just using our minds as the resource. Original title: Inception Year: 2010 Runtime: 148 min. Former dream architect Dominic “Dom” Cobb and business partner Arthur perform corporate espionage using an experimental military-developed machine to infiltrate the subconscious of their targets and extract information while dreaming, their latest target being Japanese businessman Saito. Saito wishes to break up the energy conglomerate of his ailing competitor Maurice Fischer, by planting the idea in his son and heir Robert Fischer to disintegrate his father’s company. Saito succumbs to his wounds, and Cobb’s projection of Mal sabotages the plan by killing Fischer, sending them both into Limbo.

What Inspired Doctor Strange’s Visual Effects? -- Vulture Spoilers for Doctor Strange below. Opinions about the plot, characterization, and racial politics of Doctor Strange have been mixed, but one point has been more or less unanimous among critics: It’s freaking gorgeous. As we here at Vulture have said, the CGI in Marvel’s latest are among the best of any film in the past 15 years, seamlessly merging human figures with reality-warping landscapes and objects that feel hallucinogenic without looking hokey. Cityscapes fold in on themselves while heroes and villains slide along skyscraper walls; miniature wormholes open up, taking people from one gravitational locus to another. Though Benedict Cumberbatch may be playing the titular mage, the wizard at the postproduction keyboard was visual-effects supervisor Stephane Ceretti. When the Frenchman began his work on Strange, back in 2014, he was fresh off of another Marvel victory, having supervised the Oscar-nominated VFX in Guardians of the Galaxy. Of course, they also looked at Inception.

Debut: Prefuse 73’s Video Brings M. C. Escher’s Work to Life If you know the work of Prefuse 73, you know the producer tends to make song-within-a-song kind of tracks that intertwine many different layers. Now he has a music video to go along with that sound—so much so that it looks like a M. C. Escher image. But, it turns out, the inspiration for the video for “Still Pretending” wasn’t a Dutch artist. “The concept of a constant zoom with animation was an idea I had for a long time. Using that space gave lilfuchs a lot of freedom since the park is rather large and filled with basketball courts, gardens, and playgrounds (you can see their influence in the video). “Based on the zoom I had to work completely backwards and that was a great challenge but carefully blocking out the park’s redundant facilities allowed me to be pretty creative,” lilfuchs says. Check out the premiere of “Still Pretending,” from Prefuse 73’s Forsyth Gardens, above. Click to Open Overlay Gallery Go Back to Top.

Bonus: Luma Pictures’ new tools for Doctor Strange Doctor Strange has been a huge film for Marvel. To achieve their sections of the film, Luma Pictures developed a set of new tools, including some they will even be sharing with the community. Luma Pictures worked on several key sequences including the opening London sequence and they also booked ended the film with the Dormammu sequence and the Dark realm. We discussed the tools they developed especially for the film, and below is an exclusive fxinsider podcast with Luma Pictures' visual effects supervisor Vince Cirelli, discussing the new tools. London For the London sequence Luma developed a new fractal tool to do volumetric meshing and transforming of the buildings. "With what we needed to do we needed to art direct the speed, the movement and look at all of these 'fractals'," says Cirelli. Luma pictures literally choreographed the fractals, "which is not an easy task." The Mandelboxes are different from Mandleblubs used the film Suicide Squad. The system used three levels.

EAP Home Page Published two times a year, EAP is a forum and clearing house for research and design that incorporate a qualitative approach to environmental and architectural experience and meaning. One key concern of EAP is design, education, and policy sup­porting and enhancing natural and built environments that are beautiful, alive, and humane. Realizing that a clear conceptual stance is integral to informed research and design, the editor is most interested in phenomenological approaches but also gives attention to related styles of qualitative research. EAP welcomes essays, letters, reviews, conference information, and so forth. Exemplary Themes § The nature of environmental and architectural experience; § Sense of place, including place identity and place attachment; § Architectural and landscape meaning; § The environmental, architectural, spatial, and material dimensions of lifeworlds; § Changing conceptions of space, place, and nature; § Home, dwelling, journey, and mobility; Editor Dr.