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Kumihimo Tips Galore

Kumihimo Tips Galore
Kumihimo Tips Galore January 20, 2012 at 12:01 pm Click any of the links below to learn something new! Kumihimo Tip #1 How to attach end caps. Kumihimo Tip#2 Tips on a looped end finish. Kumihimo Tip #3 What kind of glue works? Kumihimo Tip #4 Make your own bead mix. Kumihimo Tip #5 It’s good to take notes! Kumihimo Tip #6 Calculating beads? Kumihimo Tip #7 Tips for “tails”! Kumihimo Tip #8 An easy way to count! Kumihimo Tip #9 The Magnetic Force! Kumihimo Tip #10 Threading Beads on Satin Cord. Kumihimo Tip #11 Thoughts on Choosing Beads. Kumihimo Tip #12 Always Have Fun! Kumihimo Tip #13 Threading Large Hole Beads Kumihimo Tip #14 Braiding with Beads Kumihimo Tip #15 Disks, Disks and More Disks Kumihimo Tip #16 Stringing Magatama Beads Kumihimo Tip #17 Freshen up Your Braids Kumihimo Tip #18 Tips for Stringing Beads Kumihimo Tip #19 Which Size End Cap? Kumihimo Tip #20 Preparing Ends Kumihimo Tip #21 How Many Beads Do I Need? Kumihimo Tip #22 A Simple Tip for Counting Beads Like this: Like Loading...

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Kumihimo - Getting Started Kumihimo is a form of Japanese braiding using various types of stringing material, often combined with beads to make exceptional jewelry. The term Kumihimo in Japanese means the gathering of threads. This technique involves using different types of looms to achieve different types of braids. The possibilities are endless and can be customized to suit everybody, so find your Kumihimo supplies and get started! When doing Kumihimo you will learn that using a different number of strands, as well as different colors, will change the overall look. Different types of stringing material can also change the look, as well as adding beads to all or some of the strands.

Tutorial [b]In this tutorial I will show you how to make a 4 string Kumihimo Rope (or round braid).[/b[ Kumihimo Disk 4 strings about 20 inches each I will use 4 different colors for this tutorial. Step 1 Japanese Braiding Instructins There are hundreds of different kumihimo stitches, some simple and some very complex, using different numbers of strands. A common stitch often taught to beginers is the simple 16-thread rotating stitch (Kongo Gumi). The pattern you get depends on how the strands are arranged at the start. In our directions, "strand" can be ribbon, yarn, fun/fancy fur or something else. Cutting your strands (ribbon, yarn, string, etc.)

KUMIHIMO BRACELET WITH LONG MAGATAMA BEADS & MAGNETIC CLASP These materials are all available from me. Long Magatamas are $3 (80) Magnetic Clasp $5, (1) Cord Ends with oval Rings $2 (2ea) Kumihimo Disk $5. (1) Bobbins $5 (8) Big Eye Needle $1 (1). You use your own Crochet Cotton, Super Glue (Available from Supermarket) and Scissors. Postage Australia $7. Overseas $15. Email me and I will send you a Paypal Invoice. Make A Spiral Kumihimo Braid Instructions by Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads® In this style of braid, the numbers change position as the disc is turned in a counter-clockwise direction. The kumihimo disk has 32 numbered slots and 4 dots indicating North, East, South and West. To determine strand length needed, multiply desired finished length by 3.

Heart Kumihimo Pattern We will need: 16 strings (13 black and 3 pink) about 20 cm longer than your wrist circumference + some for tying the bracelet. How to make a kumihimo bracelet you can take a look here. 1. History The Monoyama period (1573 - 1614) is the beginning of the kumihimo of today. It evidenced change in kimono style with the introduction of a very wide ”obi” (sash) that required a narrow cord to hold it in place. The braided ”obijime” was created for this purpose.

Nautical Knot Bracelets Bring a little seafaring flair to your style with these bright, bold bracelets. Inspired by Simone’s sailor’s knot bracelet tutorial, I decided to re-imagine this nautical classic. The project itself is very approachable, so even if you’re not an experienced knotter, you’ll be able to cruise through these steps. You will need:Cotton, paracord or maritime cord Measuring tapeLightly colored masking tape E-600 glue or hot glue gunLarge spring claspEmbroidery floss Large needle Pen (not pictured) Kumihimo Braids with Beads I wanted matching earrings for my bracelets but hadn’t seen any that grabbed me. I fiddled around and came up with these. I sell all the materials – see Bracelet Instructions Kumihimo & Knots Projects The very second I heard about Kumihimo I was online ordering a starter kit for myself. The. Very. Second. When it got here I jumped around the living room like a loon clutching my bubble mailer. I hadn’t even opened it yet.

Individual post from "Nothing In It" While I was doing my big project earlier this year to braid all of the 16-strand braids in Jacqui Carey's "Creative Kumihimo" I noticed that most of the 8-strand braids in that book were expanded or combined into 16-strand versions, except for 8C. Now 8C is really just two 4-strand (maru yotsu) braids that link together after every three iterations. It's a great braid, currently one of my favorites, and it struck me that it should be possible to expand 8C to 16 strands, but figuring out when to do which moves was the difficulty. Anyway, I eventually sat down with pencil and paper, and I worked it out. You have to be familiar with the maru yotsu 4-strand braid for this pattern to make sense at all - Direction Dragon Origami,Printable Dragon Instructions Origami Dragon Diagrams dragons in all kinds of Easy Dragon ~ Dragon Make Origami folds - Level: Easy Cartoon Dragons Origami ~diagram dragon cartoon origami version - Level: dragon easy origami Candy Wrapper Origami Dragon ~ origami funky direction dragon from candywrapper - Level: medium Advanced Daragon Dragon ~ dragon instruction origami - this one has 70 steps of dragon fold origami, not for beginners but a good challenge for origami dragon fans

How to make a paper weaving artwork the red thread :: create, inspire, share craft tutorials, DIY, design, interiors TUTORIAL :: How to make a paper weaving artwork Yes, I know that I said I was signing off until the new year, but I forgot about this tutorial!

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