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50 tutoriels photoshop pour le ciel et les effets de l'espace et des plan?tes | TuniBOX Le ciel, les nuages, le soleil, les étoiles et les planètes sont des éléments omniprésents dans les illustrations, les photos personnelles ou les maquettes professionnelles. Photoshop permet -à l’aide de ses outils- de manipuler ces éléments et d’ajouter des effets réalistes ou correctifs. Il permet aussi de réaliser des paysages fantastiques et imaginaires. Après les retouches de beauté, les effets d’eau et de pluie et la réalisation des anciens modèles, cet article présente 50 tutoriels réalisés par des professionnels de Photoshop. Ils vous aideront à réaliser des manipulations et des retouches pour le ciel et les nuages et des effets pour l’espace et les planètes… Quelques effets présentés sont utiles pour l’optimisation des photos et d’autres pour l’expérimentation. L’espace et les planètes Effet d’éclipse avec Photoshop Fabio Sasso, un maître de Photoshop vous montre comment réaliser cet effet de lumière. Comment réaliser une planète réelle ? Les explosions La fin du monde ! Le ciel

35 Stunning Planet and Space Art Tutorials | Inferno Development Photoshop enhanced Space and 3D Planet scenes created have always fascinated me. They are inspiring and makes me imagine what NASA and our nation will accomplish in the future. Creating stunning scenes of space nebulae, stars, and planets can be quite a difficult feat using Photoshop. Fortunately, we've gathered 30 stunning space and planet tutorials to help you get started on your space art hobby. In terms of difficulty, I think the nebulae are the hardest to create. Some tutorials may require a small download, you must click the images to go to the tutorials. Space Environment Photoshop Tutorial The after effects look great on this beautiful teal planet. Fiery Photoshop Space Explosion Tutorial by Collis A popular Photoshop tutorial portraying a fantastic scene of a moon colliding into a planet. Photoshop Space and Planet Tutorial This gas planet illustration is packed with detail and the lighting is really well done. Create a Spectacular 3D Space Explosion Nebula Tutorial by *ladyrapid

Python Programming Language – Official Website DryIcons Minimalistica Red Part 2 Icon Set Presenting the second part of the popular "Minimalistica Red" series, the icon set that's giving more for less. "Minimalistica Red part 2" is made of another 90 icons, cleverly designed to bring style and sophistication to your projects. Minimalistica Part 2 Icon Set Presenting the second part of the popular "Minimalistica" series, the icon set that's giving more for less. Socialize Part 5 Icon Set Here goes another social icons addition wrapped into the Socialize Part 5 Icon Set. Travel and Tourism - Part 1 Icon Set In these hot summer days our designers turned for inspiration to the never-ending desire for traveling, adventure and excitement. Architecture Blueprint Icon Set Builders of the world, say hello to the newest icon creation from our lab, the Architecture Blueprint icon set. Stylistica Icon Set Christmas Magic Icon Set Far, far south, where the nights smell like snow and the stars shine brightest, the spirit of Christmas fills the air with magic.

50 Photoshop Tutorials For Sky and Space Effects - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Humans have always had an infatuation with the air above us and the space around our planet. With Adobe Photoshop we can create new images or enhance existing photos to include the sky and space as a backdrop. As you will see from the tutorials featured here, some of the most entertaining and practical Photoshop creations and manipulations deal with the sky and space. From this collection of tutorials you’ll learn all kinds of tricks that can be applied to your own work. You may also be interested in some of our other collections of Photoshop Tutorials: Space and Planets Really Cool Eclipse Effect in Photoshop5Photoshop master Fabio Sasso shows you how to create this lighting effect. Space and Planet Tutorial6Create a very cool look with just some simple Photoshop effects. Make a Real Planet7Here you can learn how to easily create a fairly realistic planet. Deep Space Nebula8Create a colorful nebula space scene. Alien Invasion Photoshop Tutorial16What is space without aliens?

Creative Nerd AWESOME This article features a huge amount of Photoshop web design tutorials, which will teach you simple effects which can be combined together in order to create a great website design. Theses tutorials are perfect for first time Photoshop users because there short and sweet. I hope you enjoy the article and feel free to leave a comment below. 1) Carbon Fiber Layout you’ll learn how to make this sleek layout with a carbon fiber background that would look great as a landing page for a website. 2) Design Studio Layout In this tutorial you will learn how to make a layout for your design studio website. 3) Create a web 2.0 layout in photoshop In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a very fancy “Web 2.0″ website layout in Adobe Photoshop using beginners skills. 4) Watercolored design studio blog layout In this tutorial you will learn how to make a clean and simple watercolor design studio layout for a blog. 5) Corporate Business Layout 6) How to create a worn paper layout 7) Arhitecture layout

JSON Free Grafic I just launched a new website You can find free design resources, vector, characters, icons, etc. little bird icon Little Bird Icon Free PSD 256x256px and PNG 256,128,64 px Every color on separate layer (digital painting on layer mask) Download: cup of coffee icon Cup of Coffee Free PSD 256x256px and PNG 256,128,64 px Free Download: Clown Icon Clown Icon – Free PSD 256x256px & PNG 256, 128, 64×64 px Free Download: Contacts Icon Free PSD 512×512 px Png Files : 57, 64, 72, 114, 128, 144, 256, 512px Free Download: Easter Free Photoshop Custom Shapes Forme si decoratiuni de Paste 1 csh file, 1 psd with vector shapes (ex. bunny, eggs, ribbon, basket, flower, etc.) Download From PixTea Wallet Icon (Portofel) Free PSD 256x256px and png 256,128 and 64px Wallet Icon Free PSD Download from PixTea Customizable Sticker – Free PSD

v. xiv Let's face it: stars can be really hard to draw. I'm not talking about the singular balls of blazing gasses, though, I'm talking about the subtle and beautiful star fields that make a piece of celestial art what it is: a portrayal of space. One of the reasons space is so much fun to draw is because, despite the plethora of Hubble images inundating cyberspace and science magazines, most people don't have a preconceived notion of what space should look like. This means that there are endless possibilities for wondrous visuals, as nobody's been to or seen wherever or whatever it is that you're depicting. There is one exception, however: stars. We've seen these before: we know what they look like, and what they don't look like. Variety Looking at Hubble images, you can easily find images of stars where the entire image is jam-packed with as many of the brilliant suckers as possible. Look at the Hubble images: are all the stars the same size?

Photoshop Shortcuts – The Fun Way In this post I’m going to focus on several Photoshop shortcuts that I tend to use more often than others. Sure I could sit here and spell out every single shortcut available, but why reinvent the wheel? Here is a list of 10 of my favorite and most used Photoshop shortcuts delivered to you via Mr. Stickman. Zoom with scroll Sure you can use the zoom tool straight off of the tool bar, but there is a much easier way. Individual font scaling If you’re looking to change the individual font size for a particular word or word-phrase within the text of your Photoshop document, simply highlight the text and hold Ctrl + Shift while using the > or < key to change the size of the font in 2px increments. 100% zoom Often times when I’m working on a project, I’ll zoom in particularly close to handle detail-oriented aspects of the design. Brush size I’m a fan of the brush tool, as most people are. Layer opacity The amount of transparency that a particular layer displays is know as it’s opacity. Super nudge

Freeware : Icon QuickPix Download Legend - CandyBar iContainer - Macintosh icons - Windows icons Free for Personal Use The Iconfactory makes these icons available only for personal, desktop use. If you need icons for a commercial project, please check our Design Services or browse our royalty free collection of Stock Icons. About CandyBar CandyBar is an application that lets you collect, organize and change Mac OS X icons. iContainers can hold standard OS X icons as well as system replacements like the trash can, folders and even Dock resources that can be quickly and easily set, and safely restored, with CandyBar. More information is available on the CandyBar product page at Find More Icons Don't forget about our powerful search engine that is always available at the top of the site.

Flying Girl in Photoshop A few weeks ago I published a tutorial called Girl in Tempo. I used the new version of Pixelmator that had the codename Tempo. The result was really nice and I got a very positive feedback, and, also some emails asking me to do that tutorial in Adobe Photoshop. So yesterday I took a couple of hours to create the Photoshop version of my flying girl. In this tutorial we will use some stock photos and mix them together to create a nice effect. Step 1 Create a new document in Photoshop, as usual I used 1920x1200 pixels. Step 2 Here I used a photo from iStockphoto, Step 3 Duplicate the girl's layer and hide one. Step 4 Duplicate the hidden layer with the color girl layer. Step 5 Duplicate again the color copy of the girl layer. Step 6 Select the color girl layer, the one that is behind the others and just add a Gaussian Blur, use 40 pixels for the Radius and change the Blend Mode to Color Dodge. Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Go to Image>Adjustments>Desaturate.