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Free Newsletter Templates for Microsoft Word

Free Newsletter Templates for Microsoft Word

The 13 ULTIMATE Free Stock Photo Sites for your Presentation or Online Course Finding the perfect free stock photo resource is a pain. There are a ton of resources online, and I’ve created a go-to list that I want to share with you. As a content marketer and designer, I’m constantly looking for high-quality images for my presentations. I have the exact vision in my head of what image I want, but too much of the time, the photo is hard to find. I feel like half the time the results I get are that generic man-in-office photo or the super cheesy I’m-giving-a-great-presentation shot. This got me thinking, if I feel this frustrated about finding high-quality, high-resolution free stock images, and I’m frequently on the image search, then you must be frustrated too. So to say no more to low quality, generic photos, I’ve curated a list of the best free stock photo websites where you can find images for your presentations, online courses, social media posts, newsletters, the works. Importantly, I’ve done all the hard work for you. Free Stock Photo Websites 1. 2. 3. 4. 6. 7.

Poster Creation The ridiculously charming world of 'Ni No Kuni,' Studio Ghibli's gaming masterpiece 4inShare Jump To Close Hayao Miyazaki, renowned director and co-founder of Japanese animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli, doesn't like video games. He once tried to play a PC version of the Japanese board game Shogi but it wasn't for him. "The PC checks all approaches," he said in an interview. Section TOC Title Ni No Kuni tells the story of 13-year-old Oliver, a young boy who ventures into a fantastical world in an attempt to save his dead mother. There are dozens of areas to explore, and as players venture through the world they'll encounter everything from cats who are kings to helpful genies. The partnership between Studio Ghibli and Level 5 makes a lot of sense. The collaboration began when Level 5 was looking to do something special to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The timing turned out to be perfect as Ghibli had finished work on Ponyo. The result of all of this hard work is remarkable: playing Ni No Kuni feels like moving around inside of a Studio Ghibli film.

The 4 Steps to Create Great Presentations [SlideShare] Rand is the man. A man with a plan and a mustache. If you’re not familiar with Rand Fishkin, now’s the time to be. Recently Rand Tweeted that, in his opinion, the only good presentation resulting from a Google search “creating great presentations” was this deck on Sounds like a challenge. Have you used these in your presentations or have anything to add? Video Creation Visual Studio Magazine Home Addressing Academic Dishonesty in the Age of Ubiquitous Technology Key Takeaways Technology can help fight cheating that is itself based on technology, especially with tweaking of assignments and assessments in a way that makes it difficult to cheat. Students should be made aware of resources such as university writing centers and tools such as Endnote. Training about copyright, plagiarism, and time management can help students succeed without feeling that they have to cut corners. Academic integrity can seem like a nebulous concept, though it is probably better understood through its opposite, academic dishonesty: that is, "…anything that gives a student an unearned advantage over another."1 It involves our understanding of ethics, culture, pedagogy, and even technology. William Astore, a professor of history at Pennsylvania College of Technology, dismisses the division between an "academic world" and a "real world." Confronting academic cheating can ultimately help students grow. Is Technology the Culprit? Strategies to Fight Dishonesty Figure 1. Note - Visual Collaboration for Creative People » Less Desktop; More Mobile… but Not That Fast This is an excerpt from Sharon Boller’s newest white paper, Learning Trends, Technologies and Opportunities. The white paper describes today’s learning landscape… then predicts 7 trends for the next 12 – 18 months. Here is Trend 1: Think glacier and not waterfall. Glaciers had a massive impact on our topography – but it took awhile for them to make the impact they eventually did. What points to somewhat faster movement in 2013 is that market saturation on the consumer side is pretty complete. After attending mLearn 2011, we shared data that showed the explosion of devices and uptake. Apple shipped 15 million iPads in Q1 2012. The shift to mobile seems to be happening fastest in K-12 and college classrooms (a bit ironic). Companies who are using mobile today are focused more on supplying solutions to customers rather than to employees. Also in the “mobile” category of trends is to say “mobile” without clarifying exactly what’s meant by it. Click the image to download the white paper.

SOBRE MÍ - Éxito a los 40 “Si crees que puedes, tienes razón. Si crees que no puedes, también la tienes”. Henry Ford Mi nombre es Mª Victoria Martínez Lojendio, soy emprendedora, escritora, formadora, conferenciante y disfruto ayudando a otras mujeres a ver lo mejor de sí mismas acompañándolas a alcanzar sus sueños. Por eso me hice coach, mi formación está reconocida por el ICF (International Coach Federation) y por ASESCO (Asociación Española de Coaching). Además de mis estudios de arquitectura técnica y diseño gráfico, tengo también una amplia experiencia en diseño web, marketing online, formación y desarrollo personal. Descubrí el coaching por “causalidad”. Busqué información en Internet y lo que encontré me impactó, era lo que yo quería y hasta ese momento no sabía que existía. Me pasé bastante tiempo entrando en páginas de coaching, leyendo y pensando que estaba fuera de mi alcance, que yo no podía, que era algo que estaba por encima de mis posibilidades y todo eso que nos decimos cuando tenemos miedo.

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