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Storytron: Interactive Storytelling

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Storytron Storytron is an "interactive fiction" system composed of an authoring tool called Swat and a "playing" tool called Storytron. Authors create story worlds by defining the actions or "verbs" that the player or the computer controlled characters (NPCs) can perform, and define what the possible reactions of other entities can be to those actions. Players interact with the story world (through the Storytron tool) by constructing expressions in a symbolic language called Deikto that specify what they want their character to do or say in the fictional world. The Storytron enterprise is the brainchild of Chris Crawford, who is one of the visionaries of the computer entertainment world. Chris has written five published books: The Art of Computer Game Design, now recognized as a classic in the field, in 1982; Balance of Power (the book) in 1986; The Art of Interactive Design in 2002 ; Chris Crawford on Game Design in 2003 ; and Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling in 2004 .

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