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The Secret Law of Page Harmony “A method to produce the perfect book.” The perfect book. This is how designer-genius Jan Tschichold described this system. Not the ok book, nor the pretty good book, but the perfect book. This method existed long before the computer, the printing press and even a defined measuring unit. No picas or points, no inches or millimeters. And you can still use it. The Secret Canon & Page Harmony Books were once a luxury only the richest could afford and would take months of work to be brought to fruition. And they were harmoniously beautiful. The bookmakers knew the secret to the perfect book. So elegant is this method of producing harmony that a few designers saw to rediscover it. They found the way to design a harmonious page. There’s a dance to all this Let’s look at this dance, shall we? And here it is with them (using the Van de Graaf Canon and Tschichold’s recommended 2:3 page-size ratio, which we’ll get into next). This is where the harmony is found. How is this dance beautiful? The J. Well.

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Bootswatch: Free themes for Bootstrap The best new portfolio sites, September 2016 Welcome, readers! It’s time to look at portfolios again, and boy did minimalism make a comeback. Well, it would have, had it really gone anywhere. But where the past month or so have brought us a brutalist, almost post-modern style of web design, I’m seeing other forms come back into play. It turns out there there are typefaces that aren’t monospaced. We’re seeing a resurgence of some of the more “classic” style of minimalism, but I am also seeing more and more creative layout work. Lindsey Bull We start off with Lindsey Bull’s portfolio, a classic example of minimalism in action. Eleni Debo Continuing that minimalist theme, Eleni Debo’s portfolio showcases her illustrations with a simple masonry-style grid, and little else. The typography is fantastic too. Imperial Woodpecker Imperial Woodpecker embraces the background video when showing off their, well, videos. Joyce Wang Joyce Wang’s portfolio is one of a small but growing list of sites that actually uses parallax effects in a good way.

Building Modern Web Applications 0inShare I gave this presentation to a packed house at DevCon5 in NYC on July 24th. DevCon5 is a web developers' conference and this year it focused on HTML5. This was one of the hardest presentations I’ve worked on for the simple fact that the audience had name recognition of, but not familiarity with, the database industry. Typically I’ve leaned on the fact that most participants were familiar with at least one database prior to my presentation; I had no such luxury here. During the live presentation I focused heavily on audience participation.

Djordje Jovanovic: 3D modeling / visualization Halo Xbox One trailer Back in 2013 I had some fun times modeling a villain for this Halo trailer: All animation production by Axis. Directed by John Allardice and Produced by Paula Lacerda, Executive Producer Debbie Ross. Client: Microsoft Studios / 343 Industries Copyright Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Simple Sidebar - Bootstrap Sidebar Template Need a Custom Build? If you like this theme, but need something a bit more custom, you can hire the Start Bootstrap design team to create a custom version of this template! Email us at for more information! Theme Description: Simple Sidebar is a basic sidebar menu page layout for Bootstrap websites with off canvas navigation on smaller screen sizes. Theme Features: Responsive Bootstrap sidebar navigation Off-canvas navigation toggling on smaller screens Responsive page content area Similar Themes & Templates: Tags: Please visit our resources page for design ideas and our help page if you need assistance with this theme.

Top 10 Creative Resume Templates for Web Designers Resumes are very important because they represent your professional abilities, education and qualification. A creative Resume / CV is very helpful for getting the recruiters’ attention. The first impression is always the most important so a great and attractive resume is definitely a plus. Creative Resume Template This is a modern resume template with bold design and great visual impact. Online Resume Template Your resume should not only exhibit your profile but also demonstrate your skills. Creative resume / CV PSD template PSD is provided in 2 color variations, in ready for print formats. Creative and Professional PSD Resume Template This is a minimalist design with great graphics. Programmer Resume Template This template contains 4 main sections, colored graphical elements and a profile picture. One Page Resume Template This template has a beautiful bar graph for your skills and an eye-catching pie-chart of work experiences. Professional One Page Resume HTML Resume Template

Retro is Reborn: A Look at the Color Trend What’s old is new again. That’s the way most trends seem to work anyway. Retro color palettes are a great example of how an old look is being reborn in web design. Retro color styles are popping up in a variety of uses but commonly we are seeing more mod, flat, art deco-style colors being used in projects. From oranges to yellowish-browns to off-white to blues, retro color is definitely making a comeback. The Retro Color Trend Retro colors are those that are often less saturated and have a more flat feel than other hues. Retro can be popular because the design style, easily creates a feel and sense of era. The retro trend is also complemented by other distinct characteristics, such as the use of circles and starbursts (or other geometric shapes), textures and curved or dramatic lettering. Characteristics of Retro Schemes The first thing you notice about a retro color scheme is the lack of bright color. A retro palette is not though a collection of tints for your project. Conclusion

CrazyAsian1 (Robert Chew) - DeviantArt 50 Must-have plugins for extending Twitter Bootstrap Martin Angelov You most certainly know about Twitter Bootstrap – the popular front end framework for building websites and apps. It favors simple, responsive design, and comes bundled with a sensible default stylesheet, a number of useful jQuery plugins and an icon set. Bootstrap Drag And Drop Builder Bootstrap Studio is a powerful drag and drop builder for the Bootstrap framework. Website Bootstrap Studio Collections of Bootstrap Enhancements Here we will show you two collections of Bootstrap plugins that extend the framework with useful functionality. Fuel UX Fuel UX is an incredible collection of enhancements to Twitter Bootstrap. Website | Github Fuel UX Jasny Jasny is another collection of useful interface components for bootstrap. Website | Github Jasny Bootstrap Galleries It is worth noting that you can use any regular jQuery plugin with your bootstrap-powered website. Bootstrap Lightbox Bootstrap does include a carousel, but it falls short when you need to show a photo in a lightbox. Website

10 Amazing Responsive Image Galleries Responsive web design is a hot topic right now, and if this is a design concept you’re in to and practice then you may have run in to a problem with needing to incorporate an image gallery in to a project, but not knowing how to make it responsive. Let’s keep things simple and check out a few open source responsive web galleries that are available. Elastislide Elastislide is a responsive jQuery carousel image viewer. Unoslider Unoslider is a responsive image gallery that allows you to incorporate HTML rich captions and allows you to have per-slide options. ResponsiveSlides.js If you’re looking for a simple responsive slideshow, then ResponsiiveSlides.js is your answer! jQuery Responsive Thumbnail Gallery Plugin jQuery Responsive Thumbail Gallery Plugin is more than just a long name, it’s an amazing solution for a responsive image gallery. Photo Swipe Photo Swipe is a free image gallery developed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that is specifically targeted for mobile devices. Flexslider

Peter Drinnan - Website Design Web Design Home Page Sample of Google Map Markers Google Map Marker List Manager Google Maps Settings Page Simplified Front end Ajax Based Seach (also available to third parties using an Ajax proxy).