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Atlantis and the Earth grid

Atlantis and the Earth grid
Chapter 7 Atlantis and the Earth grid The vibrating aether energy that shapes the atom moment by moment also shapes the planets, the stars and all the rest of the universe in the very same way. The Platonic energy fields at the quantum level should therefore also be found at the macroscopic scale of our own planet Earth. The scale of the wavelengths may be different but the ratio of the interfering aether wavelengths are the same, the ratio is inherently fixed by the geometry of the Platonic solids. The Earth grid A number of scientists have been working on the Earth grid model, but the first one was Ivan P. Three Russian scientists, Nikolai Goncharov, Vyacheslav Morozov, and Valery Makarov made the next step in the construction of the Earth grid. Bruce Cathie discovered independently the octahedron and cube in the subtle energy fields of the Earth and this was later given the name the Cathie grid. Becker-Hagens grid (Courtesy of Bethe Hagens, The Earthgate project Related:  Earth Grid/ Ley LinesLey LinesYoga/Meditation

Excerpts of Rosetta Publishing books VortexMaps Catalog 2014 These books are available exclusively from These high-resolution, print-quality files are in Adobe Reader (.pdf) format. EarthStar North America Map booklet EarthStar Globe Handbook Rosetta sampler disk contents Geography-Geometry Lesson Plan (Some excerpts do not YET have illustrations, sorry! Nick Nelson: Golden VortexA Vortex in Oregon (Chapter 1)Golden Coincidences (Chapter 8)About the Golden Vortex Device Paradox Vortex Field Guide: The Montana Vortex Mystery Hill, North Carolina 2: Vortex Height Change 5: Active in the U.S. Dorothy Leon American Ley Lines Vol. 1: Triangles from Mountains Collected Articles Donald Beaman Discovering Noetic Archaeology (14 pages) Return to Saqqara excerpt Book of Revelation Barbara Hero Eyes + Ears = Ideas Lambdoma Resonant Harmonic Scale Music Graphs The Glass Bead and Knot Theory of Relationship Temple of

Earth’s kundalini: Questions answered This image is from the book “The Energy Grid: Harmonic 695 The Pulse of the Universe.” by Bruce Cathie. Notice how the seed of life is part of the grid. Cathie published the first of four books on the matter in 1965. Her book discusses earth’s energy grid, matter, antimatter, and the work of famed scientist Tesla. I apologize to my readers about the late update. I have heard it said on the spirit science website as well as other forums such as the one at that the earth’s kundalini energy is shifting. The earth’s kundalini? An image of kundalini energy that incorporates the caduceus. In Hindusim and other Eastern religious practices, the kundalini is an energy that lies in the base of the spine, based in the root chakra. I’ve read a lot of stuff on forums from people who claim to have released their kundalini energy. Also accompanied with the initial release of energy is temporary emotional and psychic instability, at least until the person has time to adjust.

Timewave Zero and the 'Fractal Time' Software Exploring the UVG Grid with Google Earth Basic Instructions for Exploring the UVG Grid with Google Earth Bethe Hagens Nazca The basic Google Earth program is available for PC and Mac—free!—at SETTING UP THE UVG “UVG-grid-compiled-by-B-Hagens.kmz” FILE In the upper left corner of the Google Earth screen, click File. You can view the UVG Grid in many ways. If you go into the folder titled “Regular Geometric Solids,’ you can see subfolders and can look at (or hide) all of the different geometric figures and great circles that make up the UVG Grid. Every line of the UVG is part of a great circle (equator) that divides the sphere of Earth in half. Bill Becker, with whom I worked closely on this project for 12 years from 1981 until 1993, was a colleague of Buckminster Fuller. Line Color Geometric Association Esoteric Meaning Red Tetrahedron edges (10) Fire Yellow Cube edges (5) Earth White Octahedron edges (5) White Black Icosahedron edges (1) Water Green Dodecahedron edges (1) Aether bethehagens(at)

earth chakras The Great Axis Mundi Symbol - Axis Mundi Blog The great Axis Mundi symbol, as one would expect, operates at many levels. On a personal, mystical, level it can stand for the centre of self, or, the higher self, the exact place where the mind, body, soul and spirit connect and are mediated and balanced. It can also be viewed in a wholly physical way as the spot an individual occupies, as, at any given moment, this is the centre of our world. This concept can be extended to include the home or dwelling but more accurately it represents the point at which the feet meet the earth. Outside our personal space the very environment itself can seem disordered and filled with chaos, night, danger and even death and we often react to such perceptions with expressed states of anxiety, worry and stress. In terms of the Earth the Axis Mundi symbol represents the navel of the world, its point of beginning. Often a mountain, where the earth and sky become one, is seen as being the centre of the centre; the Axis Mundi.

Earth Grid Research Version 0.4 :: March 22, 2010 Original :: Jun 2006 UPDATE: Interface fixed. You can now use a convenient web interface to generate Google Earth files that show earth overlaid with one of the five platonic solids (or the Becker-Hagens grid) with all vertices connected by lines. Simply visit the following two links and follow the instructions. Google EarthGrid (Coordinates) Google EarthGrid (Bearing) This does away with having to download and install the Python framework. Summary This is a quick write-up of my ongoing research into the earth grid. Within the spherical center of large masses is a neutral center. Neutral centers can be created electromagnetically via radially converging or diverging electric current pulses, spherical standing waves in piezoelectric materials, or via the radial null vectors of large masses as described above. The earth’s own neutral center is a dimensional window that vibrates at frequencies resonant with the earth’s own spherical harmonics. Platonic Grids 1. 2.

Ley Lines, Neolithic Structures and Magnets. I would like to begin this post by saying that I have not come to any conclusions and about this topic. Rather I am merely presenting a series of thoughts, based on recent research I have been doing. Some of the things here have been discussed on ats in detail before. I have been utterly baffled about this subject, I have been having dreams about it most nights and I awoke a few minutes ago with the absolute need to spew out some of these thoughts on Ley Lines. Magnets, and their possible role in the creation of giant neolithic structures around the world. One note is that I am in no way a physics or science major. For centuries neolithic structures around the world have baffled scientists. Did the Egyptians. Is THIS the secret knowledge apparently passed down from the gods? Is THIS the reason that these structures still baffle us? I personally believe that if this is the case, many questions must follow. First off i want to look at a place called Rock Gate in Florida, built around 1929.

Earth Primbee gets Metaphysical: An analogy of worlds, real and virtual One of the most interesting Twitter exchanges in recent memory began when Aussie virtual artist Nonnatus Korhonen (aka Andrew Burrell) responded to one of my blatherings with "the ultimate divide between the virtual and the real surely remains one of semantics?" I responded: "The virtual/real divide seems less so for those of us who inhabit virtual worlds. How to make the concept less abstract for non VW users?" to which Austin artist Earth Primbee then responded, "to make VWs less abstract, I use the soul or mind to body analogy. Since all physical input is electric signals anyway." by Earth Primbee We've all grappled with creating a "It's like this" reference to explain what Second Life® is like. In my own journey in life I have sought to understand our existence. There are many answers to these questions. The analogy is “Logging into a virtual world using your computer to connect to your avatar, is like your soul logging into your mind to connect to your body.” Body/Avatar

Archaeogeodesy Study Results for Three Major Neolithic Complexes Continuing Entries Datum Updates: March 19, 2006. After determining more accurate coordinates for Avebury, Silbury Hill and Windmill Hill, I determined their site-to-site relationships (updated/reflected in results discussed above). Additionally, the Avebury to Silbury Hill arc equals 0.01307° (0.00100 R27), 1/1000th of lunar orbit per earth rotation. The Windmill Hill to Silbury Hill arc equals 0.02900° or 1/1000 of earth orbit per full moon period (0.00100 S29). These two arc distances and the placement of the three monuments presents precise fractions of astrogeodetic modules based on the three fundamental cosmic motions. GPS Updates: April 24, 2006. The Newgrange coordinate has been updated with a GPS reading for the center of Newgrange Mound. Research Update: Sept. 9, 2006. Once in a while I get a whim and follow it. Hovering in cyberspace above Mont Blanc, another whim came to mind. Next whim, check the illumination angles. It goes like this, right? Research Update: Jan. 22, 2007.

Ley Lines and Earth’s Chakras We know about the main vortexes of energy in the human body – chakras, but I accepted quite naturally that Gaia, mother earth too has Chakras. How we have energy flowing through our body, the earth too has an energy flow that seems to be quite a topic of interest. While doing the post on Sacred Geometry, I came across something interesting, Ley lines, and the following night I ended up hearing a music track called ley lines, it was total synchronicity. On digging deep into this matter, I pulled up some interesting stuff for you to take a look at. What are Ley Lines? Alfred Watkins spoke about Ley Lines in his book The Old Straight Track, he realized that old monuments, burial grounds, religious structures, monoliths all ended up on a straight line. But apart from being a straight line that one can draw from the time of discovery in 1920, ley lines have something perhaps mystical about them.

15 Powerful Things Happy People Do Differently What are the differences between happy people and unhappy people? Of course, it should be very obvious: happy people are happy while unhappy people are unhappy, right? Well, that is correct. But, we want to know what happy people do differently, so I have put together a list of things that happy people do differently than unhappy people. 1. Well, I can tell you for sure that those people who are really happy, fear less and love a lot more. 2. Happy people understand that you can’t really change a situation by resisting it, but you can definitely change it by accepting that it is there and by understanding that there might be a reason for its existence. 3. Really happy people know that it’s not healthy to hold on to anger. “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” ~ Buddha 4. They trust themselves and the people around them. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. These people don’t really care about being realistic. 11.

Ley line Ley lines /leɪ laɪnz/ are supposed alignments of numerous places of geographical and historical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths, natural ridge-tops and water-fords. The phrase was coined in 1921 by the amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins, in his books Early British Trackways and The Old Straight Track. He sought to identify ancient trackways in the British landscape. Watkins later developed theories that these alignments were created for ease of overland trekking by line-of-sight navigation during neolithic times, and had persisted in the landscape over millennia.[1] Since the publication of Michell's book, the spiritualised version of the concept has been adopted by other authors and applied to landscapes in many places around the world. Alfred Watkins and The Old Straight Track[edit] On 30 June 1921, Alfred Watkins visited Blackwardine in Herefordshire, and had been driving along a road near the village (which has now virtually disappeared). His work referred to G.

YOGA POSTURES TO OPEN CHAKRAS for 3rd Manipura - Bow Pose dhanu (= bow) asana (= posture)In this image, Eugenia shows a classic Yoga posture, The Bow, slightly advanced with the feet crossed. This is not what you will attempt to do yet. It is a goal for a Bow variation later. When you practice this posture, visualize the image of the 3rd (Manipura) Chakra and its yellow color (shown in the far right column), and focus on that area of your body (just below your navel and up to the solar plexus centered under your breasts. If you have not read about this Chakra yet, you can click on the image to the right to go directly to the 3rd Chakra series. Detailed Instructions for Preliminary Steps for Bow Posture The Half Bow (Ardha dhanurasana, left) is the best way to begin before you even make an attempt to get into the actual Bow Posture. Hold your breath while you hold this position. This illustration is a simple Bow pose with the feet together (not crossed). Detailed Instructions for The Bow Rocking in the Bow Pose Benefits