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Marina Abramović e Ulay - MoMA 2010

Marina Abramović e Ulay - MoMA 2010

Marina Abramovic Institute: The Founders by Marina Abramovic Institute (Main and virtual tour videos directed by Milica Zec) Marina Abramovic Institute is dedicated to the presentation and preservation of long durational work, including that of performance art, dance, theater, film, music, opera, and other forms that may develop in the future. MAI will foster collaboration between art, science, technology, and spirituality, bringing these fields into conversation with long durational work. MAI will provide an educational space to host workshops, lectures, residencies, and research. (Video directed and edited by Milica Zec) If successful, this Kickstarter will cover the first phase of MAI's development: the design process. In total, $20 million is needed to complete renovations of the institute and begin operations. A single person, no matter how successful or passionate, cannot single-handedly fund and sustain a cultural institution of this size. We aim to create a global community of collaborators and want you to be part of it. (Drawing by Cassandra Long)

Firefly's 15 Best Chinese Curses (and How to Say Them) ​In just 14 episodes, Joss Whedon's sci-fi masterpiece Firefly managed to build one of the most devoted fanbases in all of nerd-dom. Properties like Star Trek or Doctor Who may have it beat in sheer numbers, but the Browncoats make up for this with their loyalty and tenacity. What is the secret of the show's appeal? Fans can and will explain the show's engrossing plotlines, fascinating characters, brilliant performances, realistic effects, and a unique visual aesthetic -- but if we had to choose one reason, it'd be the dialogue. Whedon created a vision of a human future where mankind speaks English primarily, with Mandarin Chinese added, as one might say, for "flavor" (i.e., profanity). 15) Stupid Inbred Stack of Meat 笨天生的一堆肉。 14) Cow Sucking 吸牛 ・ Shee-niou While helping Simon and River first infiltrate, then escape from, a hospital on the affluent Alliance core world of Ariel, Jayne relieves a security officer of his sidearm: a non-lethal sonic rifle. More links from around the web!

Sea of Skin Powerful Portraits of People Crying 7 minutes If a stranger sat silently across from you and stared straight into your eyes, what kind of emotions would you feel? Or, better yet, how long would it take before you broke down and cried? In 2010, at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, world-renowned performance artist Marina Abramovic put on The Artist is Present, or what's been called, "a milestone in the field of performance art." She sat silent and still, "like a mountain," and stared into the eyes of anyone who was brave enough to engage with her. Last year, a book was released called Portraits in the Presence of Marina Abramovic that showed the wide variety of feelings and emotions participants ended up displaying. A Tumblr blog brings the most heartbreaking photos all together in once place. 164 minutes 45 minutes 29 minutes 28 minutes 26 minutes 18 minutes 14 minutes 12 minutes 11 minutes 10 minutes 9 minutes 8 minutes 5 minutes 3 minutes 2 minutes Marina Abramovic Made Me Cry

The Man Behind The Curtain | | The WeeklingsThe Weeklings CHARLES WING KRAFFT, the self-taught painter turned postmodern ceramicist, is famous for his ‘Disasterware’ collection, a term he coined for the melding of violent, often Fascist imagery with tawdry vessels. He’s fashioned everything from ceramic grenades with bio-weapons decaled in antiquated blue to perfume bottles appliquéd with swastikas. Krafft’s work has been featured in prominent news outlets such as Harpers and The New Yorker and is on permanent display at the Seattle Art Museum. He’s received endowments from the Soros Foundation and the NEA. It wasn’t until recently, however, that Krafft’s ugly allegiances bubbled to the surface, mostly discovered via Facebook rants, podcasts, and interviews with some of his close friends. Then came an article by art critic Jen Graves in The Stranger, “Charles Krafft Is a White Nationalist Who Believes the Holocaust Is a Deliberately Exaggerated Myth.” Clark wasn’t the only one to speak up on the subject.

Marina Abramovic, créatrice en Art corporel. Eléments d’une biographie 1Marina Abramović est née à Belgrade en 1946. Elle étudie à l’Académie des Beaux-Arts de Belgrade de 1965 à 1970 et choisit rapidement l’Art corporel. Elle s’est lacérée, flagellée, a congelé son corps sur des blocs de glace, pris des produits psycho-actifs et de contrôle musculaire, elle s’est mise en danger. Cependant, le but de cette artiste n’est pas le sensationnel. 2Ces actions se veulent des rituels de purification, conçus pour sa propre libération. Clio : Pour commencer, nous souhaiterions vous demander si vous vous considérez vous-même comme une sorte d’héroïne dans le domaine de l’art, ou si, tout simplement tous les artistes, tous les performeurs ne sont pas des héros ? MA : C’est une question vraiment très complexe car, pour ma part, en tant que personne privée, je ne me considère pas du tout comme une héroïne,en aucune façon car cela supposerait que je me place dans une position égale à celle d’un artiste avec un grand A. Clio : La création est-elle un acte héroïque ?

Marina Abramović Made Me Cry Marina Abramović Made Me Cry Photographs by Marco Anelli. From the book: PORTRAITS IN THE PRESENCE OF MARINA ABRAMOVIC (Marco Anelli © 2010) Portraits taken during the MoMA's exhibit of performance artist "Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present". Some people couldn't handle the heat. Tumblr by: Katie Notopoulos See also: Marina Abramovic Hotties The postmortem portraits of Phineas Gage A new artform has emerged – the post-mortem neuroportrait. Its finest subject, Phineas Gage. Gage was a worker extending the tracks of the great railways until he suffered the most spectacular injury. He became famous in neuroscience because he lived – rare for the time – and had psychological changes as a result of his neurological damage. His story has been better told elsewhere but the interest has not died – studies on Gage’s injury have continued to the present day. There is a scientific veneer, of course, but it’s clear that the fascination with the freak Phineas has its own morbid undercurrents. The image is key. The first such picture was constructed with nothing more than pen and ink. This Gage is forever fleshless, the iron stuck mid-flight, the shattered skull frozen as it fragments. Harlow’s sketch is the original and the originator. Gage rested as this rough sketch for over 100 years but he would rise again. It made Gage a superstar but it sealed his fate. He has gentle flesh.

Marina Abramovic, la grand-mère kamikaze de l'art contemporain - Arts et scènes Elevée à la rude dans la bourgeoisie rouge de Tito, la papesse de la performance joue depuis quarante ans avec ses (nos) nerfs, ses arcs et ses couteaux. New York, printemps 2010. A l'affiche du célèbre Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) : Tim Burton et Henri Cartier-Bresson. Massée devant le musée, la foule, chaque jour plus dense, n'est pourtant pas venue pour ces deux-là mais pour Marina Abramovic. Voilà maintenant près de quarante ans que Marina Abramovic réactive l'art corporel, jusqu'à devenir la papesse inter­nationale de la performance. « La grand-mère », corrige-t-elle. Nous l'avons rencontrée au palais Garnier, où elle prépare le Boléro de Ravel avec Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Quand vous êtes-vous réellement sentie vivante ? Mes parents appartenaient à « la bourgeoisie rouge ». Le documentaire d'Akers parle peu de vos parents. A quoi ressemblait la scène artistique de Belgrade en 1970 ? Je dis toujours que je viens d'un pays qui n'existe plus. La Yougoslavie a éclaté depuis.

Drawing on Pigs: Wim Delvoye's Art Farm | viz. (Image Credit: Wim Delvoye ) It's pretty easy to understand (and probably join in) the outrage surrounding Wim Delvoye's work with pigs. Tattoos aren't exactly taboo in any real fashion anymore, but even as commonplace as they've become they still seem to provoke discussions about the use of bodies as writing platforms. In casual conversation clothes don't have nearly the same effect; though, it could be argued that they write on the body just as much as any tattoo. Of course, dressing a pig everyday would surely, almost undeniably, have a more noticeable impact on a pig's life. "To tattoo a pig, we sedate it, shave it and apply Vaseline to its skin" (Delvoye in a 2007 interview in ArtAsiaPacific found at Sperone Westwater ). Wim Delvoye worked his way up to live pigs. Delvoye is a vegetarian, but he both consumes and offers these pigs up for consumption as art.

Why the 'The Hunger Games's Snub of 'Battle Royale' Matters Hollywood's next likely blockbuster, The Hunger Games, is set to open this Friday, March 23. This work is unique from past remakes or adaptations of Asian stories in that its creator denies any knowledge of the classic Japanese book (1999) and movie Battle Royale (2000), with which it shares extraordinary parallels. Both movies feature a corrupt totalitarian government that places children on an isolated island to fight brutally to the death using weapons packs, until one last winner emerges. They implant tracking devices into the children and fill the island with cameras, which are observed by a control room that airs the competition to the general population. This isn't the first time Hollywood has made minor modifications on an Asian story and marketed it as a novel piece of art. Casting the right actors is imperative when adapting a novel for the big screen ... Wow, you couldn't make this stuff up. And in case you're wondering, that's a myth. ‘The Hunger Games,’ a Japanese Original?

“The Hunger Games” Versus “Battle Royale” – A Critical Analysis of Two Similar Works: Act One – Comparing the Original Books Pages This Blog Linked From Here Tuesday, March 20, 2012 “The Hunger Games” Versus “Battle Royale” – A Critical Analysis of Two Similar Works: Act One – Comparing the Original Books This Friday, the first big tent-pole release of 2012 hits theatres: “The Hunger Games,” an adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ 2008 smash-hit novel. So throughout this week, I’m publishing a special three-part article investigating whether or not Collins stole from Takami, and why that informs how we should look at “The Hunger Games.” So without further ado, enjoy Act One of “The Hunger Games” Vs. Jonathan Lack at the Movies Presents “The Hunger Games” Versus “Battle Royale” A Critical Analysis of Two Similar Works Act One: Rumble in the Jungle Comparing “The Hunger Games” to “Battle Royale” I am certainly not the first person on the Internet to point out similarities between “Hunger Games” and “Battle Royale.” Wrong. Similarities Between Books: Similarities Between “Hunger Games” Book and “Battle Royale” Movie