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The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition
We all need to acquire new customers to make our products and businesses work. Whether there are a few users paying big bucks or thousands visiting your platform for free, how you get and retain customers is what is important. But ask yourself: are you really ready for more customers? Is Your Product Ready for User Acquisition? While Mark Zuckerberg’s famous “move fast and break things” motto might be useful advice in many startup situations, it may not be the best advice when it comes to customer acquisition. First of all, is your product even ready for some/many users? How much activity can your servers handle? Why Being Prepared Matters The customer acquisition process for startups is hardly linear or predictable, but that doesn’t mean that thoughtful planning is not useful or necessary. The customer acquisition process is far from an exact science. Have a Plan Having a thoughtful customer acquisition strategy is essential. What goals are you trying to achieve and why? Create Demand 1.

Close More Sales with Three Simple Words Inside sales expert Mike Brooks explains why one short, simple question is the key you need to close more sales by opening the door to your buyer’s thinking and process. Any top closer will tell you that the secret to closing sales is in getting your prospect to disclose to you whether or not they are going to be a sale and getting them to tell you what you must do or say to close the deal. The reason this is key is because only your prospect knows what it will take for them to buy your product or solution (or whether they have the authority, the budget, if they are in the mood, whether they like you, if they need the product enough, etc.). Again, only they know what it will take for you to get their business. Unfortunately, 80 to 90 percent of sales reps don’t understand this. Because the key to closing sales is to get your prospect to disclose what it is actually going to take to close the deal, you’ve obviously got to find ways to get them to open up and start talking.

The Future of Content Marketing Revealed It’s important to know the future of content marketing so that you can anticipate the upcoming trends. When you anticipate and prepare, you have an advantage over your competitors. Most of the top blogs were early adopters back in the days when almost no one was blogging. They anticipated a trend, and as a result, they became very successful. These days, in every industry, you have lots of competitors. Anticipating the content marketing trend will give you the chance to be a few steps ahead of your competitors. In this post we are going to go over a few things you can do to stand out from the crowd… Content Marketing is Becoming “Heavy” Small articles, and light content in general, have no future (unless you’re Seth Godin). 1. Long blog posts will be the future of content marketing. I’m talking about long and detailed blog posts. Not only do people love exhaustive content, but search engines rank long blog posts higher, too, as shown by Neil Patel. 675 tweets on this post. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3.

Oui Share premier festival de l'économie collaborative les 2 et 3 mai à Paris "La révolution du partage est en marche". Flore Berlingen est cofondatrice avec Antonin Léonard de OuiShare, une communauté internationale de passionnés créée il y a un an avec Antonin Leonard. Entrepreneurs, designers, chercheurs, économistes, hackers-bidouilleurs ...tous oeuvrent pour le développement de l'économie dite "collaborative". Tout se partage Louer sa machine à laver à des voisins qui n'en ont pas, c'est le concept de La Machine du voisin une toute récente plateforme de mise en relation des propriétaires d'une machine à laver avec ceux qui n'en possèdent pas. 2600 machines à laver sont déjà disponibles sur le site en quelques mois d'existence et proposent de faire la lessive des voisins ! La Machine du voisin a trouvé de l'argent pour financer son service via KissKissbankBank, la plateforme de financement collaboratif dédiée aux projets créatifs et artistiques. Un phénomène porté par la crise. Lame de fond ou nouvelle bulle ? Le programme complet : L'ère des "Makers"

Intrapreneuriat : les 13 règles du corsaire Je parlais fin décembre de l’importance pour les grands groupes de parvenir à se remettre en contact avec le marché et plus simplement, avec la réalité. Pour cela, une stratégie d’innovation par un programme d’intrapreneuriat se révèle parfaitement adaptée. Encore faut-il que celle-ci repose sur des règles du jeu claires. Pour comprendre ces règles, il est toujours efficace de comparer les intrapreneurs à des corsaires : Un corsaire est un membre de l’équipage d’un navire civil armé, autorisé par une lettre de marque (également appelée « lettre de commission » ou « lettre de course ») à attaquer en temps de guerre, tout navire battant pavillon d’États ennemis, et particulièrement son trafic marchand, laissant à la flotte de guerre le soin de s’attaquer aux objectifs militaires. Les corsaires ne doivent donc pas être confondus avec les pirates puisqu’ils exercent leur activité selon les lois de la guerre, uniquement en temps de guerre et avec l’autorisation de leur gouvernement.

9 Insider Tips for Creating a Killer Explainer Video Are you considering investing in an explainer video this year? You know; the videos that explain your product or service in 60-90 seconds? Explainer videos are a great way to engage potential customers and familiarize them with your business. Since an explainer video may be smack dab on your homepage, and the first thing your visitors experience, it’s essential to nail it the first time. 1. A well written script is the key to a successful explainer video. Many professional video companies will have you fill out a creative brief first. Once you finish this brainstorming process, begin writing a script. Here is an example script used for a Pongo Resume explainer video: 2. According to writer and creative director, Helen Klein Ross, “the less you say, the more likely people are to remember.” The typical rule of thumb in the industry is 150 words per minute. Not to mention, the longer your video is the less people will pay attention to it: 3. The explainer video below is 60 seconds long. 4.

The 4 Elements That Make Great Company Culture “Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in fact, trumps even strategy.” - Howard Stevenson Culture. It’s probably a word you hear often if you follow blogs on entrepreneurship or read articles on business and management. According to Frances Frei and Anne Morriss at Harvard Business Review: “Culture guides discretionary behavior and it picks up where the employee handbook leaves off. This post will cover all of the elements that make great culture. Let’s dive in. Why Should You Care about Culture? The workplace should not be something that people dread every day. This is why culture matters. You want happy employees because happiness means more productivity. Culture is also a recruiting tool. When you put a focus on culture, you’ll have guiding principles. A company culture that facilitates employee happiness means lower turnover and better company performance. Now, let’s get into the elements that make great company culture… 1. 2. Why do you want to work here? 3. 4.

Why Every Business Website Needs Video As the internet shifted from text to video, I cringed. I prefer to read. But here’s the deal: Nothing builds rapport, gets traffic, and makes sales like a good video. I’ll explain. No matter how hard you try, some people will never feel like they know the “real” you until they see you on video. It’s strange… The Power of Video (Hint: It’s All About Body Language) Your writing might show off your personality, but it’s just not the same, and I suppose it makes sense. Text-based content is a very one-dimensional medium. Video on the other hand is a triple threat. Not only can people hear you, they can read whatever it is you’re writing (I tend to write on a white board). But most importantly, people SEE your body language. They see your eyes, your smiles, your laughs, your nervous ticks (if you have any), and much, much more. And that’s the secret. Body language communicates more information than you could ever HOPE to write. Now what does this have to do with rapport? Insane? Maybe… Crazy, right?

5 Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Website Search Feature Convert Compared to other metrics, site search usually gets passed over as one of those things you’ll improve “soon.” It’s not a high priority like landing pages and personalized email. But taking steps to improve your site search can improve conversion rates; and it also can lead to happier shoppers – shoppers who come back and order again, and then share their experience with others. So how can you improve your site’s search to do more than just return results? 1. FootSmart makes its search bar more noticeable by making it a different color to offset it from the rest of the site’s color scheme The search bar itself is the start of the journey, and an often neglected piece of the conversion puzzle. The FootSmart search results page includes each product in its own individual cell for easier browsing and shopping Notice how the results page of a search on FootSmart segments each product into its own individual cell, along with its name, price, and ratings. 2. 3. 4. 5. The Site Search vs.

How to Make Your Email Open and Click-Through Rates Skyrocket Are you getting what you want from email marketing? Many people who run an online business don’t have a great understanding of how email marketing works, nor do they know what they really can achieve with email marketing. And that’s not to mention the fact that everyone and their mother is engaged in email marketing these days, resulting in stuffed inboxes crowded with competition. Unfortunately, email marketing is harder now than it ever has been. These are the reasons you’re not getting as many opens and click-throughs from your emails as you wish. Let’s get into how to solve these problems! First Things First: Write Magnetic Headlines Ok, I know you’ve heard this countless times, but before we can talk about innovative solutions, you need to master the basics. Here is an example: changing the headline “How to Make a Best-Selling Product” to “Make Your Product Sexier than Nicole Kidman” doubled the openings for one of my emails. The Best Email Frequency: It’s Not What You May Think

Double Your Leads Instantly With This Simple Evergreen Tweak We all have them, those evergreen posts that bring in traffic like crazy. Day after day these posts bring in gobs of traffic, sometimes literally accounting for even half of the total traffic to our blog. Did you know that you could literally double your leads on these few posts alone? You see, while it might make you feel good (and it should) to see all that traffic, more traffic isn’t all that you need from your blog. This is often referred to as high bounce traffic. Making A Bounce Count We recently did an inventory of high bounce pages on our own marketing blog. Chances are that your blog suffers from the same problem. The first step is to understand how your traffic is coming and going. A simple content breakdown of your sites pages will reveal a lot. With Google Analytics, you can easily identify high bounce pages. The main thing that you are looking for here are pages with an extremely high bounce rate. Our hypothesis proved true, and we doubled our leads in less than a week.

3 Great Content Sites and What You Can Learn From Them As content marketing becomes more popular, marketers may be looking for inspiration or fresh ideas. They may be thinking to themselves: “How can I make this blog better?” “What gets people to share posts?” “What do other blogs do well that I can learn?” That’s why I’m writing this post. So whether you’re new to content marketing or have been involved in it for years, my goal for this blog post is that it will give you some ideas and inspiration. Now, let’s examine the best content sites and what we can all learn from them: Wonkblog: Run by the Washington Post, the Wonkblog isn’t another news site. Much of the content is about a wide range of current domestic American policy. What you can learn: Graphs: Much like infographics, graphs serve one purpose: to display data visually. Here are a few graphs from Wonkblog: Are graphs, infographics, charts, or any other method to present data visually a part of your content? Topical: Readers of Wonkblog are also followers of the news. Zen Habits:

Linkedin Founder Reid Hoffman's Advice for Entrepreneurs Margaret Thatcher once said, “There is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women, and there are families.” Reid Hoffman, social networker and co-founder of LinkedIn, might respectfully disagree. Hoffman believes that society and communities are real and that technology can be used to create new communities. LinkedIn isn’t Hoffman’s first networking creation. Hoffman isn’t the type of person you’d expect to build a product that connects people. With LinkedIn, Hoffman has built a company that is unlike most other consumer web products. Today, Hoffman is the executive chairman of LinkedIn and a partner at Greylock Partners. Along the way, Hoffman has shared a lot of advice for entrepreneurs. Winning Requires More Than Just Building a Superior Product “The question comes down to…not to think of it just as a question of ‘Oh, I have a better product, and with a better product, my thing will work, as opposed to other things.’ So if you want to win, you need to have at least:

7 Surprising Ways to Grow Your Business on the Twitter Vine It’s been hailed as Instagram for video – and that’s a pretty big accolade – so the big question is… Can Twitter Vine be leveraged for business? Well if we’re going to find out, first of all we need to cut through the buzz and take a closer look at what Vine is really all about. The Background on Vine Twitter unleashed Vine at the end of last month, and since then it has shot up the popularity charts. The app will record for as long as your finger is on the record button, which means users can create video in a single shot or tap the screen at intervals to create a stop animation style video. So if mobile video content trends are moving in the direction of short and social, can entrepreneurs like you and I take advantage of this for enterprise? Let’s take a minute to remind ourselves about Instagram. However with a dash of creativity and a pinch of smart thinking thrown into the marketing mix, the app really began to take off for those who were brave enough to try it… and it tasted sweet.