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SQ1 — SQ1 SQ1 (Square One) is a Copenhagen-based architecture office with a knack for strategic thinking. We are a community of designers and expert problem-solvers who find inspiring answers to any design task, from buildings to large-scale urban planning. SQ1 focuses on what's already there (context, landscape, existing buildings and infrastructures, user groups) and how it can be creatively brought to the future. Driven simultaneously by systematic knowledge, artistic intuition and social responsibility, SQ1 is able to deliver handsome, financially robust designs, which contribute to the well-being of their users and beyond. SQ1 services:

The Story of Flox Using the city as her canvas and stencils and spray paint as her tools, Flox quickly made her presence felt, transforming grey walls into oases of ferns and flowers. Flocks of her trademark native birds could be found flying across city streets, breathing life into the urban environment and creating joyous celebrations of natural New Zealand. Soon, the name Flox became synonymous with innovative works that bravely pushed the boundaries of graffiti art.

LOBBY No.4 - LOBBY Magazine We live in a world of restricted resources. However, the 21st Century has shifted our realities, pushed boundaries and opened our eyes to new possibilities, leaving us wondering: are we capable of constantly reinventing our world and recreating tomorrow’s abundance out of today’s shortages? LOBBY No.4 seeks to generate discussions looking at the world through the lens of ‘Abundance’.

Spotlight Volumes ~ NEW : Lukas Peet Design Spotlight Volumes ~ pendant lights Inspired by spotlights, these pendant lights have an energy efficient cfl light bulb at either end. KITE & LASLETT - KITE & LASLETT Kite & Laslett is an interdisciplinary art practice based in London. The duo; Sebastian Kite and Will Laslett, trained in architecture and music, create experiential environments to choreograph the sensory engagement of people with architectural spaces. Conceptually, Kite & Laslett’s work is rooted in investigations into paradigms of perception and phenomenology. Their practice lies at the intersection of art and architecture, with a particular focus on site-specificity. Kite & Laslett’s installations use structure, kinetics, light, projection and sound as strategies to illustrate new readings of spaces. Inherent to their work is a passion for precision, technical efficiency, inventive materials and elegance.

On Territories 18/01/2016Now available: OASE 95. Crossing Boundaries. Transcultural Practices in Architecture and Urbanism<img alt="" class="portrait" data-ratio="0.7085987261146497" src="/media/images/W1siZiIsIjU2OWNhZGEyYzc5ZWIzODVlZjAwMDAwNiJdLFsicCIsImNvbG9yc3BhY2UiXSxbInAiLCJ0aHVtYiIsIjEwMHgiXSxbImUiLCJqcGciLCItcXVhbGl0eSA3NSJdXQ?sha=27a12ad8" />This issue of OASE takes as its point of departure the cross-cultural conditions in which architects, urban designers and landscape architects work. It focuses in particular on architects working in a condition of displacement – in other words in relation to cultures, far away or nearby, that are not their own. <img class="landscape" data-ratio="1.4791231732776617" src="/media/images/W1siZiIsIjUzNjM2MzdkYzc5ZWIzMTY2YTAwMDAwNiJdLFsicCIsImNvbG9yc3BhY2UiXSxbInAiLCJ0aHVtYiIsIjEwMHgiXSxbImUiLCJqcGciLCItcXVhbGl0eSA3NSJdXQ?

Dynamic Mutations V3.0 – DesignMorphine DESCRIPTIONDynamic Mutations V3.0 is an international workshop of Advanced Design. The workshop will run using AutoDesk MAYA, Pixologic ZBRUSH, McNeel GRASSHOPPER 3D, and Epic Games UNREAL ENGINE 4. As we approach the era of virtual reality with tools such as the oculus rift and unreal engine 4, we decided to explore an aspect of beautiful virtual worlds that is often seen as a flaw. The glitch, which can be considered as the mutation and anomaly of the virtual world, will be the primary driving design language of this workshop. A glitch duplicates, distorts, replicates, and stretches virtual space into unexpected results. Dynamic Mutations V3.0 will explore the complex, unique and often unpredictable results a glitch can create.

RIXC 2016 - OpenConf Peer Review & Conference Management System OPEN FIELDS Conference in the framework of RIXC Art Science Festival 2016 Riga, September 29 – October 1, 2016 Venue: The National Library of Latvia Open Fields is the title of this year's international conference taking place in the framework of the annual RIXC Art Science festival in Riga. It brings together international scholars and artists, working at the intersection of arts, humanities and science. Open Fields will focus on artistic research, the changing role of arts, its transformative potential, and relation to the sciences. This call for participation invites contributions and conference paper proposals by scholars, artists, artists-researchers, art and media theorists, data designers and critical engineers, as well as doctoral students, and scientists from different Fields – biology, ecology, environment, digital technologies, renewable energy, etc., who are engaged in experiencing the transformative potential of arts. The Full Call Text available here:

Tenderflix2016 - Tenderpixel Tenderflix 2016Deadline for submissions 10 July 2016 Tenderflix is an international film and video competition open to all moving image works. In its 9th year in 2016 the theme for submitting to Tenderflix is Better Living. Call for Papers and Visual Submissions: Photography and (con)text/Photography in Academic Research 8-9 September 2016 Via the Royal Anthropological Institute ‘photography + (con) text’ is pleased to announce a call for papers and visual submissions for a conference on ‘Photography in Academic Research’ to be hosted by UCL Museum and Heritage Studies, Institute of Archaeology, in collaboration with RAI (Royal Anthropological Institute) and Birkbeck, Department of Politics. ‘photography + (con) text’ was set up with the aim of promoting the collaboration and exchange between social researchers and practitioners who use photography in their research and practice. This conference comes together to provide a space of exchange, stimulating dialogue between social researchers and practitioners who engage with photography creatively and critically.