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Natural Cures Not Medicine   Healthy Alternatives to Medicine

Natural Cures Not Medicine   Healthy Alternatives to Medicine

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10 Chinese Herbs to Cure What Ails You Older 10 Chinese Herbs to Cure What Ails You by Michelle Slatalla Issue 4 · Chinese New Year · January 27, 2014 Newer 7 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately Many of us choose what we eat very carefully, or at least dedicate our minimum attention to it. But when it comes to drinks, especially alcoholic beverages, we do little to make the best decisions for our health. Which is a HUGE mistake. All the work for your body can be ruined in a weekend out. Ayurveda Cholesterol is a fatty acid that is manufactured in the liver. The body needs cholesterol to build cell membranes, vitamin D, hormones, and bile acids. From the ayurvedic perspective, the body also needs cholesterol for supporting and lubricating the body's channels, known as shrotas. Millions of micro-shrotas carry nutrients to the cells and waste from the cells. Other shrotas are larger, such as the arteries and veins that carry blood to and from the heart.

Aromatherapy To Fight Winter Blues Winter can be a gloomy time. It can feel very long, and the lack of daylight combined with holiday stress can get some people pretty down. What’s interesting is that certain aromas or scents have been known to help lift your spirits during the winter blahs. How Does It Work? Compound in grape seed extract 'kills prostate cancer cells' New research suggests that a component found in grape seed extract is effective in killing prostate cancer cells. This is according to a study published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer. Investigators from the University of Colorado Cancer Center have analyzed the potential of grape seed extract (GSE) for its anti-cancer properties over the last 10 years. But although previous research from the team has demonstrated its effectiveness against cancer cells and how it works, it was unknown as to which element of GSE produces these effects.

Herbal Healing: 4 Little-Known Herbs and their Uses for Health You might know that Echinacea is good for fighting a cold, chamomile can help you relax, and that dandelion is great for detoxification (and if you didn’t, now you do). But, there is a world of healing herbs and plants that we don’t commonly hear about. These herbs might not get as much air-time as the more common powerhouses, but they have wonderful benefits worthy of note. Here are 4 little-known herbs and their uses for health. 1.

How to Perform the Heimlich Maneuver You’re in a restaurant enjoying a dinner with friends, when all of a sudden you hear a woman shriek: “He’s choking!” You calmly excuse yourself from the table and dash with effortless cool towards the source of the loud yell. You find a man with a look of terror in his eyes, gripping his throat, indicating that something is lodged within. You politely ask the distraught woman to step aside. Ayurveda Diet - Eliminating Impurities from Our Bodies Ayurveda: Basics | History & Principles | Daily Routine | Doshas | Dietary Guidelines | Six Tastes Our bodies were not meant to be toxic dumps. Yet, improper digestion, high levels of stress, and pollutants such as chemicals in the air we breathe, the water we drink or wash with, and the foods we eat, continuously create toxins in the body. If not flushed out on a regular basis, Ayurveda contends that this toxic buildup can eventually manifest as disorders.

Everyday Tricks Everyone Should Know Tricks every woman should know…Nik The last several are a few of my own I’ve discovered… Peel a banana from the bottom and you won’t have to pick the little ‘stringy things’ off of it. That’s how the primates do it. Take your bananas apart when you get home from the store. This Recipe For Golden Milk Fights Cancer Golden Milk, is a unique tonic that applies the attributes of a special Indian root called Turmeric, and strengthens it with many other organic ingredients. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years as a cleansing substance for the body. It is known to be beneficial to the inner organs, the spine and the joints. The milk recipe displayed here has been shared to potentialize its healing properties.

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