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The Exit Zero Project Nat King Cole - Black In History WARRANTY, QUALITY & MAINTENANCE | Docril Fabrics The fabric is guaranteed for a period of seven years during which it covers any abnormal deterioration of the physical properties and colour, given a normal exposure to weather and in the case that care and cleaning advices summarized in this website have been properly followed. The warranty includes the replacement of the fabric required to replace the awning, excluding other expenses such as postage, sewing and / or assembly. This warranty does not cover damages caused by accidents, mechanical action, rubbing, chemical aggressive agents, abuse and / or negligence. This warranty is applied from the date of the assembly of the awning and any claim must be accompanied with the installer’s receipt stating that the fabric installed was DOCRIL®. APPLUS+ ISO9001 Quality Certificate issued under the most accurate application of ISO9001 Standard, concerning methods followed during production process to guarantee the maximum quality and safety.

décalé Panda Got Files - Home of the Wordpress Panda Paw-Engine Surfer 11 | Golden Software We have compiled a list of some of the top new features in Surfer 12. This list is only a small sampling of the new features added to Surfer 12. Reverse X or Y Axis Direction Reverse the direction of the X or Y axis with a simple click of a button! It is easy to show descending data, such as depth data, in the correct orientation without modifying your data. "This is a nice feature, especially for geo-scientists compiling contoured cross-sections of data. Back to Top Use Data in Date/Time Format Visualize your data with respect to time! Grid and Display Maps with Logarithmic Z Scale Effectively display Z data that range over several orders of magnitude! “I have been using the new logarithmic scaling feature for several days now. "This feature alone makes upgrading to version 12 a necessity.” - Steven Schamel, GeoX Consulting Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah Download Free Online Maps More information is now at your fingertips. Save SRF files in Surfer 11 Format Be compatible with your colleagues!

luxe cardboard - work Cardboard installations continue with a new commission by Fender and THE FIRST EVER JIMI HENDRIX® POP-UP STORE. Opening in the heart of Soho to celebrate the release of "People, Hell and Angels". The store will open for a limited time only from Monday 1 April � Friday 12 April 2013 at 8 Ganton Street London, just off the world famous Carnaby Street. Check this link today The store will feature the entire Jimi Hendrix music and video catalogue (including CDs, LPs, DVDs and Blu-ray releases), including a number of titles that have never been available in the UK. Hill Investment Group | Home Matt is Hill Investment Group’s lead on all strategic matters — crafting the firm’s vision, establishing its exceptional standards, and managing key relationships. Matt found his calling while in Las Vegas. Over 13 years ago, Matt’s wife suggested they have lunch with friends from St. Louis, who happened to be visiting “Sin City” at the same time. The friends, Ed and Dorette Goldberg, gave Matt a book on how financial markets really work. By page 100, he knew his life had changed. In 2005, Matt and Rick Hill created Hill Investment Group, together crafting a firm that would fuse their unique abilities. Matt graduated from the University of Missouri — Columbia with a bachelor’s degree in English literature. Books He Often Recommends to People For our investment approach I suggest Larry Swedroe’s new book, Playing the Winner’s Game. Often Described As Some friends call me the “relentless motivator” and others call me the “relentless agitator.” Family Matters Daily Reads Long View Moment Credo

ton Lois Jeans | Spring Summer 2013 LOIS is more alive than ever, “more LOIS than ever”. Since last December we have thrown ourselves on the road and probably one day you will see the LOIS BUS in your hometown, as it is already rolling along all the corners of Spain coinciding with the holidays and most important events of each region. Our aim is to be present at any happening, event, concert, etc. that is a meeting point for young people who are interested in being open to any social or cultural manifestation taking place in our country, as LOIS has been there since1962 and still stays there, stronger than ever. We’ll visit Colleges, Discos, etc., and the LOIS BUS shall be, during its journey, the meeting point for the fans of the brand, where we’ll give away gifts and merchandising bearing the mythical Bull logo, all the year 2010 long. LOIS is still a brand that endures over crises, avatars and ephemeral fads. If you want to know more about us, you don’t need to go out and seek us, we’ll look for you instead!!! - NOUVELLES ÉCRITURES, GAMIFICATION Actualités | Lycée Léonard de Vinci — Villefontaine : Métiers de l'audiovisuel et du design Le BTS Audiovisuel fait partie des formations du Lycée des métiers de l’audiovisuel et du design, Léonard de Vinci. Nous formons cinquante étudiants par année, répartis en cinq options (dix par option): Gestion de la productionTechnique d’ingénierie et exploitation des supportsMétiers de l’imageMontage et post-productionMétiers du son Ces options recouvrent les principaux métiers techniques de l’audiovisuel et les préparent au diplôme (bac+2). Nous avons mis en place cette formation dès sa création, en 1984. Notre équipe, constituée de vingt personnes, (enseignants et intervenants issus du milieu professionnel), assure l’encadrement pédagogique des étudiants.