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Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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Touch hardware and Windows 8 - Building Windows 8 Last September we blogged about experiencing Windows 8 touch on Windows 7 hardware, introducing the story of touchscreen hardware, how it is evolving, and what we expect Windows 8 will bring to the ecosystem of touch. We discussed how our engineering efforts (software and hardware) are driven by key user experiences, how these experiences play a big part in how we evaluate Windows 8 hardware, and how we communicate with hardware partners. Since that post, we’ve been working closely with our partners to build Windows 8 PCs. With the Consumer Preview, we want to update you on where we’re at. This post was authored by Jerry Koh, a group program manager, and Jeff Piira, a test manager, both on our Human Interaction Platform team. --Steven

Blog Archive » Amberjack Makes Site Tours Easy Amberjack is a simple and easy way to put up quick tours of your website without needing any programming knowledge. It’s a lightweight open source project, but I think it’s something readers here are likely to find useful. Remember how much everyone loved the Scrybe demo on YouTube? Well if you’re not the screen cast type, Amberjack could be a fast, easy way for you to set up a tour of your site. You provide the URLs you want to include in your tour, select a skin for your narrative boxes and determine what all the button text and links will be for the interface.

A Fresh Look at Storage in Windows Home Server 2011 "Vail" Adding a Drive Moving on, the question arises how non-RAID drives will be added to your home server storage. First, let’s look at the odd case where you add an uninitialized drive. Looking toward the upper right corner of the dashboard, you will notice the red, yellow, and blue alert notices.

Windows 8 Photos app brings "fast and fluid" to picture management Windows 8 Consumer Preview's handling of photographs is a slick, centralized, and very much a tablet-like experience. The Photos app gives users fluid, near-instantaneous access to your pictures, for which the app is to be credited, but certain common features are missing at this point, and others that are included don't work evenly across the app. When you pull up Photos from the Metro interface, you are shown four discrete boxes: one for your locally stored pictures, and one each for your SkyDrive, Facebook, and Flickr accounts. Clicking on each of these boxes takes your through a short login process, and after you've given the program your credentials, the home Photos screen will populate each box with photos pulled from that account. Unfortunately, there's no way to add photos from any other services.

Windows 8 Customer Preview- User Review Make sure to copy the product key, and store it somewhere for safe keeping, so as to keep up with any new Windows 8 calls to action once its time to fully activate your new Win 8 operating system, and once the time comes for Microsoft to make it open to the public for purchase. Windows 8 will not work on XP operating systems or below, so make sure not to attempt to upgrade any older versions of windows before Vista. This new operating system is really unique with multiple hidden menu features, social customizations, X-box compatibility, windows media center synchronization, Windows live connectivity, and it brings the entire online Cloud to the desktop experience, as auto streams of information are poring onto the cool slick windows icons. I believe Windows 8 will definitely help to transcend the older much more primitive desktop experience that people world wide have grown accustomed to utilizing, but not fully understanding in its full embrace.

Skype Emoticons & Flags Cheatsheet Check out the flags or version history. Emoticons Flags Version history Matrix Storage Technology Intel Matrix Storage Technology provides new levels of protection, performance, and expandability in 2008 for desktop and mobile platforms. Whether using one or multiple hard drives, users can take advantage of enhanced performance and lower power consumption. When using more than one drive the user can have additional protection against data loss in the event of hard drive failure. Valuable digital memories are protected against a hard drive failure when the system is configured for any one of three fault-tolerant RAID levels: RAID 1, 5 or 10. Kupa K11 Pro review After years of being relegated to pricey (and heavy) business convertibles, touch and pen are showing up on cheaper and lighter PC slates again, and with longer battery life. But most of the Atom slate PCs have been underperformers with poor touch screens. Windows 7 has some great tablet features and some problems with touch; the better the touch screen though, the easier it is to use. Can the K11 Pro deliver as a Windows slate that won't break the bank or your back? Big, like most Windows tablets There's no mistaking this for an iPad or Galaxy Tab.

Being productive in the background – background tasks - Windows 8 app developer blog In my previous post (Being productive in the background), I explained the Windows 8 background model and how your app can be productive even when it’s not on screen in a power efficient manner. In today’s post, I will talk about background tasks and how your app can run code in the background even when it is suspended. I will describe two common scenarios with example code that show you how to run your own app code in the background; downloading POP email every 15 minutes with a lock screen capable app and how any app can do work in the background when the device is on AC power. Introduction Background task triggers are designed for varied scenarios and applications, and so have different requirements and resource management constraints. Some background task triggers are designed for apps that always need to stay up to date (e.g. email, VOIP) while others are designed for more opportunistic scenarios (e.g. running a maintenance task on AC or when certain system conditions change).

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