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Owl Granny Square Crochet Pattern

Owl Granny Square Crochet Pattern
I posted this pattern on my friend Kara's crochet blog, Petals to Picots, back in August in honor of her Granny Month. But I thought I would share it with you again and show you how the owl squares are being used! I made them into an owl bunting for my friend Shannon's owl-themed gender reveal party! It was first displayed over the party food table... But now it sits over her daughters crib! Of course I would love to make an afghan with this square pattern, but I need more time and patience to take on that type of project right now :) If you are interested in making a blanket with these squares and want to alternate between the owl granny square and a basic granny square, you can follow a basic granny square pattern like THIS ONE and your squares will be the same size. Owl Granny Square Pattern Materials: - Vanna's Choice Yarn - Size G-6 (4.25 mm) Crochet Hook - Tapestry need - Small Black buttons for eyes Start by making your owl. Turn owl over. Now working inside your chain 3 spaces... Related:  ARTISANAT

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Crochet Baby Turban Pattern & Tutorial This quick and easy crocheted hat makes a great handmade baby shower gift. The hardest part might be choosing the color. A faux rib pattern gives the little turban added interest. Have fun! Crochet Baby Turban Pattern – size 0-3 months Supplies: Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool Blend or similar worsted-weight baby yarn (you can get two hats from one skein). Stitches: ch- chain, dc-double crochet, hdc-half double crochet, sl st- slip stitch The first 5 rounds are crocheted in the round and joined with a slip stitch in the starting chain. Repeat pattern inside the asterisks. Gauge: Rounds 1-4 = 2 3/4″ height Start with a Magic ring ( com/forums/t/28917.aspx) Finish off. Thread yarn through yarn needle. Don’t crochet? Terms of use: This tutorial/pattern is free for personal use and should not be distributed/republished without my consent.

Sleepy Sarah - Patron Crochet Gratuit et en Français Niveau Intermédiaire  Aujourd'hui je vous partage la célèbre Sleepy Sarah en français. Je vous la traduit en provenance du site de Owlishly. De quoi j'ai besoin : Matériel : Deux couleurs de laine. Connaissances et abréviations : m : maille ch : chainette ms : maille serrée ml : maille en l'aire aug : augmentation 2 mailles dans 1 maille ms-ens : diminution 2 mailles ensemble rep x6 : répétez 6 fois (xx) : le nombre de maille à la fin du rang Patron : Corps 1 --- Faites un cercle magique de 5 mailles 2 --- 2 ms dans chaque m (10) 3 --- 1 ms dans 1 m puis 2 ms dans 1 m - rep. 15 --- 1ms dans 8m puis 1 ms pour 2m - rep x3 (27) 16 --- 1ms dans 7m puis 1ms pour 2m - rep x3 (14) 17 --- 1ms dans 6m puis 2 ms-ens - rep x3 (21) 18 --- 1ms dans 5m puis 2 ms-ens - rep x3 (18) 19 --- 1ms dans 4m puis 2 ms-ens - rep x3 (15) 20 --- 1 ms dans 1 m Remplir le corps 1 ml et tirer le fil dans la boucle pour arrêter le rang Et voilà !

Funmigurumi And Kids Stuff I'm fighting a tough pneumonia and making headwave little by little. Meantime, I had to crochet (aside from reading, that's my favorite thing to do!) This is the result, hope you like it! Materials:Red Heart worsted weight yarn TurquaRed Heart worsted weight yarn Hot Red (scraps)Red Heart worsted weight yarn Blue (scraps)Red Heart worsted weight yarn Bright Yellow (scraps)Red Heart worsted weight yarn Spring Green (scraps)Red Heart worsted weight yarn Black (scraps)Red Heart worsted weight yarn Coffee (scraps)Red Heart worsted weight yarn WhiteRed Heart worsted weight Shocking PinkFiberfillScissorsPinsMeasuring tapeCrochet hook size H Body-Front- Side #1:With Turqua, ch 16.Row 1- 1 sc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across. (15 sc) Ch 1, turn.Row 2- 1 sc in each sc across. (15 sc) Ch 1, turn.Rows 3 to 30- Rep row 2. Back- With Turqua, ch 31.Row 1- 1 sc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across. (30 sc) Ch 1, turn.Row 2- 1 sc in each sc across. Done!

Tous les points au crochet avec leurs schémas gratuits ! Mailles en l'air et mailles serrées Brides et demi-brides Double- brides Triple-brides Mailles serrées ensembles pour diminution ou augmentation Mailles serrées ensembles piquées en avant Mailles serrées ensembles piquées en avant ou arrière Brides piquées en avant ou en arrière , 1 fois sur 2 Brides piquées en avant ou en arrière Point fantaisie en triple-brides piqués ensemble Comment débuter un ouvrage Demi-brides ensemble et mailles en l'air Brides ensemble et mailles en l'air 3 brides ensembles et mailles en l'air Comment réaliser un rond Popcorn avec demi-brides ou brides Croisement de brides Snoopy Crochet Pattern, Part 1. **Update 5/5/19** This pattern has been re-written and updated. For a much better version, please visit my new website Oh Darn Yarn! See you there! Ever since I made a crocheted Snoopy doll, many have asked me for the pattern. I have decided to give it away for free. Note: This pattern is done in rounds. Pattern: Nose Using black yarn, Sc 5 in a magic ring (or ch 2, 5 sc in second ch from hook). Head (working from nose to back of the head) Using white yarn, Sc 8 in a magic ring (or ch 2, 8 sc in second ch from hook). Note: At this point, you might want to attach your nose. R22: Sc 1 in each sc around. Facial features Eyes Using black yarn, I sewed the eyes on right where crochet is in the front loops only. Eyebrows Using black yarn, The eyebrows are 2 holes long. Nose Using the nose that you previously crocheted, position it directly center of the face, which is where you first started crocheting, and sew it on with the tail you left on the nose! Note: This pattern is done in rounds.

Макраме цветок из квадратных узлов - класс - Мастер - Изделия и узоры - Макрамеха Макраме цветок из квадратных узлов Макраме цветок скопировала с панно "Луг" Алевтины Ивановны Гавранек. В интернете встречаются цветы сплетенные этим способом. В книгах не встречала. Опишу свое понимание процесса плетения. На фото вы видите 3 цветка белые и розовый. Ниже следуют две схемы, по которым сплетены цветы. По второй схеме сплетен самый маленький цветочек. Фото мастер класс плетения цветочка макраме поможет тем, кто об узлах имеет поверхностные знания. Для работы понадобятся 8 нитей длинной по 50 см. Берем еще 2 нити и закалываем за центр по бокам (фото 3). Берем еще 2 нити и закалываем по бокам (фото 5). На фото 7 плетем четвертый ряд шахматки, но уже без вплетения новых нитей. Плетем еще 4 ряда как на фото 8. На фото 9 начинаем макраме приём "чистый край". Что бы чистый край был ровным не обрезайте самую первую нить - основу. Продолжаем прятать и обрезать нити с одной стороны лепестка (фото 12) и повторяем ту же операцию с другой стороны (фото 13). lookfantastic coupon

3 Pretty Washcloths in Single Crochet Finished Size: Approximately 8″ (20 cm) wide, 8″ (20 cm) tall Gauge: Gauge is not important for this project. If you’d like a larger or smaller cloth, increase or decrease number of stitches in beginning chain (see instructions). Need help understanding the abbreviations and symbols? Crochet Pattern: 3 Pretty Washcloths Washcloth #1 Ch 32 (or a chain that is the width of your desired washcloth. Washcloth #2 Ch 32 (or a chain that is the width of your desired washcloth. Washcloth #3 Ch 31 (or a chain that is the width of your desired washcloth. Border (for all washcloths) Single crochet evenly around the washcloth. Remember, you will single crochet along each side of the washcloth. Need help while crocheting? Crochet Button Flowers Get out your button collection and create these fabulous Crochet Button Flowers! You’ll love to try this FREE Pattern and they’re perfect for decorating. The photo tutorial requires Translating so click on it up the top of the page on the website. Click HERE for the FREE Pattern from ‘Craft and Fun’ Make these Crochet Flowers - Click HERE Given email address is already subscribed, thank you! Oops. Please provide a valid email address. Thank you, your sign-up request was successful! Please complete the CAPTCHA. Please fill in the required fields.

New Pattern – Crochet Christmas Bells « Crafts Crocheters, knitters or crafters in general are very lucky people.Why? I’ll tell you!Mostly because they have this special right to start thinking about Christmas quite early in the year.They are allowed to do so because working on their projects will take some time. Some sweet and lovely time! If you like crocheting and want to bring some Christmas spirit in your life already, then I have a new pattern for you. It’s bells.Christmas bells.Loved designing them! Frankly, they are very easy to make, nothing to be afraid of. Can’t wait to see them on my Christmas tree this year! I just wonder how many more I need to make… have ten already. And here’s a sneak peek into the pattern.

Pas à pas écharpe/snood au tricotin (ang) Like I said in my previous post, this post has nothing to do with cooking, so look away if you’re not interested. After posting a picture on my Instagram about my recent knitting obsession, I had a couple of people ask me about knitting with the loom. There are tons of tutorials online to learn how to knit using sticks, but not as many using a knitting loom. Since I had a camera and was starting a new project, I figured I’d make my own tutorial if anyone else wanted to learn the easier way to knit. First, here’s what you need: Here are the details of my yarn if you’re into that kind of thing. Did you know about this trick? Voi-la! Start out by making a slip knot with about five inches at the end. Let’s number our prongs. Now grab your string that’s attached to the ball of yarn and put it in between prongs 1 and 3. Wrap it counterclockwise around prong 2 and bring it down in between prongs 2 and 4. Tip: There’s no need to make the string as tight as humanly possible.

Pattern: Yogi Bear Yogi Bear. Yet another adorable cartoon made during the golden age of cartoons that people can't seem to get enough of. I love Yogi, so I was extremely shocked not to find a single pattern for him anywhere. So being the designer that I am, I made one. And as always it's here for all of you to use for free. Notions: G hook F hook Light Brown and Tan and light Green yarn Small amount of Black yarn Black and White felt Tapestry needle Stitch marker Fiber fill (I always forget to put that on the list) Hot glue gun Body: With LB yarn and G hook, ch 2, sc 6 in second ch from hook. Nose: With black yarn and F hook, ch 2, sc 6 in second ch from hook. Legs: (Make 2) With LB and G hook, ch 2, sc 5 in second ch from hook. Now you should have something that looks like this (Lower right) . Arms: (Make 2) With LB yarn and G hook, ch, sc 5 in second ch from hook Rnds 1-5: Sc around Rnd 6: Sc, inc around. Ears: (Make 2) With LB and G hook Ch 2, sc, dc 2, sc in second ch from hook.

Liens vers des modèles et patrons gratuits en français ou pas ..: de tricot, crochet, couture et laines en ligne Liste non exhaustive de liens utiles : ma page pense bête Des traductions et des créations et ICI chez le canadien qui tricote et Drop printemps été Knit spirit un blog de tutos de modèles en français et aussi pour homme femme et enfants :