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Journal of Learning Analytics

Journal of Learning Analytics
Current Issue Vol 2, No 1 (2015): Special section: Self-regulated learning and learning analytics Journal of Learning Analytics is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, disseminating the highest quality research in the field. The journal is the official publication of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR). The journal seeks to connect researchers and developers with practitioners, creating and disseminating new tools and techniques, studying transformations, and providing ongoing evaluation and critique of the conceptual, technical, and practice outcomes. Journal of Learning Analytics welcomes papers that either describe original research or offer a review of the state of the art in a particular area. Manuscripts can be submitted to the Journal of Learning Analytics any time.

Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy - tidsskrifter - - Nordic journals online Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy retter seg mot forskere, skolemyndigheter, skoleledere i grunnskole og videregående skole, faglærere ved høgskoler og universiteter, og andre som er opptatt av utdanning og IKT. Tidsskriftet inneholder fagfellevurderte artikler, konferansebidrag, debatter og kommentarer, programvare- og bokanmeldelser. Gjennom presentasjon av nasjonal og internasjonal forskning, skal tidsskriftet bidra til den utdanningspolitiske debatten. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy har som mål å skape en arena for kritisk analyse av digital kompetanse og bruken av IKT i utdanningssammenheng, samt å åpne opp for dialog mellom ulike aktører på feltet. Alle innsendte bidrag blir først vurdert av redaktør (editor screening). Bidrag som vurderes positivt blir så sendt til fagfellevurdering, og vurderes av minst to anonymiserte internasjonale fagfeller. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy ligger på nivå 1 i det norske tellekantsystemet.

Will Analytics transform Education? | Learning Frontiers Effective use of data is vital for success in today’s business world. In education, Analytics (or Learning Analytics) is becoming a hot topic, promising to disrupt and transform education and learning. In this overview article we do a short detour to the business world for some examples of business analytics; look at how education have approached the phenomenon; explore some practices; and raise some concerns about the downside of this trend. The most spectacular example of business use of consumer data is the US chain store Target’s analysis of changes in a customer’s life, e.g. finding out whether or not a customer is pregnant[1], with the aim to send them coupons for certain products they will need. Making sense of analytics: In education, slightly different definitions of Analytics have emerged. Analytics in practice: Analytics in education is still at its early stage and most of the work in this area is conceptual and comprises small scale funded projects. 1. 2. 3.

SiSAL Journal | Studies in Self-Access Learning A KPI-oriented and ontology-based workplace e-learning system_陈小憨_新浪博客 Literature review E-learning E-learning focuses on the use of computer and network technologies to create and deliver a rich learning environment that includes a broad array of instruction, information resources and solutions, with a goal of enhancing individual and organizational performance. Workplace learning This field – also known as Training and Development, Human Resource Development, Corporate Training, and Work and Learning – can be defined as the means, processes, and activities in the workplace by which employees learn basic skills, high technology, and management practice that can be immediately applied to their jobs, duties, and roles in the firm. Adult learning theories Adult learning theories form the basis for the design of e-learning practice in work environments. Organization learning Organization learning within the domain of organizational theory investigates how an organization continuously and effectively learns and adapts to the environment. CoP Web 2.0 KPI model Ontology

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