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Overview - Historical Newspapers Online - Guides at Penn Libraries

Overview - Historical Newspapers Online - Guides at Penn Libraries

Royal Historical Society (RHS) The Royal Historical Society (and its predecessor body, the Camden Society) has since 1838 published editions of sources on British History. It is a very good collection of editions of sources and important unpublished texts for historians, with expert commentary, and many of the early volumes remain in regular use. The publication is on-going (two volumes per annum), and the volumes are currently published by Cambridge University Press. The series now comprises over 325 volumes. Availability of electronic text Over 325 volumes of the back list of Camden Society publications are now available on-line through Cambridge Journals Online, providing an extraordinarily rich conspectus of source material for British history as well as window on the development of historical scholarship in the English speaking world. A number of volumes are freely available through British History OnLine. Forthcoming Fifth Series volumes in 2013 - 2014 Recently published Fifth Series volumes Permissions

HNC Home - NewspaperCat: Catalog of Historical Newspapers Historical Manuscripts Commission - Organisations and Projects - Making History HMC Reading Room ©TNA The Historical Manuscripts Commission (HMC, formally known as The Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts) was established in 1869, with a remit to survey and publish original records of 'Institutions and Private Families'. It thus performed a similar function with regard to private archives as the Public Record Office (PRO) did for official papers. Its publications of surveys and calendars were the major raw material for historians until the opening up of local depositories between the 1950s and 1970s, and the HMC also oversaw the maintenance of the National Register of Archives (NRA) from the latter's establishment in 1945. The HMC and the PRO merged to form The National Archives (TNA) in 2003. Click here to read full article Website: Institutions: The National Archives Themes: Tools for historians Other Articles Back to the top

Other Sources for News Archives. SLA News Division Web Site. Click for ... United States News | International News | Broadcast News | Media Directories | News Search Engines Sources for United States News U.S. Sources for International News The News Division's International News Sources page links to many news sources. Broadcast News A great source for broadcast news is 100000 Watts. Media Directories All Media Directory by Media Post requires free registration for its data on thousands of stations, publications, and Web sites. News Search Engines 1stHeadlines allows the searching of headlines and browsing by topic and geographical area. Many libraries collect or have access to newspapers, magazines, and other news sources, including international and broadcast materials. News Archives SLA News Division Home This page was initially compiled by Margot Williams, The Washington Post, with George Washington University Journalism 190 students and Christian Bourge.

American Historical Association Online Historical Newspapers Have you ever wished you could find links to all the online historical newspapers in one place? A place where they were listed by county and city so you could find the newspapers your ancestors read? This is the purpose of the Online Historical Newspapers Website. It is meant to be used as an aid to genealogists, historians, and other researchers. There's a lot of work that needs to be done to this site, and with all the digitized newspapers becoming available, it's likely this project will be a continuous work-in-progress! My goal is to first list all I can find for the United States and then go on to add newspapers for other countries. These links include both free sites and subscription database websites. Expand your research by checking out the Online Historical Directories Website here. Report errors and broken links or send suggestions for new listings here.

List of online newspaper archives This is a list of free and pay wall blocked digital online newspaper archives. Most are scanned from microfilm into pdf, gif or similar graphic formats and many of the graphic archives have been indexed into searchable text databases utilizing optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Some newspapers do not allow access to the OCR-converted text until it is proofread. Some local public libraries subscribe to certain online newspaper archives. Algeria[edit] Information Juive [French] (Algiers, Algeria and Paris, France; 1948–1977)Maguid Micharim/Le Tétouanais [Hebrew] (Oran, Algeria; 1895–1896) Argentina[edit] Clarí (1997-) FreeThe Hemeroteca Digital "Fray Francisco de Paula Castañeda" provides searchable online access to digitised copies of newspapers from Province of Santa Fe (1911–1979). Armenia[edit] Armenia News Online News Azerbaijan[edit] Azerbaijan News Online News Australia[edit] Austria[edit] Bangladesh[edit] Bangla News Online Bangla Newspaper Belgium[edit] Brazil[edit]