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Free Indicators for 231 Countries.

Free Indicators for 231 Countries.

Briefing Investing Ideas » Sectors Posted by adesigar on October 3rd, 2006 Cramer says diversification is the only free lunch. I agree, diversification is a necessity and is very easy to accomplish. In 1999-2000 people bought Dell, Microsoft, AOL and Cisco and thought they were diversified. The tech sector crashed in 2000 and all their stocks dropped in value. To avoid diversification mistakes and to provide a guide I came up with a wheel. Click here for the full sized image To use the wheel click the link above for the full sized image and print it out. Diversified: If your stocks are in sectors that are roughly spread out equally around the wheel then you are diversified. Vulnerable to sector downturn: If the sectors are very close to one another you may be vulnerable to a sector downturn. Vulnerable to market/economic cycle: If the sectors are concentrated in one half of the wheel you may be vulnerable to an market/economic cycle. Pick a stock to diversify: Mark your existing stock picks.

TheBullionDesk Four Great Looks at the Psychology of Market Cycles Where are we in the current market cycle? We’ve rebounded over 70% off the March 2008 lows. Is this a monster dead cat bounce or the beginning of a genuine recovery? Here are four great graphs of the psychology of market cycles: Where do you think we are now?? Minor Metals Minor metals is a widely-used term in the metal industry that generally refers to primary metals not traded on the London Metal Exchange (LME), CME, SHFE or any major futures markets. Minor metals are vital to the global economy, more so than most would believe. Read Fastmarkets Minor Metals resources to find out more. Sample Minor Metals news LME MORNING - Base metals steady in quiet trading, copper holds above $6,600/t London 17/04/2014 - Base metals other than tin were higher in Thursday’s LME premarket session... 17-04-2014 KRetourne More FARO speakers roar off to strong start at Ferrari museum 08-04-2014 KRetourne More 04-04-2014 Eddie vanderWalt More 21-03-2014 MHayes More Facebook Tweet

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