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It all started with getting a real sofa. And then I made a coffee table that wasn’t great, but we didn’t hang out on the sofa often so we didn’t really notice that much. But then we got a TV and suddenly a good coffee table was much more important. Something to prop your feet on, something to hold all the damn remotes a TV requires, something to put your glass of wine on while you plow through seven episodes of Scandal in a row. So we built another not great coffee table, constructed of things we already had, and it turned out to be awful and wobbly. Will is a carpenter but building things when he gets home after hours of hard labor does not sound appealing, and I get that.

Everyone deserves a perfect world! Indulgy Login or Sign up some kind of blog for friends and likes I shot some watches for Louis Vuitton in Paris a while ago. A polaroid from something Im working on right now. There is so much to say about process. I have been thinking a lot lately. Your sex life is not growing for mobile phone addiction - Healthy lifestyle A recent study has found that couples are losing pleasure in sex life for mobile phone addiction. Due to prolonged addiction on mobile, husband or wife are slowly reducing their sexual addiction towards each other. For this reason the husband cannot give his quality time to the wife or in many cases the wife is unable to satisfy her husband. Body with mind. The combination of these two is considered to be the foundation of any healthy and normal married relationship in the world.

Ready for the House colour comparisons i felt like these deserved a re-post! you see, i have been going through my archives and i rediscovered these Period Drama vs Street Style colour comparisons that I did way back in 2011 for Hila (you can see the original posts here and here). i never actually posted them all here so i thought i’d share. and, damn, i did pretty well if i do say so myself! Hila and I share a great appreciation for period dramas, she even wrote a book about screen adaptations of classic literature. she also wrote this marvellous post for me in 2012 about the locations of some of her favourite period films. i haven’t watched a really awesome period drama in a long time. i sort of dabbled in Mr. Selfridge which i found average at best, and completely gave up on Downton Abbey (they really should have stopped while they were ahead). i have also heard of The Paradise, but i haven’t watched it yet. any period movies / series you can recommend? The Piano // Street Peeper

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