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Heineken - The Candidate

Heineken - The Candidate

HELLO YOU CREATIVES In search of the X factor candidates | Trends Ditch the corporate recruitment rulebook and find new ways to attract and keep the best people, say Britain’s top brands. As auditions for this year’s series of The X Factor get under way, people are lining up across the country hoping to be shortlisted. But it is not only the show that is searching for exceptional aptitude - businesses too are looking for new ways to attract the best staff, and keep them committed once they are on board. Companies including Heineken, Diageo, Mars UK and Live Nation are moving towards a more considered approach to finding talent by taking the interview process out of the office and not asking the usual questions that can often elicit similar answers. Heineken, for example, added a video on YouTube called The Candidate, which shows the unorthodox interview practices it used to hire an intern, including the interviewer fainting and members of the brand team holding hands with the interviewee. “Why should we be meeting people in an office building?” 2. 3.

Estatus - @loquenosgusta But don't panic, we are here to help... 1. Most likely, you have probably just slightly misspelt the address so before we go any further please check that.. 2. 3. 4. 5. 2012 : A Good Year for Extreme Sports // Other Videos on MPORA 'PEOPLE ARE AWESOME' style video about various accomplishments and key moments that have happened this year in the Extreme Sports industry. We appreciate there have been many moments that do not feature in the video, but we hope you enjoy it anyway! Also - sorry for the bad quality at times :-) We DO NOT own any of this footage/material and we hope that its use will not offend anyone - if there are any issues regarding the material please do get in touch ( MUSIC Seven Lions - Days to Come Out Now on OSWLA Records VIDEO - Here are the videos used in this piece Red Bull Rampage Hot Wheels Vertical Sky Dive Go Pro Hero3 Teahupoo BMX High Jump

Creativos Sin Ideas Creative Ad Awards - The World's Most Creative & Sophisticated Advertising 15 Logos With Hidden Messages Designing logos can be very difficult. When designing a logo you want it to stand out from the crowd yet still be really simple. Sometimes the designer is really clever and makes the logo very simple yet includes a hidden message within the logo that has deeper meaning. In this article we have 15 logos with hidden messages, some of which you will have heard of before and some maybe new to you but hopefully you will enjoy them all. Amazon The Amazon logo is an extremely simple logo and while the arrow may just look like a smile it actually points from a to z. Baskin Robbins The Baskin Robbins logo may look like it includes a simple BR above the name but if you take another look you will that it includes a pink number 31. Chick-fil-a The Chick-fil-a logo incorporates a chicken into the C. Eighty20 The eighty20 logo is a bit of a geeky one to figure out, the two lines of squares represent a binary sequence with the blue squares being 1′s and the grey squares being 0′s. Facebook Places Fedex

El marketing deportivo se inclina por compartir contenido y experiencias en las redes sociales El deporte es un negocio que mueve una gran inversión gracias a los patrocinios de las marcas. Lo que muchas de ellas no saben es que este modelo de inversión está cambiando y que están jugando con viejas reglas. La verdadera prioridad de las marcas debe ser la participación de los consumidores en sus acciones de patrocinio, mediante la creación de experiencias medibles, según Ad Week.