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35+ Unique & Interesting Product Packaging Designs

35+ Unique & Interesting Product Packaging Designs
Whenever we're going to buy a product, especially the new ones we will inevitably pay more attention to the packaging of the product itself. Product packaging has tremendous power to grab our interest. It combines art and technology for protecting products for distribution, storage, until finally reaching the end user. Over the years, graphic designers and product designers have been creatively inventing new forms of packaging to maximize the function of a product packaging. For the past decade, hundreds of award winning packaging designs have been showcased and displayed in public. Unique Product Packaging Design Ice cream cup BOBBLERS Rough Guide To Sudan Cd Cover Pistachio Packaging Design OGO Water Pack Choclate Bar Fondue Pack 3D Project 2: Floppy Disc Box Farm To City Condom Packaging School Project: Package Design Steampunk Packaging Da Vinci Code Direct-Mail Mid-Autumn Direct-Mail 2007 Batik Vans Packaging Outcome Inhaus - Mini Applications Socks Packing Homebase - Grow Your Own Coffee Nova Note Related:  Packaging DesignDesign world and news

What the pack? | Дизайн упаковки | Нескучно об упаковке Spectacular Illustration + Text Art Packaging Designs Packaging design is something we can aspire to want to be a part of, including elements of marketing, graphic design and considerations for the product itself. It encompasses many depths of design in psychology and the way in which we perceive a product and its way of working. These packaging designs are all designs which have inspired my immediate attention and sparked a real interest in thinking ‘now why didn’t i think of that.‘ Be inspired by this showcase of great packaging designs. Alcoholic Drinks Packaging There is two types of alcoholic drinks packaging for me; the product and then the multi-packs. Bogota Beer Packaging Dieline Grimm Bothers Beer Dieline Absolut Brooklyn Dieline Million Vodka Dieline Virtuous Ales Dieline Red Brick Beer Dieline Rochdale Cider Dieline Miller High Life Dieline Elderflower Cider Packaging of the World Drinks Packaging Froosh Dieline Good Milk Dieline Loaded Dieline Power Plus Packaging of the World Full Throttle PackagingWorld Metromint Packaging of the World

25 Super Creative Product Packaging Designs According to Wikipedia, packaging is the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use.[1]. However, we are so used to the common every day’s packaging designs, that we don’t even notice all the hard work put in creating them. I bet that even the simplest milk package standing in your fridge took many hours or even days to get its final shape. Strangely enough, because most people judge a product by its packaging, the packaging can cost even more than the product itself. In the end, almost any mediocre product packed in a fancy package would win against the best product in a lame package. Here are 25 creative packaging design examples that would definitely make you want to buy these products. Caffeinated Energy Drink Kitchen Sponge Nike Stadium Shoe Box Advertising Agency: Publicis, Singapore Six Feet Under DVD Box Fruit Juice Packaging Designed by Naoto Fukasawa Milk Carton Designed by Julien De Repentigny & Gabriel Lefebvre Tea Hangers

20 Best Of Best Red Dot Product Design Winners & Yanko Design 20 Best Of Best Red Dot Product Design Winners Red Dot Design Awards has just announced their Product Design winners. Here is a pick of my favorite 20 of the 45 “Best Of Best” winners, in totally random order. Creative industrial/product design is at its best. Some are inspirational pieces while others are classic originals! Come in and take a look! Bending bendy wood! 19) Batou CS Decoration Fabric by Nya Nordiska Textiles This versatile fabric can be used as curtains or as a partition screen. 18 ) Dyson Air Multiplier by Dyson Bladeless fan! 17) CBNes 6256 by Liebherr-Hausgeräte Defining itself as a BioFresh freshness centre, this fridge has three different climate zones with optimum temperatures for your food. 16) Grohe Ondus Digitecture by Grohe Bathing gets the digital edge with the Grohe Ondus Digitecture. 15) Velux Sun Tunnel by Ross Lovegrove Sun Tunnel takes inspiration from the sun, and channelizes natural light to the form of a ceiling lamp. 14) Fiskars X Range by Fiskars

Diseño sostenible 24/06/2010 en Diseño, Interiorismo, Mobiliario Utilizar materiales ecológicos en la construcción y decoración de nuestras cosas supone un compromiso con el planeta y con nuestra propia economía. Ahora, además, es una alternativa para dotar a nuestra vivienda de un interiorismo exclusivo a bajo coste. La diseñadora Debbie Wijskamp y sus colección de armarios hechos con pasta de papel reciclado son una nueva propuesta. La colección, presentada la semana pasada en el International Design Festival de Berlin, propone una nueva forma de entender el mobiliario, dotándolo de un aspecto característico. El “paperpulp” permite crear estructuras versátiles adaptables a cualquier necesidad del diseño. En el caso de los armarios, la pasta de papel se aplica sobre tablones de madera para crear una estructura sólida y exquisita. El papel reciclado se puede aplicar a una multitud de artículos de decoración, como las vajillas. VÍA: Medesingmag » Si crees que te podemos ayudar, contáctanos «

20 inspirational Package Designs #3 :: - Visual Arts Magazine, graphic design, illustration, photography, interviews, inspiration, tutorials Effective packaging design breaks the standard rules and conventions to which we are accustomed, give to the products a unique value to distinguish themselves from the rest. Here we have selected for you another 20 Packaging designs that you can use as inspiration. 25 Examples of Amazing Packaging Design Packaging design can make a profound difference on the sales of a product and how it is viewed by customers. In this post we’ll provide a showcase excellent package designs for your own inspiration. Web designers often need to turn to offline source of inspiration rather than only seeking inspiration from other web designs. Looking for hosting?

Lovely Package | Curating the very best packaging design 10 Most Awesome Floors Ever Created | Floorstoyourhome Posted on January 8, 2010 by Frank A new part 2 of this article is now posted here! Most flooring is pretty unimaginative and boring. However, the following is a selection of cool floors which aim to keep you staring at the ground; just make sure you don’t bump into anyone. 1. Do you have money burning a hole in your pocket? Source 2. While there may be tall buildings popping up all over the world these days, few still have the presence of the Sears Tower in Chicago. Source 3. This is a floor that may leave you asking, “What exactly is going on in Belgium anyway?” Source 4. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Source 5. Lights in the floor at Finsbury Avenue Square serve to create a very futuristic and almost otherworldly look to the environment. Source 6. When you hear “concrete floor,” you might think that sounds like a recipe for a pretty boring floor. Source 7. Source 8. Source 9. Source 10. What!?! Source Part 2:10 More Awesome Floors now posted! Discount Laminate Flooring