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A Complete Getting Started Guide for Evernote

A Complete Getting Started Guide for Evernote
You’ve probably already heard about how amazing Evernote is. It can handle just about anything you can throw at it. Your data is with you wherever you go, thanks to the Evernote mobile apps that run on just about every platform and device on the market. You can snap a photo of a wine label or a street sign and search for the text within the image! (I’m still blown away by that feature after all these years.) That’s all fine and good — you already knew all of that anyway. You and Evernote each have a problem: Evernote’s problem: it’s a blank canvas, an empty sheet of paper. Your problem: you’ve heard the hype and you want to get started with this earth-shattering product, but you don’t want to spend hours upon weekends learning not only how to use it, but the best ways to use it. Friend, you’ve come to right place — because I’ve got the answer to both questions. Evernote Essentials: The Definitive Getting Started Guide for Evernote Hi, I’m Brett. Did I mention I work for Evernote? Glad you asked. Related:  work20Notes/Publishing : The Digital You Evernote User Forum Twitter Tips - TwiTip How to Organize Evernote for Maximum Efficiency Please note: The way I organize Evernote today is completely different than what I wrote here. You can find my updated methodology here. I have been using Evernote for months. However, I have not really taken time to explore the depth of this incredible program until just recently. I have mainly just used it for a place to store meeting notes and an occasional web clipping. Photo courtesy of © However, thanks to Brett Kelly’s very helpful e-book, Evernote Essentials, the Evernote user forum, and a little experimentation, I have begun to see the incredible power of this digital repository. It all begins by establishing a solid organizational structure. If you are just getting started with Evernote, I suggest that you buy Brett Kelly’s remarkably practical e-book, Evernote Essentials, 4.0. First, let’s define some terms: Notebooks: These are collections of individual notes. Perhaps my current structure—which is still a work in process—will serve as an example.

TweetPaste (tweetpaste) Simple Rules To Sorting The Horrors Of The Tag Mess In Evernote For past hour and a half I was going through my tag horrors. I never paid strict attention to tags, but as my Notebooks became to small for my needs, I was urged to move forward with tags. I am still using Notebooks to organize my notes, but tags are way more useful. I have awful lot of tags! Sneak Peek into my notebooks and tags (and OmniFocus on the left) So what is the basic premise behind organizing your tags? Tagging is awesome taxonomy. Inbox and Archives All the rest of the notebooks can perform as the tags more or less. Now instead of devoting more than 2 hours of organizing tags, I wanted to make the sense of what’s important and what’s not. Now once I pulled all the important tags to the top, I started sorting out without scrolling up and down. So here is the list of those simple rules of organizing Evernote Tags: If the tag is tagging only one note – DELETE IT! This method works way better than deleting all the tags and than retagging them all over.

Free Web Toolbar Finding untagged notes in Evernote - Vinny's Corner Do you use Evernote on the go and have untagged notes? I use Evernote to clip interesting articles I find on the web and to manage my todo lists, thoughts, and drafts. One nice feature of Evernote is that you can just create a new note and forget, and search for it by content and title later. Inadvertently this means I end up with a lot of notes that are untagged and in my default notebook. Once in a while I like to clean up my notes, which includes tagging & categorizing them. The key for me is finding notes that haven’t been tagged yet. Finding notes without tags One search term that comes to the rescue is the below one to list all notes that are without tags: -tag:* That’s it! One caveat – make sure you’ve selected “All Notebooks” in your Notebooks list to ensure that the search is run across all your notes, and not just the ones in the currently selected notebook. Select All Notebooks in Evernote Save searches in Evernote View saved searches in Evernote

Powerful tool for creating web surveys. Online survey software made easy! SurveyMonkey™ Thanks for completing this survey.Now create your own—it's free, quick & easy! Create free surveys in just a few minutes Ask questions in over 15 formats(configured for you and ready to go!) Get answers to any type of question Register with SurveyMonkey today! Sign Up FREE » 6 Ways To Add Your Information To Evernote Evernote, your “external brain”, is an excellent way to get just about anything out of your head, and into a system that helps you remember things and get them done (it’s also something I’ve written about here before). It can be used for any number of purposes and uses, and is one of only a couple of tools I absolutely can’t live without. One of the best features of Evernote is how easy it is to add things to it, and how many platforms Evernote supports. It’s awfully close to ubiquitous, with some the best and most availability of any application I’ve ever used. Of the many ways to do so, here are six easy ways to add things into Evernote: The Web Evernote is, first and foremost, a Web application. Desktop Version Evernote offers downloads for desktop versions of the application, with Windows, Mac, and even portable versions available. You can easily create notes, add files, and organize all of your notes. Windows Mobile Not always at your computer? iPhone One tip I really like? Email