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A Complete Getting Started Guide for Evernote

A Complete Getting Started Guide for Evernote
You’ve probably already heard about how amazing Evernote is. It can handle just about anything you can throw at it. Your data is with you wherever you go, thanks to the Evernote mobile apps that run on just about every platform and device on the market. You can snap a photo of a wine label or a street sign and search for the text within the image! (I’m still blown away by that feature after all these years.) That’s all fine and good — you already knew all of that anyway. You and Evernote each have a problem: Evernote’s problem: it’s a blank canvas, an empty sheet of paper. Your problem: you’ve heard the hype and you want to get started with this earth-shattering product, but you don’t want to spend hours upon weekends learning not only how to use it, but the best ways to use it. Friend, you’ve come to right place — because I’ve got the answer to both questions. Evernote Essentials: The Definitive Getting Started Guide for Evernote Hi, I’m Brett. Did I mention I work for Evernote? Glad you asked.

How to Estimate Carbohydrate Needs for Athletes Calculating dietary carbohydrate requirements (and protein and fat for that matter) is based on a percentage of your total calories. Most athletes should get at least 60 percent of their calories in their diets from carbohydrates — the same as the general public. Some elite athletes, who have more specific energy needs, should base their requirements on their body weight. Working muscles need energy. When an exercising body uses all its glycogen, the athlete hits the wall and can no longer maintain exercise intensity. Carbohydrate needs are greater during training than for competition. The following table helps you estimate your carbohydrate requirement based on your weight. Diet & Nutrition Glossary acetylcholine A chemical that enables brain cells to exchange messages. Adequate Intakes; AIs A measurement providing recommendations for nutrients for which no RDA is set. adrenaline This hormone serves as your body’s call to battle stations. alanine albumin alpha-tocopherol equivalent aluminum aorta

Evernote Review If you want to know how to use Evernote better, check out the ebook Evernote Essentials (aff). It covers a number of different use cases and shows you how to use Evernote to stay organized and get more done. It also covers a number of features that you are unlikely to discover on your own. Evernote gives whole new meaning to the word “synchronized.” This software uses technology to help users organize various types of information from several different sources into one, central, web-based location. The free version of Evernote allows only so much storage space. Notes Evernote allows the user to create simple text notes, save snapshots, clip web pages, and in some cases, take audio notes. Evernote employs OCR to allow the user to search for images according to the text contained in those images. Note: Only Premium version users have the capability to search for text in PDFs. Organization The most beneficial element of Evernote is it’s organizational system. Web clipper Web Encryption

Beast Mode Soccer - Beverly Hills Evernote - A Review of Evernote The Bottom Line At the suggestion of a very organized co-worker, I decided to try using Evernote, an online system designed to help you keep track of and remember important details and information - the things you might typically jot down on a notepad or on a sticky pad. I was skeptical at first as I had tried other online information systems without much success. After trying Evernote, I must admit the system exceeded my expectations. Description EVERNOTE Website The Evernote program allows you to: capture information in multiple formats such as free text, emails, attachments, photos and screen shots of websites; organize the data into electronic notebooks by category or project; and search for the data using keywords, titles and tags. You start using the system by installing the client application on your desktop and then by setting up a free online account. Every note that is created or edited is automatically synchronized to a web version of Evernote for your review. Pros Cons

Carbs, Protein & Performance | Points Sports Health What percentage of my diet should come from carbohydrates? … Should I exercise on empty? … How much protein should I eat after I lift weights? … Is whey the best source of protein? These are just a few of the questions addressed at the 27th annual meeting of SCAN, the Sports And Cardiovascular Nutritionist’s practice group of the American Dietetic Association ( Carbohydrate Update Louise Burke, PhD, Director of Sports Nutrition at the Australian Institute of Sport, addressed the following questions: What’s the best percentages of carbohydrates, protein, and fat for a sports diet: 40-30-30 or 60-25-15? How much should I eat during extended practices and games? How long does it take to refuel from a long, hard practice session? What can I do if I cannot tolerate a sports drink during a hard soccer game? Train low, compete high? To date, “training low” has been most effective in research with untrained individuals. Do athletes need more protein than non-athletes?

How To Export Your Data Out Of Evernote Even if you are a happy Evernote user, you need to know how to export your data. At the very least, you want to have a backup under your control. It’s nothing against Evernote. Any time you are using a cloud-based service (any service), you need to think about how you can get your data out. It just makes sense to have yourself protected. Fortunately Evernote makes this pretty easy to do. Use The Local Evernote Application You may be using Evernote on the web or via a mobile device. Once you’ve installed the Mac or Windows application, you can export your attachments, export all your Notes, a specific Notebook, or even a specific Note. Export Evernote Attachments Everything in Evernote is stored as a Note. If you just want to export your attached files out of Evernote, highlight the Notes you want to export. Once the Notes are highlighted, on the right-hand-side click the Save Attachments button. You then choose a folder to save the files to, and they’ll be saved to your hard drive.

Post Game Nutrition & Fluid Replacement for Recovery Wednesday, 25 May 2011 Written by Stephen McIntyre Recovering from a rugby game is an important part of your conditioning strategy. The quicker you can recover, the more time you will have to prepare efficiently for your next game. Two areas that you need to have a definite plan in place for are your post game nutrition and replacing fluid lost during a match. The keys here are to rehydrate and refuel quickly and efficiently. Appropriate recovery sports drinks are ideal, and can easily be brought to each game by the player. Basic Guidelines for post game refuelling would be: • Immediately Post Game: Consume High GI carbohydrate and protein drink (4:1ratio CHO/Protein; using 1.5g/Kg CHO) • Post Exercise Follow Up: Moderate/High GI carbohydrates and mixed meals with protein. Body weight loss as a result of fluid and fuel loss during a game is to be expected. Following training and games weigh each player before he leaves the changing room. Steve Mac | conditioning specialist

iPhone App Integrations Partner Month may technically be over, but we still have lots of cool integrations to talk about. Today, we’re focusing on iPhone apps that play nice with Evernote. There are quite a few in the AppStore already, with more on the way. We’re excited not only by the number of applications, but also the variety of uses they enable. Some of the apps make Evernote more powerful, others rely on your Evernote data to offer more robust functionality. Here is a quick rundown of some iPhone Apps. Capture more The sharper and cleaner the image the better Evernote’s handwriting recognition technology works. DocScanner Take a picture within the app or add a picture from your camera roll and select the Add to Evernote option to get a scanner quality note in your Evernote account. JotNotJotNot for iPhone is a nifty app that corrects your less-than-perfect photos and sends them into Evernote. White – by Qipit Scanner Pro Snap a picture within the app and drag the edges to frame the image. Get your news

Give & Go: USA Conditioning Coach Pierre Barrieu The man responsible for maintaining the fitness of US stars like Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey talks about the difficulties of jet-lag, giving players rest, and how Jose Francisco Torres can help the team. By John Mantia American players have always been known for their fitness and their physicality. Some say they come by it naturally. But as with any “natural” trait, there is always someone there to enhance and accentuate its positives. Ten years ago, Barrieu, a native of France, expected to casually explore American conditioning techniques while his wife pursued a new job in Virginia. Prior to the 2002 Gold Cup, Bruce Arena hired Barrieu, a native of France, to implement a new fitness and conditioning program for the US National Team. At the close of the Arena era, Barrieu briefly worked with the New York Red Bulls before Bob Bradley recalled the fitness coach. How do you juggle those logistical challenges? Barrieu: Our guys follow strict regiments. Barrieu: Thank you.