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11 Infographics About Infographics

11 Infographics About Infographics
Drew Skau published on February 18, 2013 in Design People who create infographics do their work partly because they believe infographics are a great way to communicate information. Infographics are still new to many people, and what better way to explain what they are to someone than with a Euler diagram? Related:  InfograficheInfografias-presentaciones

10 sites pour créer une infographie Les infographies permettent de visualiser plus facilement un ensemble de données parfois complexe. Une image est parfois plus parlante qu’un long discours ! Elles permettent de comprendre en un coup d’œil les principaux enseignements d’une étude quantitative par exemple. Certains utilisent également ce type de visualisation pour présenter leurs compétences au sein d’un CV original. Réaliser une infographie en ligne Une référence, puisque l’outil a déjà permis de créer plus de 340 000 infographies ! Piktochart Ici aussi, il s’agit d’une référence : plus de 100 000 comptes ont été créés sur le site, vous pouvez donc utiliser le service les yeux fermés ! Il s’agit d’un outil très facile à prendre en main, qui permet de réaliser une infographie facilement. Une infographie représentant l’activité sur les réseaux sociaux What About Me Le service What About Me (par Intel) permet de visualiser son activité sur Facebook à travers une infographie sympathique et originale.

How to make infographics: a beginner’s guide to data visualisation | Global Development Professionals Network | Guardian Professional As a growing number of international NGOs are using infographics, charts and interactive maps to share success and highlight disaster, how can organisations with less resources create high quality visualisations without having to pay to outsource them? We’ve put together a beginner’s guide for visualising development data. Organising your data The first thing you need to do is have a clear idea of the data you want to visualise. Let’s imagine I’m running a campaign calling for better sanitation worldwide. While I have data for over 10 years, I just want the figures for 2000 and 2012, so the first thing I need to do is remove any irrelevant columns and rows (tip: save a separate copy of the original first). Before... After... Once you’ve cleaned-up your data, you’re ready to visualise it. How to build a chart Showing your data in a chart is the quickest and easiest way to visualise information. Datawrapper is perhaps the most intuitive and it’s free. How to build a map Datawrapper CartoDB

15 Free Infographic Design Kits (PSD, AI, and EPS Files) Here we are presenting some infographics design kits for you that you can download and use for free. With the help of Infographics, you can easily and effectively represent financial data, workflow and processes. However, designing Infographics from the scratch can be a tedious and time consuming task, and for the graphic designers and web designers, time is a precious commodity that they must utilize in the most appropriate manner. In order to create Infographics, you need to draw charts, graphs and diagrams along with icons and symbols that would certainly consume loads of time. On the other hand, if you get these basic elements ready in hand, you can save loads of your precious time. With these useful vector Infographics kits, you can make your job easy for you. Infographic Vector Kit Magnolia Simple Infographics PSD Vector Infographic Kit Free Vector Infographic Vol.2 Free Vector Infographic Kit Business data elements vector – 01 Economy Infographics and chart design elements vector

Semiòtica Semiòtica i semiologia és l'estudi dels sistemes de signes, especialment en relació al llenguatge però amb conseqüències en altres àrees de les ciències socials on les qüestions d'interpretació són de gran importància. Les teories que s'apliquen al disseny gràfic i a la comunicació visual procedeixen de l'estudi de la ciència, coneguda com a semiologia a Europa i semiòtica als Estats Units La nova ciència va ser postulada a principis del segle XIX per Ferdinand de Saussure (1875-1913), un professor suís de lingüística. Els principis fonamentals actuals de la semiòtica van ser escoltats pels alumnes de Saussure en un curs de lingüística impartit a la Universitat de Ginebra entre 1906 i 1911. Abans de Saussure els estudis del llenguatge s'ocupaven sobretot de l'ús històric de la llengua. Abans del curs a Ginebra, Saussure també es dedicava a l'estudi de la llengua. Història[modifica | modifica el codi] Formació del significat[modifica | modifica el codi] Sintagma[modifica | modifica el codi]

Rosalind Franklin: DNA's unsung hero - 2 clicks Rosalind Franklin had a life full of challenges, not just scientifically but socially. She had to fight prejudice in an environment dominated by men in a time when women were presumed to be housewives and nothing more. Her success was recognized by many of her peers, but in the race for the structure of DNA and the recognition of key innovators in this field, sexism played a major role. Years after her death, Brenda Maddox and Anne Sayre worked on biographies about Franklin and could clarify some aspects of her history that might otherwise have gone overlooked. Maddox’s work gave rise to an interesting documentary by PBS’ NOVA called Secret of Photograph 51. Interested in learning more about early work on DNA? Franklin also did extensive work on crystallography - but what does this mean? When crystallographers want to study a molecule, they take an x-ray of a crystal made from that molecule, pretty much like a doctor's or dentist's x-ray.

Infografica Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Infografica su come Jetstar ha trasportato 100 milioni di passeggeri in otto anni circa. L'infografica (anche nota con termini inglesi "information design", information graphic o infographic) è l'informazione proiettata in forma più grafica e visuale che testuale. Alcuni esempi di infografica sono: Oggi l'infografica è frequentemente utilizzata nei giornali, nelle riviste scientifiche, nei saggi, nei manuali d'istruzioni o di statistica, nei libri di testo scolastici. Storia dell'infografica[modifica | modifica wikitesto] Primi esperimenti[modifica | modifica wikitesto] Nella preistoria, i nostri antenati hanno creato i primi esempi di infografica: le mappe. Nel 1626, il gesuita Christoph Scheiner pubblica Rosa Ursina, in cui usa una grande varietà di elementi grafici per rivelare la sua ricerca astronomica sul sole. Nel 1786, William Playfair pubblica i primi grafici di dati nel suo libro L'Atlante commerciale e politico.

Come creare un'infografica: 10 tools online indispensabili Ecco alcuni strumenti facili e gratuiti per realizzare un’infografica efficace ed accattivante L’infografica è una forma di comunicazione che sta riscuotendo un grande successo ultimamente. Il motivo è semplice: quando si vogliono trasmettere delle informazioni, anche complesse, con diagrammi e schemi, la priorità è quella di ottenere un testo chiaro ma anche invitante, e in questo l’infografica è l’ideale. È in grado di raccontare rapidamente numerosi dati e di coinvolgere il lettore fino a stimolarlo alla condivisione. Contrariamente a quanto si potrebbe pensare, realizzarla è molto semplice, non occorre essere esperti di grafica. Questo grazie a diversi strumenti facili e completamente gratuiti che si trovano in rete. Ecco una selezione dei migliori tools presenti sul web: 1) La piattaforma online più potente per creare infografiche estraendo dati da Facebook, Twitter o da altre fonti 3) Una applicazione web che permette di creare infografiche interattive

Creative Infographics: 20 Best Infographic Designs Infographic design has taken the web by storm over the past few years as one of the preferred ways to communicate statistics and information in a readable, meaningful yet interesting way. Born out of the YouTube informational videos on social and web trends, infographics now exist for every industry imagineable, and infographic designers devote countless hours to coming up with new ways to make their infographics memorable. These creative infographics were found across the web in all different industries, and I brought together 20 of the best infographic designs to inspire you when making your own infographic designs, or even just to help you learn some new information. If you liked these creative infographics, check out these posts: Of course, if you have your own creative infographics, please contribute them in the comments so all the readers can check them out. Also, if you liked these creative infographics, please share this post with your friends! The Ascent of Ecommerce Infographic

Eurozone debt web: Who owes what to whom? The circle below shows the gross external, or foreign, debt of some of the main players in the eurozone as well as other big world economies. The arrows show how much money is owed by each country to banks in other nations. The arrows point from the debtor to the creditor and are proportional to the money owed as of the end of June 2011. The colours attributed to countries are a rough guide to how much trouble each economy is in. Click on a country name to see who they owe Europe is struggling to find a way out of the eurozone crisis amid mounting debts, stalling growth and widespread market jitters. But, with global financial systems so interconnected, this is not just a eurozone problem and the repercussions extend beyond its borders. While lending between nations presents little problem during boom years, when a country can no longer handle its debts, those overseas banks and financial institutions that lent it money are exposed to losses. GDP: €1.8 tn Foreign debt: €4.2 tn