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Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle

True Life Costs by VW True life costs is a nice interactive website where you can calculate the amount of money you will spend during your life. Of course the goal of Volkswagen is to make a point explain you the lifetime value of getting one of their cars. The cost calculator is a very nice and kind of useful yet scary tool (I realized I might be spending 23% of my money in gourmet food and red wine!!) and the interface is lovely. via

Help Remedies I don't know what the back of my head looks like I don't know who wrote Poor Richard's Almanack/what time it is I need to buy a gift for someone I don't know which fork to use I don't want to clean up my mess I can't chew gum because I have braces I want to buy help®'s products I want my cat to be a cover model I don't know if I am depressed/colorblind I am worried about my penis size I don't know what to do for my birthday I want to learn another language I want to buy help® elsewhere I want to buy help® shirts I don't know what soda to drink Although I appreciate your sharing this webpage with your friends, family, and co-workers via social networks, I would appreciate it even more if you shared this webpage with my ex girlfriend who broke up with me because she thought I was a loser who was never really going to amount to anything. Send email this page a requestreturn to share

Mark Lawrence Design :: Graphic, Web & Print Design Portfolio Volkswagen iPhone App Test Drives A Print Ad American Express have integrated a Facebook tab into their American Express Rewards interface to encourage members to share the most memorable thing which they’ve spent their points on. They have done so off the back of research indicating that many of its members like to brag about their reward redemptions. The tab is the vanguard of their “Social Currency” campaign, in print and social media, which encourages customers to think about spending rewards points in less traditional ways. In addition to providing new platforms for sharing (and bragging) the campaign has an educational remit: “(Customers) aren’t aware of what they can do. American Express AdAge: AmEx Campaign Positions Rewards Points as Social Currency

Customize your Nissan JUKE, get in it, fire it up to set the best time and challenge your friends! Showcase Of 45 Websites Using The Parallax Scrolling Effect Parallax scrolling is a special scrolling technique in computer graphics, wherein background images move by the camera slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth in a 2D video game and adding to the immersion. This effect has been adapted to web design and since its first appearance it has evolved a lot and also expanded into a trend. Thus, I could make a list of 45 websites that use this incredible effect and I’m offering them to you for inspiration.

Tester les nouvelles options Volkswagen en réalité augmentée L’automobile est un marché pour le moins saturé, il devient complexe de faire cette suffisante différence pour faire la préférence. Les marques redoublent de créativité, construisent de solides plateformes de marque, des univers savamment construits et préemptent des territoires d’expression en accord avec la cible. Concernant leurs stratégies de communication, les constructeurs automobiles optent facilement pour des opérations alternatives. Volkswagen fait partie de ces marques innovantes en la matière, je vous invite à jeter un œil sur un dispositif digital vous permettant de mixer mais également sur une opération street mis en place à Noël dernier. Volkswagen se positionne aujourd’hui comme un catalyseur d’innovations technologiques et comme l’énonce parfaitement le film, il est parfois complexe de faire état de ces innovations sur une simple publicité print. embedded by Embedded Video Source

ELI BeerCamp at SXSW 2011 Carrier | Luxury Tailor Made Holidays new collection - "Playful ads, hang on the good days" - Spring / Summer 2011 All our models You can order by email, Facebook, telephone +381.64.316.0048 or you can drop by to our showroom at Cvijiiceva 95, Belgrade. BTW - follow us follow us on Tweeter :) My parents, sister, boyfriend, friends and colleagues who took part in this project, as well as in previous ones: Design: Nikola Arežina Typography: Verica Sokanović Text: Maja Josifović Photo: Andrej Nihil Models (in the order of appearance): Milena Goševski, Jelena Šurlan, Marijana Katić Hair and make up: Nikolina Arežina Equipement: Studio Redakcija, Andrej, Borko, Marko T-shirts: Braća Burazeri, Nikola i Nenad Radojčić Jewelry:: Rename Shop, Nikolina Kostur Hide

Medium Fullscreen Pageflip Layout with BookBlock Table of Contents ← Previous Demo: Responsive Audio Player Back to the Codrops Article Self-destruction The Hon. In New London, report says, the young men are falling into drinking habits as never before. "The pulse of a person in health beats about seventy strokes a minute, and the ordinary term of life is about seventy years. "In New York, Mr. "Massachusetts is moving to build an asylum for her twenty-five thousand drunkards. "The same rate of fearful expenditure for intoxicating drinks extends across the ocean. From "The Funny Side of Physic" by A. Why we die But few of the human race die of old age. "Choked with passion" is no chimera; for passion often kills the unfortunate possessor of an irritable temper, sometimes suddenly. Let us see how long a man should live. The honeymoon The origin of the honeymoon is not generally known. The Saxons long and long ago got up the delightful occasion. Dr. "The report did not say whether the husband was pleased or not with her long silence." "Mrs.