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Teamly: business productivity & team management software

Teamly: business productivity & team management software
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Company Survey - WorkforceGrowth Create Survey Assign a title to the survey along with a small description to the survey you want to conduct. Select one or more department to send your survey to all employees of that department. You can also select all departments in the organization to conduct an overall survey or you can add selective departments. Add Questions In the add question section you can add a question title with some helping text. How the Big Banks stack up on Facebook, Twitter Social media is gaining traction in the financial services industry. Even the big banks are showing an eagerness to explore Web 2.0 technologies. Here, FierceFinance presents the social media activity of some of the major players on Wall Street. Dashboard 2 <br /><a href="#"><img alt="Dashboard 2 " src=" height="100%" /></a> So far, six of the top banks command a large Facebook presence. All six of the biggest U.S. financial firms operate a Twitter account, with thousands of followers and daily "tweet" updates. But in order for banks to fully embrace social media and make them effective tools for the finance industry, they must first conquer regulatory and compliance issues.

PowWowHR | Human Resource Management for the Modern Enterprise Project Management and Collaboration Suite - Goplan A Cloud based Talent Management Solution - WorkforceGrowth InteraXon - Thought-controlled computing - Interaxon The Master List of the Collaborative Economy: Rent and Trade Everything My next Open Research report (see my body of research) will be about the Rise of the Collaborative Economy. If you’d like to be interviewed for this upcoming report, please fill out this submission form. In my career as an analyst, I often list all the players in a category, announce a formal research effort, then publish a series of analyses, as part of my continuing methodology. In this case I will also be presenting my findings as a speaker at LeWeb, whose theme, “Digital Hippies” is directly related to this trend. [Collaborative Economy Defined: A digital system that manages the coordination of buyers and sellers who offer or exchange used products and remnant services] [Market impact: These startups enable the crowd to get what they need from each other –rather than go to corporations] The Three Categories of Collaborative Economy Markets Within this market, there are multiple use scenarios. How You Can Get Involved with this Research

Wave - Free online accounting for small business Key features of Wave Payroll include: Incredibly fast and easy-to-use platformA full suite of impressive payroll features—including direct deposit—set at a low, easy-to- understand priceIdeal for small businesses, families, the self-employed, solo entrepreneurs and others who have been neglected in the past by traditional payroll softwareEasy accounting integration – Wave Payroll and Wave Accounting work together seamlessly to simplify every step of small business finances Wave Payroll also keeps track of vacation time, records of employment, overtime, payroll reminders and ensures compliance for all government withholding and remittances. Additionally, the platform is 100% online and compatible with any computer with an Internet connection and standard browser. “After helping tens of thousands of Canadian small business owners run their businesses with Wave Accounting, we’re very happy to continue making their work easier with Wave Payroll,” said Kirk Simpson, CEO of Wave Accounting.

Perfode | Employee Performance Appraisal, Employee Performance Review Software Spacelog: space exploration stories from the original transcripts The Dirt on Editorial Calendars The world loves a scandal. And there was never more satisfying scuttlebutt than that surrounding the gossip-mongers at News of the World. While the rest of the world is giggling over the guy who tried to “pie” Rupert Murdoch, I have been writing this blog and imagining what was on the News of the World’s editorial calendar. (click image to enlarge) Of course, editorial calendars are not just for questionable news organizations. Calendaring: It’s not as easy as you think Editorial calendars seem easy enough. Unfortunately, the chances of somebody else’s calendar template being exactly what you need are slim-to-none. Start by defining a purpose It sounds like common sense, but the first step toward a successful editorial calendar is defining why you’re creating it. When identifying purpose, don’t forget to think about: Who is going to use the calendar and why? Pick and prioritize calendar variables Once you know the purpose, you can start choosing what to include on your calendar.