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Générateur ludopédagogique du CRDP de l'Académie de versailles

blubbr - Play & create video trivia games Photo Pencil Sketch .Wonderful pictures will amaze you not only with individuality, but also will show more of sincerity with pencil drawing effect. With our site you can create unique photo-images from your favorites photos.Apply pencil drawing effect and you will get an unexcelled result. People will pay attention and admire your photos. untitled Free Mathematics Resource Printing ⋆ Creative Commons Teaching Materials Nets (3D Models)Quickly print blank nets for common 3D shapes. Clock BingoGenerate bingo games with clock faces Read ClocksPrint random analogue clock faces at various levels Arithmetic MakerCreate large print addition and subtraction at several levels Simple CountingRandom token based counting and arithmetic worksheet within 5 or 10 Add CoinsRandom worksheet generator - UK, US, EU, Australia & Canada Maze CreatorGenerates random mazes with single solutions Clock Flash CardsCreate time flash and matching cards with clock faces Draw Clock HandsAnalogue time & 24hr clock worksheets Photo Nets (3D)Add photos and images to nets of common 3D shapes Bingo CardsCreate bingo cards with numbers and problems Shopping MathsRandom shopping worksheet generator - work out change Coin MashSimple coin mashes for identification exercises Number LinesCreate a wide range of number lines and linear scale exercises. Coin Spinner Coin spinners for maths games

eQuizShow Online Templates PeerWise by Blackboard is a free learning management system for K12 and Higher Ed Instructors enabling blended & eLearning. Passer au contenu principal Voici le nouveau CourseSites Créez jusqu'à 5 sites de cours, gratuitement. Impliquez vos élèves avec un apprentissage social. Mettez vos cours en ligne CourseSites de Blackboard est un service de gestion de cours en ligne gratuit pour les professeurs, du primaire à l'enseignement supérieur, permettant d'associer différentes techniques pédagogiques. BEEBAC CAMPUS - Le réseau social privé pour votre école

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