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Bizarre sea slug is half plant, half animal It looks like any other sea slug, aside from its bright green hue. But the Elysia chlorotica is far from ordinary: it is both a plant and an animal, according to biologists who have been studying the species for two decades. Not only does E. chlorotica turn sunlight into energy — something only plants can do — it also appears to have swiped this ability from the algae it consumes. Native to the salt marshes of New England and Canada, these sea slugs use contraband chlorophyll-producing genes and cell parts called chloroplasts from algae to carry out photosynthesis, says Sidney Pierce, a biologist at the University of South Florida in Tampa. That genetic material has since been passed down to the next generation, eliminating the need to consume algae for energy. However, the baby slugs can’t carry out photosynthesis until they’ve stolen their own chloroplasts, which they aren’t yet able to produce on their own, from their first and only meal of algae. Design Ideas and Tech Concepts - The Great Geek Manual » Japan 101 Japanese find sleep, shelter in cyber cafes May 9 2007 0 Comments 530 views More proof that I should have been born Japanese. I turns out the there are a growing number of impoverished youth dwelling in the cybercafes of Japan, rather than paying rent on an apartment. Takeshi Yamashita does not look like a homeless person.From his carefully distressed jeans to his casual-cool navy striped T-shirt, he is every bit the trendy Tokyoite.Yet the 26-year-old has been sleeping in a reclining seat in an Internet cafe every night for the past month since he lost his steady office job and his apartment.It’s cheaper than a hotel, offers access to the Internet and hundreds of Manga comic books, and even has a microwave and a shower where he can wash in the morning before heading off to one of his temporary jobs ranging from cleaning to basic office work.Asked how long he plans to go on living like that, Yamashita smiles and shrugs.“I hope the situation in Japan will improve. White Trash Charms Japan

Nature Sounds Role Playing Games - Free Multiplayer Online Games Astro Lords is an MMORPG/Strategy set in a sci-fi universe. Players control an asteroid, construct and upgrade buildings and fight with others to gain control over the Oort cloud. The game can be played on iOS, Android and desktop devices. Players might be positively appalled by the lack of character customization, but that is more than compensated by the fact that eventually you can move your base, perhaps towards the members of your alliance, or the enemy if you feel you can gain an edge. Astro Lords is definitely a promising title, but the strategy elements could very well be executed better. See Videos Free, with option to pay for additional features. Play Astro Lords now!

Homemade Snow Globes Brighten Any Home! | Elfster Blog Photo courtesy of Anthropologie Whether or not you get to experience a white Christmas this year, these glittery snow globes can bring a piece of festive weather to you! There are beautiful examples out there, but they can run up a hefty price tag, especially if you’re into collecting. This DIY version costs next to nothing, and lets you personalize to your heart’s content! You choose everything from the jar to the trinkets inside, making this the perfect gift for loved ones. Once you make one, you’ll want to turn everything into a snow globe! Materials A jar of your choice (with a lid) Figurines or jewellery Anti-rust sealant for metal pieces Clear-drying epoxy Distilled water Dash of glycerin Large silver or white glitter (smaller versions will float at the top) Instructions Use clear-drying epoxy to adhere your piece to the inside of the lid.

What's The Difference Between Game Mechanics in the Enterprise and Good Management? We covered the emerging trend of gamification - the application of game mechanics outside of games - in November. A few enterprise vendors, such as Moxie and Rypple, are starting to incorporate elements of gamification into products. Constellation Research analyst and co-founder R "Ray" Wang has identified five engagement factors for gamification in the enterprise: intrigue, reward, status, community and challenge. First of all - why apply gamification principles in the enterprise? Training Collaboration and knowledge sharing Customer loyalty programs Ad network optimization Virtual goods and currencies. I can see the applications for customer-facing programs, but how well will internal programs work out? Intrigue is obviously the hard part. When we covered gamification before we quoted Margaret Robertson: That problem being that gamification isn't gamification at all. And to some extent, "pointsification" is just quantification - something enterprises should be doing anyway.

Bear Sleeping Bag Cool bear shaped sleeping bag, designed by Eiko Ishizawa from Amsterdam, will keep you warm and scare your friends when you go camping. Please be warned that, according to the artist, it is not his responsibility if a wild bear attacks you, or some silly hunter hunts you down. For more designs, check out: Unique and Creative Sleeping Bags

Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Play Free MMORPG, MUD - DarkSwords We're Lost and Everything is Dirty 12 Classic Movie Moments Made Possible by Abuse and Murder Director Werner Herzog was a Weapon of Mass Destruction German director Werner Herzog is best known for being crazy. As for his actual work, in the U.S. he's known for his documentary Grizzly Man, about a man so obsessed with bears that he ends up being eaten by one. Oddly enough, Herzog's own obsessions have led to equally dangerous situations -- except that the ones in danger were usually his cast and crew. And himself. And the local villagers. He looks like he's permanently about five seconds from collapsing in on himself. Wait, what? For a while there, Herzog seemed bound and determined to keep his crew in a constant state of terror. In Aguirre: The Wrath of God, he told the story of a conquistador and his men floating down a river in the middle of the godforsaken jungle. You don't need CGI when you have crazy German people. Is that gin? Cannibal Holocaust Was Pretty Much What the Name Implies Not what we expected from the subdued poster. It's always the pretty ones ...