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Mathenpoche - soutien scolaire en mathématiques

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Christmas Candy Cane Estimation You may have seen my previous post about estimating with markers. These are my candy cane estimation jars for Christmas. As you can see, I use 4 jars. The Twitter Experiment at UT Dallas Monica Rankin's Home Page Some general comments on the “Twitter Experiment” by Monica Rankin (UT Dallas) There has been a lot of interest in the “Twitter Experiment” video posted by Kim Smith chronicling my U.S. History class at U.T. Dallas and our use of twitter in the classroom.

Suzie's Home Education Ideas: Printable Place Value Slider On previous blog posts, I have shared some ideas on learning about numbers and place value as well as sharing my printable place value game to show some different ways we have used to learn about two and three digit numbers. I have since adapted one of my earlier resources, the Place Value Slider, to include four digit numbers. I originally got the idea of making a place value slider from here and made a three digit place value slider (pictured below). I can honestly say that it has helped my son really understand two and three digit numbers. To make our four digit slider, we used our printable template and cut out the number strips and place value card then glued it onto some cardboard (picture below).

Algeo graphing calculator Graphing calculator with algebra. Essential tool for school and college. Replaces bulky and expensive handheld graphing calculators. Multiple functions on a graph, polar graphs, graphing of implicit functions, values and slopes, roots, extremes, intersections. Algebra: polynomials, polynomial equation solving, matrices, fractions, derivatives, complex numbers and more. Using the Google Spreadsheets Data API to build a Recommended Reading List - Code Words Welcome to Code Words. A new column looking to demonstrate how simple programming tasks and emerging technology trends can be applied to libraries. My goal is to provide an introduction to the role that programming and computer tools can play in building the digital branch of the library. Topics will include everything from relational databases, to mobile services, to simple Javascript routines, and much more. Many columns will explain a specific concept and then show how it might be applied in a live, application setting.

Using Dot Cards to Build Number Sense - Math Coach's Corner “…that ability to ‘just see it’ without counting is called subitizing.” (Van de Walle)There’s no doubt about it…subitizing is all the rage! It’s not a new concept, though. According to Wikipedia the phrase was first used in 1949. So why are we just hearing about it now? My theory is that the popularity of subitizing is directly related to the implementation of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, which stress conceptual understanding and number sense over rote memorization of mathematical procedures and facts.Not surprisingly, John Van de Walle’s books have featured activities related to subitizing for many years. The Wired Campus - Professor Encourages Students to Pass Notes D Cole W. Camplese, director of education-technology services at Pennsylvania State University at University Park, prefers to teach in classrooms with two screens — one to project his slides, and another to project a Twitter stream of notes from students. He knows he is inviting distraction — after all, he’s essentially asking students to pass notes during class. But he argues that the additional layer of communication will make for richer class discussions.

Equivalent Fraction Printable Game An Equivalent fraction game that helps students in their understanding of how different fractional units relate to each other. Fraction Circle Race What You Need: Preparation: Print a set of fraction circle pieces and a fraction circle for each player. Print the fractions cards.Each player places their fraction circle in front of them on the table.Shuffle the fraction cards and place them face down in the middle of the players.

Équations linéaires Solver Want to Solve Math Problems for Free and view detailed step by step solution instantly? Want to Plot simple equations for free? Want to Learn Algebra FUN way? Look no further. iKaes presents Math Solver app to help students and parents – optimized, on the go app for your mobile and tablet. Types of Math problems and Algebra equations it can solve:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Simple Quadratic equations >>> e.g. x^2 + 5x + 6 = 0- Simple Linear equations >>> e.g. 2x + 6 = 22- Some complex Quadratic equations >>>> e.g. x^2 + 2x + 4x – 5 + 11 = -x- Applying PEMDAS >>> e.g. 2 + 4/8 * 3 - 2- Find GCF, LFM- Work with Fractions Future release plans (the app doesn’t solve these yet!)

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