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Find or Map Maker Resources

Find or Map Maker Resources

MaKey MaKey | Buy Direct (Official Site) Playing Card Custom poker cards (2.5" x 3.5") - from $1.20 Custom plain cards (choose size) - from $1.10 Custom bridge cards (2.25" x 3.5") - from $1.20 Custom plastic cards (choose size) - from $7.60 Easy online game cards maker You can create amazing designs in less than 1 minute with our online card maker and have your customized cards delivered to your door in less than a week, whether you are in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Europe or anywhere in the world, we can deliver straight to your door. Online card designer, drag and drop images to build up your deck Online real-time preview, so you can double check your work before order We deliver worldwide and all printing and productions are done inhouse and undergo strict quality control. Customized playing cards and game cards for different industries We cater for any industry that requires high quality playing cards. Gaming industry Professional services Photography Retail/resellers Corporate marketing & promotion TCG game cards About Us

HTML image map creator This free online service allows you to create HTML image maps (aka clickable maps). For example several areas on this image are clickable. The clickable areas can be a circle, rectangle or a polygon. Show the HTML image map code. How it works: Upload any of the following image filetypes: .gif, .jpg, .png, .jpeg.

netfabb Basic netfabb Basic is available to anybody, it is free just like in free beer, and runs on Windows, Linux or Mac. netfabb Basic is not just a viewer, it provides mesh edit, repair and analysis capabilities to everyone already being or aspiring to become part of this fantastic, growing, creative, high-tech industry called Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping or 3D Printing. netfabb Basic is available and is just one click away. netfabb Basic features the same user interface as netfabb Professional and the *.fabbproject file standard of netfabb Studio is identical in both Basic and Professional. netfabb Professional is the ideal software for home and educational users interested in 3D Printing. Please note that netfabb Basic is NOT a trial version of netfabb Professional. netfabb Professional offers a number of powerful additional features to access large files, combine parts, modify original files, optimize & configure mesh quality and to repair files. Slice export Save triangles as part

Home of the Wonderwild - R&D design Lab Top 5 der Google Maps Plugins für WordPress Ganz unbemerkt hat sich Google in den letzten 10 Jahren in unser Leben eingeschlichen. Es gibt fast keine Webseiten mehr wo nicht einer oder mehrere Dienste verlinkt wurden. Egal ob nur Google Analytics drauf ist oder sogar andere Schriften oder der eMail Verkehr – selbst die meisten Karten sind heute von Google. Heute möchte ich euch mal die Top 5 der Google Maps Plugins für WordPress vorstellen. Comprehensive Google Maps Mit diesem Plugin kann man spezielle Marker der Karte zuweisen und auch eine Infobox anzeigen lassen. WP Google Maps Mit WP Google Maps, kann man nicht nur eine einfache Karte generieren, sondern auch eine Strecke anzeigen lassen. Google Maps Widget Mit diesem kleinen Plugin kann man seine Google Maps in einer lightbox anzeigen lassen. Leaflet Maps Marker (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps) Mit diesem Plugin kann man nicht nur Google Maps sondern auch OpenStreetMap oder Bing Karten benützen. CP Google Maps

3D Design Software 101 3D Design Software 101 While MakerBot operators are more than happy to print the tens of thousands of incredible objects posted to Thingiverse, eventually many want to get started designing models of their own. Your mission: to create a solid, manifold (watertight) STL-formatted file for importing into MakerWare or ReplicatorG. STL is the most widely used format for stereolithographic CAD files, so the design application options are vast. ReplicatorG also offers experimental file import capability for OBJ and Collada, two other widely used formats, although the files are then converted to STL, and MakerWare supports OBJ as well as STL. Choosing your Hammer To get started building a model, you'll need some good tools. POV-ray (excellent tutorials here), FreeCAD, HeeksCAD, and Art of Illusion also have serious fans in the 3D printing world, too, but we haven't done much experimenting with them yet. But there's no need to spend upwards of $1k on design software. On your mark, get set... Go!

Millumin :: create audiovisual shows OpenStreetMap The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Arduino Over the Christmas break from work I wanted to learn something new. I’ve been eyeing up Arduino for some time now, and for Christmas I got an Arduino UNO R3 board. What is Arduino? Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. Source: Microcontroller Arduino is a microcontroller on a circuit board which makes it easy to receive inputs and drive outputs. A microcontroller is a integrated computer on a chip. Inputs Some examples of inputs would be a temperature sensor, a motion sensor, a distance sensor, a switch and so forth. Outputs Some examples of outputs would be a light, a screen, a motor and so forth. Arduino is a small computer that you can program to read and control electrical components connected to it. Obtaining an Arduino Board Often boards are bundled up with starter kits.