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How I Stopped Eating Food : Mostly Harmless

How I Stopped Eating Food : Mostly Harmless
Food is the fossil fuel of human energy. It is an enormous market full of waste, regulation, and biased allocation with serious geo-political implications. And we’re deeply dependent on it. In some countries people are dying of obesity, others starvation. In my own life I resented the time, money, and effort the purchase, preparation, consumption, and clean-up of food was consuming. I am pretty young, generally in good health, and remain physically and mentally active. I hypothesized that the body doesn’t need food itself, merely the chemicals and elements it contains. I haven’t eaten a bite of food in 30 days, and it’s changed my life. The Experiment There are no meats, fruits, vegetables, or breads here. It was delicious! On day 4 I noticed how much healthier my skin was. My cravings and tastes closely matched with my needs. Week 2 was rough since I started experimenting with the proportions, trying to find the optimum amount of everything. The rest of the month went smoothly. Results

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What’s In Soylent : Mostly Harmless (this is the follow up to "How I Stopped Eating Food") Edit July 2013: This was a prototype. While similar in spirit, the final soylent recipe differs in several ways and has been subjected to rigorous testing and expert evaluation. Also it tastes better.

This Man Thinks He Never Has to Eat Again You know what's an irreversible waste of time, money and effort? Eating food you take pleasure in eating. I mean, wouldn't you rather just ingest a tasteless form of sustenance for the rest of your life and never have to go through that tedious rigmarole of opening and eating a pre-made sandwich or enjoying a huge hungover fry-up ever again? A Nutritionist’s Top 10 Sources of Plant-Based Calcium Top 10 Sources of Plant Based Calcium As a holistic nutritionist who also happens to enjoy a plant-based lifestyle, I’m always more than happy to point a person who is frantic because of their newly diagnosed dairy allergy toward other sources of calcium. There are so many places to get calcium, and – surprise – some plant sources of calcium can be even better absorbed and utilized by the body! Got Alkalinity? Once upon a time, raw milk was widely available and was an alkaline-forming food. The calcium present in the milk was reasonably well-absorbed.

Nerd Fitness: Helping You Lose Weight, Get Stronger, Live Better. I received an email a few months back from a NF reader that made me smile: “I am going back to square one. I noticed the only habit that I changed and stuck with was drinking tons of water. Have you ever started playing a game and get a few hours in and go “man I wish I knew these controls/tips from the beginning”? Toxic Masculinity: Why Aren’t We Talking About This Epidemic and Its Role in Violent Crimes? Toxic masculinity is the socially constructed and widely disseminated perception of men as dominant, violent, and controlling of the feminine. This type of masculinity sets men up to hate women, fear the LGBTQ community, and harbor an especially violent and vehement hatred for trans women and gay men of color. The prevalence of toxic masculinity does not imply that all men are inherently violent.

A World Waiting On Post-Scarcity Harry J. Bentham March 20, 2013