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The Ultimate Guide to Good Figure Drawing Reference -

The Ultimate Guide to Good Figure Drawing Reference -
Yes it is and it is long overdue. I’ve been asked countless times by students, friends and artists in training about getting good reference for figure drawing and head drawing studies. With the unfortunate lack of a centralized and well organized image gallery, it’s about damn time this issue is settled once and for all. I’ve posted some of my personal reference collection here in one place, also known as The Official Freshdesigner Good Reference Gallery (GRG). There’s a ton of great reference I’ve personally gathered and hand-picked from various sources. In the section ‘Where To Find Good Reference‘, I’ve listed the best photographers, websites and books that I know of. If you want learn how to find your own good reference, read on… What exactly is “good” reference? There is a difference between good and bad reference. This image is a perfect example of good reference. Why is good reference important? Good reference is important for a many reasons. What to avoid #1: Flat, ambient light. t .

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Minneapolis artist Florence Hill draws from life - Every Sunday for the past 38 years, Florence Hill has opened her studio to “the artful pack.” Every. Single. Sunday. Watergate was winding down and the Captain & Tennille were cranking out hits when Hill first started celebrating Sunday by tuning in a classical station, brewing a pot of coffee and slicing a loaf of home-baked sweet bread to welcome artists to the Florence Hill Drawing Co-op. Practice Tools - Figure Practice Figure Drawing Practice Animal Drawing Practice Hands & Feet DrawingPractice Faces & Expression Drawing How to use these tools These tools are ideally suited for gesture drawing practice. Gesture drawings are works of art created in an extremely short amount of time, traditionally 30 seconds — and certainly no more than two mintues. Why bother with drawing something in a time period so frustratingly short?

Figure Drawing: Foreshortening - The Figure in Perspective Engraving of the human body in perspective by C. Cornelius after a sculpture by Hendrik Goltzius (1558-1617) title The Betrayers: Icarus at the Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand. Published 1868. Engraving by C. Cornelius after a sculpture by Hendrik Goltzius title The Betrayers 3: Phaeto at the Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand. Published 1868. The Best Kept Secret of Figure Drawing: The Open Session Salvador Dali, in his book 50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship , affirmed that even having a bad drawing teacher was better than having none at all-- although he definitely recommended having a good one if possible. However, even with a bad one, Dali tells us, "... that four eyes see more than two. This is a case in which the truth and discernment of the teacher's eye count less than his disinterestedness in seeing what your lack of disinterestedness prevents you from seeing." Now if Dali, typically regarded as the most extreme sort of egotist, subscribes to the notion that to learn drawing it is good to have a drawing teacher, rather than simply go at it on one's own, I think we can feel there is some merit in the notion. And if you look at enough of Dali's art, you will see that he knew how to draw very well indeed, although it is sometimes rather obscured by the surreal distorions he practiced. His skill and talent, then, lend further weight to the authority of his statement.

The World's Best Photos of condenser Flickr Hive Mind is a search engine as well as an experiment in the power of Folksonomies. All thumbnail images come directly from Flickr, none are stored on Flickr Hive Mind. These photos are bound by the copyright and license of their owners, the thumbnail links take to you to the photos (as well as their copyright and license details) within Flickr. Because some other search engines (Google, etc.) index parts of Flickr Hive Mind, you may have been led here from one of them. Figure Drawing is Important in Today's Art The best model you have available is yourself. You're the only person with enough patience to sit still through as many attempts as it takes to get the likeness. Many artists over the centuries have done self portraits, including nonfigurative artists like Picasso. So the best face to practice on is yours.

How To Draw Breasts by Marc Brunet Learn How To Draw Breasts by Marc Brunet in this tutorial with Marc Brunet. Marc is an artist and entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the video game industry. Originally from Montreal Canada, he migrated to the US at the age of 22 to join Blizzard Entertainment and went on to work on titles such as Project Titan, StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm as both a 3D artist and concept artist. Feng Zhu Design: July 2011 Demo from tonight's class. In the original line drawing, the scene is suppose to be some type of Mayan-ish sacrifice. There are priests in the background and the girl is offering a gift. The monster has a "statue" of himself in the background as well. Ran out of time (only had 2 hours to paint it), so couldn't fit in all the design elements.

Artist Teacher HERE: Joining Art Classes One day a month ago, I decided to check out if there were any evening art classes that I could join. I was really not wanting to be taught something but to have the opportunity to attend a class where I could just create, with a group, at a set time. It seemed to be a good idea to schedule some time where I would make art. I am finding it difficult to start making art on a regular basis. Hundreds of photos of life drawing poses - female standing Female standing poses * Female seated poses * Female crouching poses * Female recumbent poses * Male standing poses * Male seated poses * Male crouching poses * Male recumbent poses * Multiple model poses * Mid-air poses * Clothed/Nude side by side This page provides hundreds of examples of female standing life model poses of diverse body types. This page was last updated November 15, 2015.

Tara Donovan's Teaching Blog: 9/8/13 - 9/15/13 Hope you brought your drawing chops today because we're going to be digging into the next part of your first assignment - the environment! We'll be looking at some typical game environment designs to get an idea of the planning process for your virtual game. It's a good plan to think about the action style of your game and build a world to accommodate it than to build a world and try to fit your character's actions into it. New York Academy of Art: One Sweet World - Will Cotton Master Class By Claire Cushman (MFA 2015) Will Cotton stands before a medium sized canvas, blank but for a few brown marks he’s laid in for measurements. He lazily wipes his paintbrush on his apron, which was once white but is now splattered with brown and red paint. “This is my rag,” he tells us. His voice is clear and his manner relaxed, and although it’s Saturday morning, students hang on his every word.

Level Design Level design is probably the most underrated of all the visual aspects of video games, when playing through a video game we never really think about why the geography or architecture of that level is arranged the way it is, we don't consider the 'intelligent design' behind such as the conscious placement of assets, level designers are able to make a basic concept of a level by looking at the video game's concept art and seeing opportunities from this. The image below is by Albert Ng, he did this piece for an architecture project on his course, inspired by the Uncharted franchise despite that unfortunately It won't be used for the video game but its structure is still very much sound in terms of how it can be applied to level designers. Albee Ng - concept project for a level design A screen shot I've taken from Uncharted 2

Veronica Fish Illustration: Drawing Naked People my first figure drawing class in college - I believe I was 18 I got an anonymous formspring question last week that made me laugh a bit, but then think about my first experiences drawing nudes in college : Now, this breaks down in to an interesting question for people who have never taken a figure drawing course. When is drawing a nude sexual? Is it sexual at all? Is drawing an 'attractive' person a different experience than drawing an 'unattractive' person?