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Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends

10 Big Technology Trends in Healthcare We are living in exciting times. Technology is transforming every aspect of the way we live. Perhaps no area is more important or more profound than the innovations we are seeing in healthcare. With that in mind, we assembled some of the brightest minds in healthcare to share their views on the technology trends that are reshaping the industry for this latest issue of HP Matter. 1. In today’s health-conscious world, it’s hard to miss the ubiquitous Fitbit and other personal monitoring tools that help people track fitness activities, sleep patterns, blood pressure and caloric intake. 2. Harnessing health data allows doctors and researchers to improve collaboration, better understand illnesses, and more effectively allocate resources to get the right treatments to the right patients at the right time. 3. For researchers, cloud technology will make massive amounts of healthcare data easy to access and analyze, facilitating innovation and rapid response to warning signals. 4. 5. 7. 8. 9.

Real Estate | Home-automation trend picking up speed From a cruise ship in the Caribbean, Erik and Ashley Binkowski knew something was awry. The couple were monitoring the security system in their Alexandria, Va., town house using a website and smartphone application, both of which track the home's door-motion sensors and security cameras. For a home that was supposed to contain two active dogs and a live-in caretaker, the system was noticeably quiet. It turns out their dog sitter had taken the cocker spaniel and black Labrador to his own apartment during the honeymooners' 12-day trip, returning only on the day of their arrival. The dog sitter had been busted, by mobile app. "We didn't confront him until we got home," Erik Binkowski said. The Binkowskis are among a nascent but growing number of homeowners with "home automation" systems that can remotely control the lights, alarms and thermostats, often via mobile devices and secure websites. Call it the next frontier of personalized technology. Functionality How it works System's cost

leonardo-dicaprio-survives-freak-shark-attack-after-getting-trapped-in-diving-cage-9045937 The daring Wolf of Wall Street star was taking part in an underwater expedition in Cape Town, South Africa in 2006 while he was on a break from filming Blood Diamond. Battle Of The F Bomb: Wolf of Wall Street Breaks Swear Word Record But far from being the relaxing extracurricular pursuit he’d hoped for, things went horribly awry when he became trapped in a shark cage and subsequently attacked. "I had a huge fear of sharks, and when I did Blood Diamond in 2006 I actually got stuck in a cage with a great white, which was awesome," he told chat show host Ellen DeGeneres during her show yesterday. "It was a gigantic great white... "Half of its body was in and out, and I flattened down at the bottom, and it was this far away, and it chomped a few times but I survived it." The actor, 39, whose own Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is dedicated to protecting endangered species of animals and the environment, was initially invited on the trip by a charity devoted to saving sharks. Loading gallery

DLD 2012 – @Jack Dorsey: “Twitter Has A Business Model That Works” Earlier this fine Sunday afternoon, Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey took the stage at the DLD Conference, the annual pre-Davos meeting of minds held in Munich, Germany. In an interview with not one but two journalists (Holger Schmidt from FOCUS Magazine and Techonomy’s David Kirkpatrick), Dorsey talked a great deal about Twitter and a little bit about Square. Dorsey didn’t reveal anything spectacular about either company, emphasizing once more how Twitter is not your traditional social network (here’s my counterpoint) and that its business model works, thanks very much for asking. He also talked about how Square is looking to expand outside of the United States and why 2012 will be a pivotal year for Twitter in Germany. Below are my notes – some of Dorsey’s responses are slightly paraphrased. Let’s start by talking about the platform wars. Twitter is different because we’ve always been about hosting public conversations, that are real-time to boot. Should we expect more acquisitions?

BI Consulting Services, Business Analytics Services, Enterprise Data Management & Visualization, Data Cleansing/Integration, & Warehousing Powering data driven insights and smarter solutions for growth and increased revenues We are witnessing a quantum leap in the data generated by devices, systems and users. The imminent need to make each data consumable and to make sense of this vast volume of data for intelligent decision making is increasingly becoming essential for the organizations to stay ahead of the competitive curve. Interactive and insightful visualizations with self-service BI helps in increasing the user adoption of the data in the organizations. Through our expertise in BI and Data Visualization platforms, we help companies to correlate their Data transformation investments with Revenues. Our expertise in the Business Intelligence and Visualization practice enables us to tap data from disparate sources and multiple formats to provide you with actionable insights, right business metrics and visualization for informed decision making. Our Service Offerings Technology Expertise Data Transformation:

Home Tech: Home Automation: The Unfulfilled Promise Aside from managing simple tasks like lighting and thermostat control, home automation systems haven't taken on much of a role in the household. However, as new technologies like home computer networks get a foothold in consumers' homes, and as smart grid technologies gain greater acceptance, home automation systems may reach a tipping point. For the last 30 years, many people have invested a lot of money and effort chasing an unrealized promise of hoped-for explosive growth in home automation. With not a lot of commercial progress, it might be seen as foolish to pursue opportunities in this space. However, the promise of addressing latent needs of the 100 million households in the U.S. -- and the rest of the world -- to create a new consumer electronics (CE) category is highly seductive. Like so many new opportunities in the CE space, there is a short list of success criteria that must be understood and evaluated. Success Criteria History and Status Quo Fast-Forward to the Present

Agrochemical and Pesticide Markets in the Top 5 European Countries to 2018 - Market Size, Trends, and Forecasts Table Of Contents This market research report package includes agrochemicals and pesticides country reports from the following countries: France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, United Kingdom Below you can find the table of contents for one of the reports. Market for Agrochemicals and Pesticides in the Country in QuestionOverall MarketMarket by TypeDisinfectantsFungicidesHerbicides, plant-growth regulators and anti-sprouting productsInsecticidesOther agrochemicals and pesticidesForecasts and Future OutlookOverall MarketMarket by TypeDisinfectantsFungicidesHerbicides, plant-growth regulators and anti-sprouting productsInsecticidesOther agrochemicals and pesticidesMarket Potential RatesAgrochemical and Pesticide Market Size Compared to Market Growth in Different CountriesMarket DefinitionSourcesAbout Global Research & Data Services List of Tables List of Graphs

Says Worldwide Business Intelligence Software Revenue to Grow 7 Percent in 2013 STAMFORD, Conn., February 19, 2013 View All Press Releases Analysts to Discuss Business Intelligence Trends at Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit 2013 February 25-26 in Sydney and March 18-20 in Grapevine, Texas Worldwide business intelligence (BI) software revenue will reach $13.8 billion in 2013, a 7 percent increase from 2012, according to Gartner, Inc. The market is forecast to reach $17.1 billion by 2016. "BI and analytics have grown to become the fourth-largest application software segment as end users continue to prioritize BI and information-centric projects and spending to improve decision making and analysis," said Dan Sommer, principal research analyst at Gartner. "As more and more information is generated, business models need reinvention, and it's increasingly clear that mastering analytics on big data will be a key driver for the next economic cycle." The emerging data-as-a-service trend could significantly grow the market for BI and analytics platforms.

Telemedicine Might Be Bad For Dermatology A patient receiving a dermatology diagnosis after an online consultation might do well to be skeptical, according to a study published this week in the journal JAMA Dermatology. Though telemedicine is sometimes necessary for certain cases, researchers say patients dealing with the vague and impersonal world of online clinicians could miss out on proper care due to lax oversight, vague recommendations and misdiagnoses. Over the past decade, dermatologists have been at the forefront of adopting telemedicine. In 2015, 1.25 million people visited telemedicine sites for dermatology alone, and patients’ insurance covers an increasingly large proportion of such visits. In the study, the researchers created six simulated patients, and pretended to be them across 16 dermatology telemedicine web sites. On nearly 70 percent of sites, patients were not given the option to choose their clinician. For now, it’s up to consumers to make sure they’re getting good medical advice online.

Statistics to Make You Think | EC Mag For low-voltage contractors eager to seize more market share in the residential sector, home automation may be where ground can be gained. A BCC Research study revealed that the U.S. market for home automation systems and devices is expected to see strong growth over the next several years. The market is forecast to exceed $5.5 billion in 2016, the result of a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.5 percent between 2011 and 2016. In 2010, security systems, home entertainment and lighting made up nearly 58 percent of the country’s residential market, and those sectors are estimated to enjoy a higher CAGR than heating, ventilating and air conditioning and energy management, reaching $3.8 billion by 2016. Frost & Sullivan has also conducted research in the sector, and the research body’s studies point to end-users who are more aware and educated when it comes to home automation systems and who have a better understanding of the benefits they can reap from adopting those systems.

Carbon Fiber Production to Reach 80,000 Tons in 2016 Ppt Presentat.. PowerPoint Presentation: MarketsandMarkets Presents Carbon Fiber (CF) Production to Reach 80,000 Tons in 2016 . The report Carbon Fiber Market by Types, Applications, Trends & Global Forecasts (2011 – 2016 ), as the name suggests , defines and segments the global carbon fiber market with detailed analysis and forecasts of market size based on various sub-markets by CF types, its applications, and geography. It also identifies driving and restraining factors for the market with analysis of trends, opportunities, and challenges. The market is segmented and forecasted on the basis of major geographies such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (ROW). shares of various geographies for the period are Asia-Pacific (36.2%), North America (34%), Europe (25.8%), and ROW (3.88%). Contact Us Mr.

Search for Twitter’s business model almost over: old tweets show in search - Stephen Waddington Changes to Twitter’s search function to include the most popular conversations around a search term may signpost the way to future revenues for the social network. It was all going so well. Just when you got your head around a social network the rules change. Overnight the networks seemingly make wholesale shifts to their functionality with little warning. Change is the only constant in this business as networks work hard to find ways to make money and build viable businesses. I spent Friday afternoon between meetings squatting at a desk at Realwire in Newcastle. Twitter search remembers with extended search results CEO Adam Parker called me over to his desk during the afternoon to have a look at the results of a Twitter search. Parker’s query for a Realwire prospect customer returned a top search result from months earlier. This is unusual. Accessing conversations on Twitter that are older than a week is possible but you need to pay a premium. Thanks for stopping by.