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Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning Blended Learning Toolkit | EDge21 In the 1984 film Teachers, Royal Dano played a teacher named Ditto Stiles. Ditto was known for having virtually no interactions with his students. He had established a system by which students automatically distributed "ditto" worksheets that would be collected at the end of the class by other students. Throughout the class, Ditto would hide behind a newspaper. Ultimately, Ditto dies in the classroom, but isn't discovered until the end of the day as his students continue to follow the standard routine. If you are an educator of a certain age (as am I), you likely have many memories, both good and maybe not so good, of the “Ditto machine." In North America, "Ditto" is a brand name which was commonly used for a spirit duplicator (referred to as a Banda machine in the UK, a Roneo in France and Australia). The spirit duplicator is sometimes incorrectly referred to as a "mimeograph," which was a different, but not dissimilar process. More Ditto in Pop Culture

Think. Learn. Innovate. | Getting Smart 5 Skills for Blended-Learning Teachers -- THE Journal Blended Learning | Viewpoint 5 Skills for Blended-Learning Teachers In the seventh installment of their monthly column, blended learning experts Michael B. Horn and Heather Staker outline the five skills that will increasingly be important for many teachers in the future. By Michael Horn, Heather Staker10/04/12 As more schools adopt blended-learning models, the role of the teacher is shifting. Although it is hard to generalize across the landscape of blended learning because of the rapid pace of innovation in the models, the differences between the models, and the continued changes in technology, there are five common skills that teachers will likely need to be successful in a blended-learning environment. 1) Comfort with 'Chaos' One of the biggest shifts in a blended-learning environment is often that students will be engaged in different activities and working on different concepts and skills. About the Authors Heather Staker is a senior education research fellow at Innosight Institute.

The Reed Diaries The Digital Curriculum Part 2… Eight Amazing Free Digital Curriculum Resources… Time to Explore Everyone is talking about a digital curriculum free of those hard copy textbooks that have been a part of schooling since the advent of the one room schoolhouse. This is the second post in a series devoted to investigating resources that can open up a world of digital curricula. First, your subscriptions mean a lot to me so sign up by RSS or email! As educators begin to distance themselves from the traditional textbook there is more and more need to find digital alternatives. While many educators have been moving the textbook from the center, other find it not quite as easy of a task. 1. As the site states… watch, practice… learn almost anything. 2. BLOSSOMS video lessons are enriching students’ learning experiences in high school classrooms for students across the globe. 3. This is the community of K12 open resources. 5. This amazing resource claims to be teaching with the power of media. To begin, you will wish to create a free educator account at HippoCampus. 6. 7. 8. Like this:

DynaMind eLearning – Tailoring eLearning solutions | DynaMind eLearning We are currently working on an interesting e-learning development project for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). It is a course to ensure IFRC staff and partners apply the IFRC Principles and Rules in their day-to-day work. Legal compliance courses are some of the most boring e-learning you will find out there. It’s a great challenge to make compliance training interesting and to get the learner hooked. What’s so hard? We need to have a much closer look at the root causes of the problem. Application is an even bigger problem. If there are just a couple of rules to comply with, it’s easy. But what do you do with over a hundred rules? We use the principle – borrowed from traditional distance learning design – that is called ‘wrap around’. We applied the same ‘wrap around’ design approach for the development of an e-learning module on the Code of Conduct for the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID). Not frightened anymore?

eSchool News | School Funding and Education Grants News Summer of Creativity $500 grants available for young changemakers As school lets out for the summer, Youth Service America (YSA) is calling on kids to make this a Summer of Creativity. 7 tech grants and contests perfect for summer As schools close for summer vacation, educators are likely looking forward to a chance to recharge for next year. Contest offers more than $20K for project-based learning As students and teachers begin to wrap up the school year, Compass Learning is kicking off a nationwide contest to encourage academic learning and enrichment throughout the summer. STEM innovation contest to award schools up to $100k Northrop Grumman Foundation today announced it is launching an online STEM contest to encourage today’s students to become tomorrow’s innovators by creating classrooms and science labs that inspire. 4 grants perfect for leaders and libraries Each month, eSchool News compiles a list of new education grant opportunities.