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Practice - Spanish Language Children's Books

Practice - Spanish Language Children's Books
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Learn Spanish Online Free - Learning Spanish Spanish Audio and Podcasts – Spanish Obsessed Our collection of Spanish audio lessons and podcasts, for all levels. Liz and Rob record Spanish podcasts on a regular basis, and we offer new vocabulary, expressions, and talk about anything and everything under the sun! We teach you the real, conversational Spanish that’s actually used in both Spain and South America, in bite-sized podcasts that you can listen to wherever, whenever. Many of the podcasts also come with notes for download. Spanish from Scratch Audio For complete beginners, who have never learnt any Spanish before. Listen now Beginner Spanish Audio Recently started out, and need a bit of inspiration? Listen now Intermediate Spanish Audio For those of us that have been learning Spanish a while, and can follow conversations. Listen now Advanced Spanish Audio If you’ve been learning for a long time, or have lived in a Spanish country, this is the level for you. Listen now

Learn Spanish with Interactive Spanish Lessons and Games Learn Spanish free online with interactive lessons, Spanish games and endless free resources! You'll be fluent in Spanish before you know it. Remember, it's all free so enjoy and spread the word about! Learn Spanish Free Online You have definitely come to the right place to learn Spanish free online. Common Spanish Phrases Discover essential Spanish survival phrases and greetings to help you get by in any situation. Spanish Words Learn Spanish vocabulary from many different topics such as animals, furniture, and travel. Spanish Verbs Learn Spanish with over 350 verbs and free Spanish audio flash cards. Spanish Culture Learn about the Spanish language as well as interesting cultural information. Blog Get language learning tips, videos, news, funny stuff, and so much more. Spanish Courses Complete free Spanish courses to get you speaking fast! Additional Spanish Lessons How to Speak Spanish Ever wonder if you could learn to speak and write Spanish in two weeks?

Ricitos de Oro y Los Tres Osos - Children's stories in Spanish and English Érase una vez que había tres osos: un Papá Oso, una Mamá Osa y un Bebe Oso. Ellos vivían juntos en una casa amarilla con un techo rojo en medio de un gran bosque. translation ▼▶ Once upon a time there were three bears: A father bear, a mother bear and a little bear. Un día, Mamá Osa cocinó un una gran olla de sopa deliciosa y caliente para el desayuno. One day, Mother Bear prepared a big pot of delicious hot porridge for breakfast. Cerca del bosque vivía una pequeña niña llamada Ricitos de Oro. Near the forest lived a little girl named Goldilocks. "¡Oh, estoy tan hambrienta!" "Oh, I'm so hungry!" Ella tocó la puerta de la casa y miró a través de la ventana. She knocked on the door of the house and peeked through the window. Primero, Ricitos de Oro probó la sopa en el tazón de Papá Oso. First, Goldilocks tasted the porridge in Father Bear's bowl. Entonces, Ricitos de Oro probó la sopa en el tazón de Mamá Osa. Then Goldilocks tasted the porridge in the bowl of Mother Bear.

Helping you have more fun learning another language | The Everyday Language Learner Los Tres Cerditos - The Three Little Pigs in Spanish and English Érase una vez que había una mamá cerda que tenía tres cerditos. Ella los amaba mucho, pero no había suficiente comida para alimentarlos, así que los cerditos tuvieron que ir a buscar su suerte. translation ▼▶ Once upon a time there was a mama pig who had three little pigs. El primer cerdito decidió ir al sur. The first little pig decided to go South. Como el cerdito dijo "por favor", el granjero le dio la paja y el cerdito construyó una bella casa. Because the little pig said "please", the farmer gave him the straw and the little pig built a beautiful house. Después de construir la casa, el cerdito decidió tomar una siesta en su cama hecha de paja. After building the house, the little pig decided to take a nap in his bed made of straw. Así que el lobo tocó la puerta de la casa hecha de paja y dijo: "¡Cerdito! So the wolf knocked at the door of the house made of straw and said: "Little pig! Pero el cerdito vio las grandes patas del lobo a través de la cerradura. Así que sopló y sopló.

An Easy Guide to Days and Months in Spanish So far we have learned how to count, how to greet, how to pronounce and how to make very basic sentences. These skills will come in handy now in order to know how to state dates in Spanish. As you have probably imagined being able to know the months and days is extremely necessary. The Days of the Week in Spanish *** Notice how all the weekdays end in 'es'. Lunes. Martes. Miercoles. Jueves. Viernes. Sabado. Domingo. Let's suppose you are a bit groggy from jetlag and you want to ask what day is it. - Que (what) dia (day) es (is) hoy (today)? - Hoy es (insert day). As you just have seen, it is very easy to ask and say the days of the week in Spanish. - Que dia sera (will be) mañana (tomorrow)? - Mañana sera (insert day). Once again, let us a try a different question. - Que dia fue (was) ayer (yesterday)? That is very straightforward. The Months of the Year in Spanish Enero. Febrero. Marzo. Abril. Mayo. Junio. Julio. Agosto. Septiembre. Octubre. Noviembre. Diciembre.

E-spanish | Basic Spanish vocabulary - Adjectives (with pronunciation!) Adjectives in Spanish The following English-Spanish and Spanish-English word lists contain the most important adjectives. An interactive practice tool is also available on this site that helps you learn the following list of words. All vocabulary topics, including this, can be found listed in the "Word practice" menu. Listen to the pronunciation! If you click on the Spanish words in the English-Spanish section, you can listen to their pronunciation by a native speaker. In case you experience any technical glitch, please send feedback including all relevant information (type of error, browser version etc.) Back to basic vocabulary main page

The 100 most used verbs in Spanish Homepage: click here to see the most important Spanish verbs to learn Click here to learn all these verbs with flashcards and see examples Click here to learn all these verbs with flashcards and see examples click here to see the most important Spanish verbs to learn Homepage: