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Basic tasks in Excel 2010

Basic tasks in Excel 2010
In this article What is Excel? Excel is a spreadsheet program in the Microsoft Office system. Common scenarios for using Excel include: Accounting You can use the powerful calculation features of Excel in many financial accounting statements—for example, a cash flow statement, income statement, or profit and loss statement. Top of Page Find and apply a template Excel 2010 allows you to apply built-in templates, to apply your own custom templates, and to search from a variety of templates on To find a template in Excel 2010, do the following: On the File tab, click New. Note You can also search for templates on from within Excel. For more information about how to find and apply templates, see Create a new workbook. Create a new workbook Click the File tab and then click New. For more information about how to create a workbook, see Create a new workbook. Save a workbook Click the File tab. Click Save to finish. Enter data in a worksheet Format numbers Apply cell borders Related:  Excel

Excel to XML - Easy Excel Tutorial You can convert your Excel file to an XML data file, or vice versa. This enables you to exchange data between different applications. First, turn on the Developer tab. Here's the data we want to convert to an XML data file. First, we will create a schema based on XML source data. 1. <? Note: the tags refer to the column names, but you can give them any name you want! 2. 3. 4. 5. The XML Maps dialog box appears. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Result: That saves quite a lot of time! Note: to import an XML file, open a blank workbook, on the Developer tab click Import, and select the XML file.

10 Best Powerpoint alternatives comparison by PowtoonPowToon presents No one can dispute that PowerPoint is the most popular presentation tool out there. In the Business world, Powrpoint is the absolute standard. Ever since Microsoft released PowerPoint businesses have used PowerPoint for sales presentations, idea pitches and even for webinars. Until recently there has been no real alternative to PowerPoint and a “Top 10 best PowerPoint alternatives” list was not even possible. But slides, slideshow, presentation have become synonymous with BORING and the Term “PowerPoint alternative” has been rising in google trends. So, if you are looking for PowerPoint alternatives, want some cool new presentation templates or just interested to see what new presentation options are out there. 4 Reasons why your PowerPoint presentations suck and what you can do to fix it Our number one in our top 10 best PowerPoint alternatives is PowToon (no surprise here). 10 Best PowerPoint Alternatives: Prezi is great for non-linear presentations

50+ Best Free Excel Templates & Dashboards for Any Occasion Excel templates are great because they can be applied to different business scenarios and be reused time and time again. Sometimes one of your business templates may need some minor tweaks to better suit your purposes but having a good template on hand will save you a lot of time and effort. What’s better than a reusable Excel template? Perhaps, a dashboard template . Templates take the labor out of working in Excel. Personal Finance Wonder where all the money goes at the end of the month? Portfolio Slicer takes fetches data from Yahoo! Having trouble remembering your deductible donations at tax time? General Business Manage any project with this Project Budget template, which allows you compare actual project expenditures to estimates and helps you evaluate whether your project is staying within budget. Input your monthly revenues and expenses and let Excel do the rest of the work for you. Buying or selling a business or business unit? Financial Statements Personnel & Project Management

CTE :: Business Education Course Information Course Information Students taking business classes should have the opportunity to participate in the FBLA organization, a student business leadership association. ACADEMY OF FINANCE (11-12) - 52.0823 As outlined by the National Academy Foundation (NAF) in New York City, the Academy of Finance is a scope and sequence of eight courses during a student’s junior and senior year plus an internship. Courses in accounting, economics, finance, and computer applications must be part of the sequence. Approval for an Academy of Finance program comes after application and acceptance from the NAF. Students receive a Certificate of Studies in Finance from the NAF at the completion of the course. Note: The Utah Business and Information Technology course standards must be met and teachers must be appropriately certified to offer these courses. ACCOUNTING II (10-12) - 52.0322 Standards and Objectives - PDF Students will develop advanced skills that build upon those acquired in Accounting I.

Microsoft Excel Training & Word 2007 Tutorial - Learn Free Office Online Video Course 2010 YouTube Video Converter and Download - Can’t remember all those Excel keyboard shortcuts? Now you don’t have to! Today’s blog post on keyboard shortcut reference cards is brought to you by writer, Turi Henderson. Turi has been on the team for a few years, writing mainly about Accessibility features and Language Tools, and periodically plying her coworkers with fine baked goods. Keyboard shortcuts… You use them every day to make your work flow smoothly, or – in some cases – to make your work flow, period. In all honesty, I use some of them so often that I have no idea where to find those functions on the ribbon! There’s already a lovely article that talks about keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2010. Keyboard shortcuts – Ctrl keys Keyboard shortcuts – Function keys Keyboard shortcuts – Miscellaneous They look like this: You can also find them in the aforementioned lovely article, off to the side of each keyboard shortcut section: Click the link, and the sheet will open as a PDF for you to save or print. –Turi Henderson


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